What is more important in a song, the music or the lyrics?

Discussion in 'Music' started by otepenyo, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. otepenyo

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    I'd be interested in hearing you discuss the value that you place on lyrics when digesting a new song, as opposed to simply the 'sound world' the song inhabits. Do you hold these two in equal regard, or is one more important than the other to your initial listening experience?"
  2. ejaysancha123

    ejaysancha123 New Member

    I rather choose both of them are important.If there were no music onto lyrics it will be dull.There were no music after all.
  3. AfricanChild

    AfricanChild New Member

    I hold both in equal regard. They can do without each other but when both are incorporated I think it is important that they are completely insync to ensure a smooth flow of the song. In addition, being a huge fan of poetry I am very big on song lyrics and how they are delivered to tell a story or convey a message. A certain level of creativity is definitely needed for that.

    The music, on the other hand, generates a certain mood/feel that goes with the song's message. So personally, for me to enjoy a song, the choice of instruments, and melody incorporated into it are factors that need to be considered strategically.
  4. DavidH

    DavidH New Member

    In my personal point of view, music (rhythm) of the song matters more than the lyrics. It is the music that I hear from a distance that ''talks'' to me sometimes even if I don't get each word sang in it. But the lyrics is also important to me too, and the ones that makes deep sense and inspires or the soul-touching ones are the ones that I can choose over the others.

    Well, it all depends on the song. So many songs I've come across have had incredibly inspiring and wonderful lyrics but the music or the voice of the singer was terrible or either not good. Other songs have annoying words but the instrumental/ rhythm is interesting or other, nice.
    In order to produce a perfect song, there is the need to have a balance of each. I just feel that both aspects are of equal importance.
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  5. jagcer

    jagcer New Member

    Most of us will agree that both of it are important. We have different genre, I believe that the important thing is that the message of the song is delivered well that the listener would understand.
  6. Paulina1

    Paulina1 New Member

    I believe that when a song is first introduced, the music will often be the most important as it is either a delight to your ears or you simply change the channel. If you find the music enjoyable, then you will listen closely to the lyrics. After hearing the song repeatedly, you either prefer just the music and do not like the lyrics or love both.

    It depends on who is evaluating the piece as well. A music writer will immediately "tune into" the lyrics and what the overall message or story is, while a composer will be visualizing music notes and scores of different instruments. Everyday audiences will listen depending on their age, culture, and company to enjoy the composition with.[​IMG]
  7. VictorHCarrasquero

    VictorHCarrasquero New Member

    For me, both are important. I mean, lyrics with no music become just a text or a paragraph! The same happens with music... Music with no lyrics is like a melody. What is to say, there must be a balance between both.

    Now, personally, I prefer good lyrics in a song than a good melody. From my perspective, lyrics represent the true feeling the singer or songwriter is trying to transmit. That is why we found songs with highly catchy melodies but with dull lyrics that make them forgettable in more than one way. Meanwhile, a song with good lyrics that are relatable will stay in people's hearts and minds as a delightful memory that will always make them remember an event from the past or a person for whom they felt plenty of emotions.
  8. shaira

    shaira New Member

    For me it’s very rare that the lyrics are more important than the music. “As important” is perhaps more common - but “more important” almost never.

    Lyrics are an OPTIONAL part of a song. And yep, songs are often built around the lyrics - so we could consider them a vital part of the whole. But what about someone who hears the song but doesn’t speak that language? The music could still, and often does, ‘move’ the listener by communicating feelings and moods and that thing music can do all on it’s own

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