What is the best way to stop smoking?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Amber Brown, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. Amber Brown

    Amber Brown Member

    There are many tobacco cessation products on the market today, all promising to help you quit smoking. Some products even guarantee that you will quit smoking. Some people quit cold turkey or go to therapy. Personally, I quit successfully by quitting cold turkey and replacing my cravings with sugar free chewing gum. I also kept my hands busy by crocheting. I tried a lot of the products on the market, but none of them really helped me and they were very expensive. I'd like to hear your success stories.
  2. millyones

    millyones New Member

    If you really want to stop smoking then you need to smoke more and more.
    Smoke until the law of diminishing marginal utility sets in.

    This is a natural law which will set in at some point.
    You will get a dissatisfaction at some level after consuming more than the regular quantity
    This dissatisfaction eventually leads to hate feeling.
    You Can now used the hate feeling to empower your desire to stop smoking.
    Now you can stop smoking.
  3. sewtooth

    sewtooth New Member

    Some people might dismiss this post, however it's worth thinking about. There's a theory going around that smoking until you experience the horrible side effects of nicotine intoxication will create an association in your brain between smoking and feeling sick.

    Personally, I wouldn't recommend it. There are millions of people globally who have thrown up after binge drinking, yet still continue to drink after that experience. It's quite likely that you'll just have a rotten time and regret trying it. The best way to quit smoking is to visit your GP and asking them for their help.

    Congratulation on managing to quit, Amber!
  4. Winkry15

    Winkry15 New Member

    It's really my first time knowing this Diminishing Marginal Utility, though based on my researched it's really existed (economics). Well as for me i think it is very dangerous to try this law to battle cigarette addiction. it may affect the quantity of cigarettes you consumed but what comes first to my mind is that, is it also the same effect to lessen and/or remove your addiction?. if its not then it's not worth a try, considering the cost incurred before you reach that effect, you can't even know how long you consume bulk quantities of cigarettes until you reach that effect and the question is are you still alive then when you reach that effect?.

    I'm not a cigarette smokers but i have a lot of friends have it and some of those friends of mine successfully stopped smoking by battling the addiction itself. It easier to said this than done but it's still rational to start slowly but surely than not making a move at all.
  5. CasAlec

    CasAlec New Member

    A lot of people in my surroundings tried to quit smoking and succeeded. They all told me that one thing helped them way more than any other method and that is saving the money you would normally spend on tobacco products for 1 week. You will see how much money you made by quitting smoking and after 1 week you're not physically addicted to nicotine anymore.
  6. flower48

    flower48 New Member

    I am not a smoker myself (though I did smoke when 20) but working in health system I met many smokers who got some nasty diseases like lung or throat cancer and not only. I met also smokers who could quit smoking in time and those who succeeded for good were those who decided on day to quit and that was it. All the others who tried who reduce cigarettes day by day or through all kind of other treatments are still smokers and still can't quit. So my own conclusion is that "power of will" is the best medicine to quit smoking.
  7. leopold14

    leopold14 New Member

    I decided to stop smoking when i did'nt felt alright after smoking. everytime i was craving to smoke i ate citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits or pomelo. eventualy i stopped smoking. i dont know if this is effective to all smokers. now i feel much healthier. no more cigarette smell on my cloths, fresher breath and no more wasted money buying cigarette.
  8. beautifulmarisa

    beautifulmarisa New Member

    Smoking is really dangerous to our health. We all know that. But what is in there in smoking that people are having a hard time quitting. May be because in a way it helps especially when you are depressed, i feel it really helps. But if we only think the bad effects of this, we need to discipline ourselves to quit. It is just a matter of self discipline. Go get some candies if you really think of cigarette, or get some citrus fruits.
  9. rjohndava86

    rjohndava86 New Member

    Smoking is bad to out health. The best way to stop smoking, first is by having a courage to stop it. If you are a smoker for a long time you can stop smoking by gradually. Your body already used to the nicotine and if you suddenly stop it you may have nicotine withdrawal syndrome. If you smoke 10 sticks per day, you can reduce it into 8 in the first week, then reduce into 6 sticks the next week until you stop it. You can do activities that will divert your attention if there is an urge to smoke, you can do exercise , you can watch movies, you can have indoor or outdoor games. Meet people or an organization in your community that helps individual to stop smoking. Remember that it is better to invest in something that is more productive the money that you will use to buy a cigarette.
  10. jayann#17

    jayann#17 New Member

    The best way to stop smoking is not other than loving your self & family! It's very simple as for me if you love them you will not do a thing that can give them or can a cause them a problem, we all know that there's no good benefit if you smoke,instead you slowly killing our self & you just destroying our earth! so why you stop now before it's too late?
  11. Jejo Fabila

