What is the best life to live?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Jilbih, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Jilbih

    Jilbih New Member

    To me, living a life that goes according to the word of God is the best life to live.
    I mean obeying the scripture (THE BIBLE).
  2. Jam

    Jam New Member

    As far as time is concern, I'd say every minute and everyday of it. You know what they always say," Life is good "and I say, "they are living'. Every strand of time of your life is a best opportunity to be great.
    This goes without saying that what goes with living makes it the best just make sure that it give you happiness contentment and best of all, the greatest time of your life. For me, it doesnt matter what you dress now or what you believe in and how much you earn and keep, as long as it fulfills your self and your spirit, just live it with all you best effort and enjoy it the best way can.
  3. zor1448

    zor1448 New Member

    There are different group of people, the religious, the politicians, the wealthy and ordinary people. A student once asked which group has the best life?

    I thought that maybe the religious ones has the best life among all because they are closer to God, but I realized I was wrong. Now I think ordinary people has as I believe that a simple life is the best life to live. I'm not saying in general, might other people will agree or not with me. The reality that many of those religious are not really religious and those rich are selfish. Many politicians are corrupt and they really have bad image to people. Ordinary people can do all these other people can do. Ordinary people can be more closer to God in a way they want it. They can help in the community and be good citizens. Ordinary people has the best life to live because they have freedom to do the things they want freely and they're happy having a simple life with their family.
  4. violablue

    violablue New Member

    The best life to live is the one that leaves a positive mark on others and on this world. It is a life that is shared and a life that is remembered by others long after you're gone. Fancy houses or cars one had would not matter but the way you moved someone to tears, the unexpected generosity you demonstrated to others, the support you offered to a friend that needed it, this is what makes a good life. We are social beings and, I believe, that we ultimately want to do good and to be recognized by others for the good we've done. It is another person's gratitude that makes me happy and it is the good things I've done for the people in my life and for the strangers that have touched my heart in some way that matter most to me.

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