What is team work to you?

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    Team work is a team effort, helping one another to finish and accomplish a certain goal. Each member of the group plays an important role by doing the assigned task to them in an efficient and effective way to complete a common goal and to make the job lighter and easier. Every one must be a good team player.

    Working in a team is not easy. I guess everyone experience to work with other people in a team/group in school, at work or even during competition (sports). In order to make team work effective, precise and clear instructions must be given also members must know the purpose and goal of the group. In that way, everybody will have the idea on what they are going to do.

    Though team work already exist in the group, conflict sometimes will be present among members and that will lead to argument and misunderstanding. To avoid this to happen, open communication and respect to another are important. One's open and ideas counts for the success in achieving and accomplishing the task.

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