    Jejo Fabila New Member

    It so hard to stop smoking when you are in the status of being an addict to take a smoke everyday or even every hour . If you already decide your going to end your addiction with cigar you need a discipline to your mind not to take smoking they said you can reduce slowly day by day until the day you know to yourself you dont need it anymore
  12. Jaw

    Jaw New Member

    You have to stop it gradually not abrupt. For example from 5 sticks a day you can just smoke 4 to 3 and 2 and 1 stick a day. Or you can replace it with e ciggarette with zero nicotine. Alot more healthier than smoking.
  13. jeffxander

    jeffxander New Member

    smoking is really dangerous to you health so this is my best way to stop smoking
    1. put all the money you're saving on cigarettes in your piggy bank! and see it how much you've been spending and that money for something you've always dreamed of doing, but never thought you could afford to buy anything more important than cigarettes.
    2.put a signage in your room " NO SMOKING"
    3. play a video games that you love most. it helps you to never think of cigarettes
  14. treborpost

    treborpost New Member

    You can't stop smoking immediately so I advice you to lessen your smoking stick per day first. If you are able to make one or two per day then you are ready to stop smoking by looking for activities that will make you busy. If you miss holding cigarette you can use pencil as a replacement. Also if you actually wanted to smoke badly you can use candy or gum to ease temptation in smoking. Try to sleep, drink and eat well to help yourself in stress on resisting on smoking. Lastly compliment and reward yourself for doing good job.
  15. nino gerson

    nino gerson New Member

    Strong motivation is one of the key if you want to quit smoking. I was addicted to smoking until I finally decided to quit for good. I learned to smoke when I was only 10 and I can't sleep a day without it. If you want to quit you must be determined and believe you will succeed. It's not easy I know so just reduce the number of sticks you take daily from 1 pack to half or from 10 sticks reduce to 5 and so on. You can do it, nothing is impossible.
  16. olgar

    olgar Member

    I really don't know. I was a smoker before, I started try smoking when I was 19 and got hooked on it. I've been a smoker for 20 long years until I just tried not to have a stick for a day, then days, weeks, until I finally get rid of that system. Kinda lost count now how many years since the last time I had a stick of cigarette.
  17. rara342227

    rara342227 New Member

    It's case by case basis. It's like what works for me might not work for you thing. Some people just quit cold turkey, some had to undergo rigorous methods and some took it gradually. Some are successful some aren't. I used to smoke too and I think, most importantly, you have to be psychologically and physically ready. Otherwise, it's going to be really challenging. I'm not saying that you have to give up right away if you can't see any improvements but it may be a tad easier for your body to accept it when you're that determined.

    I quit 2 years ago. I know it's not that long because I know a lot of people went back to smoking even after 10 or 15 years without it. But for me I really hope I won't smoke ever again.
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  18. marcp103109

    marcp103109 New Member

    The best way to stop your smoking that you can do is to: 'Strengthen Your Motivation'
    “A deep commitment to the process of quitting is the single most important characteristic of smokers who successfully quit.”—“StopSmoking Now!”

    SIMPLY put, if you want to stop smoking, you should, at the very least, have a strong motivation to do so. How can you strengthen your motivation? For one thing, consider how much better off you will be if you quit smoking.

    You will save money.

    You should get more joy out of life.

    Your health may improve.

    You will boost your self-confidence.

    Your family and friends will benefit.

    You will please your God Creator. “Beloved ones, let us cleanse ourselves of every defilement of flesh.” (2 Corinthians 7:1) “Present your bodies . . . holy, acceptable to God.”—Romans 12:1.

    “Once I understood that God disapproves of things that defile the body, I decided to quit smoking.”—Sylvia, Spain.

    Often, though, motivation alone is not enough. We may also need the help of others, including family and friends.
  19. marcp103109

    marcp103109 New Member

    We must be Realistic

    It can be tempting to try to change everything in your life immediately. You tell yourself, ‘This week I’m going to stop smoking, stop swearing, stop staying up too late at night, start exercising, start eating better, and start calling my grandparents.’ But trying to reach all your goals at the same time is a sure way to reach none of them!

    BIBLE PRINCIPLE: “Wisdom is with the modest ones.”Proverbs 11:2.

    A modest person is realistic. He recognizes that there are limits to his time, energy, and resources. So rather than trying to change everything at once, he makes improvement gradually.

