What is the best sex toy for men

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    What happened to a man that masturbate every day

    sex toy for couples

    Inability to ejaculate -
    Inability to ejaculate
    What is the
    ejaculation? Ejaculation consists of a series
    coordinated of muscular and neurological phenomena that give rise, first
    instance, to the deposit of the ejaculate in the urethra, for its subsequent evacuation
    abroad through it. This process is usually accompanied
    usually of pleasant sensations that constitute the
    male orgasm Therefore, the disorders
    Ejaculatory may occur before any alteration of organic type and / or
    psychic that interferes with the normality of this process.
    In a regular relationship, especially when the couple wants to have
    Children, it can become a major problem.
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    What is the inability to ejaculate? The
    inability to ejaculate (IE) is a rather unfortunate term, because
    Words suggest that the person is "incompetent" in some way. For this
    reason, sex therapists are starting to use other names like
    ejaculatory dysfunction, ejaculatory overcontrol or delayed ejaculation. With
    This term defines the ejaculation of late onset with respect to the onset
    of sexual intercourse, due to excessive voluntary control over the reflex
    This dysfunction is quite common, but not
    as frequent as the other major male sexual problems:
    impotence (erectile dysfunction) and
    premature ejaculation
    present mainly in men who have been educated rather
    strictly. They may have difficulty expressing emotions and leaving
    wear. In a regular relationship, especially when the couple wants to have
    Children, EI can become a major problem. In extreme cases,
    both men and women can feel hurt and frustrated and women
    often resentful, because the man does not ejaculate when they make love. The
    delayed ejaculation is usually clinically limited to the inability to
    ejaculation during the sexual act of a couple, not usually having problems with
    masturbation. Therefore, it is usually rather a
    couple problem that of an individual pathological anomaly of the
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    What causes the
    produce? Usually the origin is psychological. Do not
    However, in a small group there are identifiable causes that must be
    Partial seminal sympathetic innervation (diabetes, syringomyelia, lumbar sympathectomies or
    section of the lumbar sympathetic nerves, etc.).
    Neurological diseases (Disease of
    It should also be noted that EI usually occurs without any
    apparent reason in men who had not had previous difficulties, but to
    who doctors have recently prescribed certain medications,
    especially antidepressants. In these cases, a medication adjustment is usually
    solve the problem. Excessive consumption of
    alcohol or certain medications (clomipramine,
    fluoxetine, paroxetine or sertraline) can also make it difficult to
    What measures can be taken? Unfortunately,
    there is no instant treatment for the most common type of IE described
    previously, but there are possibilities to fix things with advice,
    if both men and women want
    really solve the problem.
    Doctor consultations
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    To the doctor 'numerous questions about sex:
    Viagra and
    heart disease
    Pre-orgasm stops and
    Pain in the
    The most treatment
    accepted is based on the pioneering work of American experts who
    they developed ways to help the man relax and get carried away
    When you are with your partner. Generally, this is the case in which man
    You can reach orgasm with masturbation, but not with a sexual relationship. He
    therapist can encourage the couple to gradually move towards a
    situation in which the man can ejaculate outside his partner, and proceed
    eventually from there, to a more advanced situation where I can ejaculate in
    its interior.
    In a variety of therapy slightly
    different, devised by the American Masters and Johnson, the couple passes
    first a period of treatment in which sex is "prohibited", but
    stimulate the
    hugs and kisses. Then, they move on to a phase in which the
    woman, sitting astride the man, masturbates until he reaches the
    orgasm. Finally, they progress to the situation in which she descends upon
    him before he climaxes.
    Generally the
    goal of therapy is to gradually reduce man's anxiety of
    give up your control, so you can ejaculate within your partner without

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