what is the benefits of computer in your daily task?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Arnelbrix, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Arnelbrix

    Arnelbrix New Member

    computer nowadays is much more important than the other devices, it help us to manage our daily task, work like in the office. It give you more efficiently and easy do you job, like doing word encoding entry, do weekly reports, manage and plan meetings, search ideas and design, everything you can. with the help of computer and technology.
  2. jinnprixx

    jinnprixx Member

    Nowadays, people relying on a computer to do their task but computer alone cannot do some certain task it need the technology of internet . Computer, gadget play a major role in our life, in business, transaction, almost if not everything. Through internet of course. More task can easily fulfill. Communication now are easy to in touch to your love one in abroad and sending money as well. Technology are improving more than what we expect. We have to learn and adapt to take the advantages that it bring.
  3. EoinAnn

    EoinAnn New Member

    In my own point of view, computer is very important for me. Because all my life depends on computer. I need computer for my work online, My son educational movies, Searching for sons homework and communication to my Clients, my friends, my family abroad and another places that only messenger or skype can reach. Without computer and phone,i think my life is so boring specially without internet connection.
  4. jake21

    jake21 New Member

    Computer helps me through out the daily tasks. When I'm working and searching, computer gives me so many option to complete all of my works. Without computer I think that may daily life will never be easy as I feel when I have it. It gives me time socialize with my friends and also playing online games together sharing our thoughts. Communication is the key to success, so the only way that can help me to that is none other than computer. Computer makes things easy, to be faster and more efficient in my daily routine.
  5. rhondastwitty

    rhondastwitty New Member

    I can remember when we didn't have the internet. Over the years, I have grown accustomed to the role that computers play in my daily life. They have made managing things in my personal and professional life. I wouldn't go back to the time of no personal computers and no internet
  6. kattsallie

    kattsallie New Member

    Computers like water can be underrated--you don't realize how much you rely on them until you do not have them. Computers, like water for many of us are a necessity. Our computers, "the cloud" on my computer has replaced my safe, it hides away important items. My email has replaced snail mail and the local post office. Facebook has become my connection to people, replacing the need to venture out and socialize or pick up the phone. Essentially my computer full of photos, friends, and news is my lifeline, my very dear friend.
  7. Mhingnhormz

    Mhingnhormz New Member

    What is the benefits of computer in your daily task: Nowadays, almost all workloads, task that has given to each of us rely on the computer, especially those professionals. We need to use a computer to complete our task to the given time and we don't really have a choice but to use it to passed. By the help of the computer the daily task are more easy to accomplished than before, less wasted time, more task done and more extra time for self and family. All seems very accessible having a computer.
  8. Sonnyboy

    Sonnyboy New Member

    The benefits is a lot of help for me from my work it makes every thing easy for just one click of a botton.
  9. Boki

    Boki New Member

    The benefit is that I can waste my whole day playing video games and not feeling sorry about it :).

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