    Trying to reach all your goals at the same time is a sure way to reach none of them!
  20. PimooPortal

    PimooPortal New Member

    I mean this is all about one own's willpower. Before you consider to stop smoking, you should build up your willpower. If you do not have enough willpower, you are not going to succeed in quitting in the long run. There are a number of ways to increase your willpower. It is also good to find something you truly love so that you can spend more time on that rather than smoking.
  21. marcp103109

    marcp103109 New Member

    In my case, I decide to 'have a strong desire to do what is right.'
    Even when I making the right decision, it is not always easy to do what I have decided to do just like others. For example, some want to stop smoking, but their desire to stop is not strong enough to help them succeed. But I realized that I need or we need to have a strong desire to do the things that we have decided to do. Some say that I can strengthen this desire in the same way that we strengthen a muscle. The more that I use a muscle or exercise it, the stronger it becomes. That's why, just like others, If we do not use the muscle often, it will get weak. What can help us to strengthen our desire to do the things that we have decided to do? We need to rely on Almighty God for help.
  22. marcp103109

    marcp103109 New Member

    In my case, I decided to have a STRONG DESIRE to do what is right. But it is not always easy to do what I have decided to do. I observed it not only in my case but also from others. For example, some want to stop smoking, but their desire to stop is not strong enough to help them succeed. We need to have a strong desire to do the things that we have decided to do. Some say that we can strengthen this desire in the same way that we strengthen a muscle. The more we use a muscle or exercise it, the stronger it becomes. If we do not use the muscle often, it will get weak. The best thing that will help me to do the right decision is to strengthen my desire to do the things? By having a good communication with God or rely on almighty God Jehovah (Psalm 83:18 -NWT). I felt more comfort under his loving arm.
  23. evachikka

    evachikka New Member

    The best way to stop smoking is surrendering yourself to Jesus Christ. It's not a drastic change but as you continue following Him, surely your obedience to Him won't disappoint you.
  24. Ginalyn de Guzman

    Ginalyn de Guzman New Member

    We all know that smoking has no health benefits. However, many people are into it, men and women. Even though the government has issued a warning about the harmful effects of smoking but still nobody cares. Even teenager are into it. Some I can say that they are already addicted to smoking because they cannot leave a day without it. They are called chain smokers that they can finish one pack to three packs a day. However, there are smokers who want to quit but having difficulty to do so. They tried but after some time, they cannot resist and they go back to smoke. For me the best thing to quit smoking is self-discipline. If you are really determined to quit smoking, by all means, you can really quit it.
  25. Burchris

    Burchris New Member

    When it comes to quitting the cancer stick, forget about external solutions for once. Most of the products being sold in the market don't live up to their claims. You have to summon willpower and determination. But there is a secret many will never come across. If you observe a 3 day water fast, the smoking habit will have gone by the fourth day. This approach does not disappoint for good measure.
  26. Jahjah

    Jahjah New Member

    I think the best way to stop it is to look an alternative for it and a matter of self discipline . Because on the first place , if you really wanted to stop smoking , you have to convince yourself to stopped . Stop bringing a lighter with you and try not to come with your friends when they asked you . My dad used a mint candy as an alternative for smoking . Whenever he felt like he need to smoke , he's eating candy and it's enough and it works . Same thing I did when I decided to quit smoking because I got pregnant so I really need to stop it and when my baby finally came out , I breastfeeding him so still I can't smoke until I get used to it . Besides , I got busy taking care of my baby so I don't have time to sit and smoke haha


    This is a habitual cravings,in order for this to stop is to indulge yourself to smoke more than you used to,take the satisfaction and if you reached that point you can now stop the habit.
  28. Paul Marin

    Paul Marin New Member

    I was in the I haven't smoked a cigarette in about two years now. I had COPD and was sent to the hospital cause I couldn't breath. For three days I was on the patch cause I was in the hospital and when I got out I had cravings. Wound up getting me a vape pen and over a month later I was dome with cigarettes and the vape pen.
  29. vincentraystateresa

    vincentraystateresa New Member

    To totally stop smoking, I advice the concerned, they must visit places where it could remind them that smoking is really bad for their health. Places like, hospitals where patients were in bad shape because of smoking. Or maybe, visit online websites where promotes smoking is no value at all, and it only cause you additional lost of money. It's not that I'm making cigar company looks like bad people. But it really goes back to that point that they really are. If they stop producing, maybe people will totally stop. Or, they will look for an alternative that people can still smoke without affecting their health. I just hope they're working on it.
  30. Qamer Abbas

    Qamer Abbas Member

    I would like to give you an interesting opinion to quit smoking.Make promise with yourself that whenever you smoke you will give your 50$ to poor and needy. In this way you can leave smoking to save your money. Hope it will help. :)
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