What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Linda_Smith, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. mal707

    mal707 New Member

    I have a morning routine that doesn't take me very long. I stick to the same routine and sort of run on autopilot. I get my pills, feed the cats, go to the bathroom, make my coffee and breakfast and sit down and relax for a bit before I start my job. I think it's good for everyone to have a routine that works well for them and their schedule. Without a routine, things can get pretty chaotic, and you might even run late to where you have to go, which just adds unnecessary stress to life. If a routine doesn't come natural to you, you may want to take a little time to plan out a good one and stick to it. If you manage your time well and get done what you have to do efficiently, you win in the long run because you most likely will end up having extra time in the morning for a little fun or relaxation.
  2. s0nOfNight

    s0nOfNight New Member

    First thing I do when I wake up is check my cell phone and check if I got any missed calls or messages.
  3. Mboom

    Mboom New Member

    First thing in the morning I creep downstairs and try to quickly savor a cup of coffee. If I am successful in enjoying a cup of coffee before the kids wake up I make breakfast and get them up. Five minutes to myself before the kids get up makes for a much happier day!
  4. Simmer

    Simmer New Member

    The first thing that I do in the morning is grab a robe because I'm always freezing first thing in the morning. I push my feet into slippers and then go off in search of coffee.
  5. Carfer

    Carfer New Member

    LMAO!!! I was not all that interested in posting in this forum until I happened upon your post. "Stare at the ceiling for a couple of minutes, and the wall after that." I do not know why but I busted out laughing after reading this. You have a sense of humor and unfortunately that is extremely rare! I too like to get in a little ceiling and wall bonding. I look at all the cracks, dirt smudges, and cobwebs. I am a little judgmental when I bond with them but they never judge me back.

    Sometimes I do not have time in the morning to spend with them. Most times the latrine calls to me first.
  6. kristiana

    kristiana New Member

    The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is meditate.

    Even if it is for five minutes to clear my mind, state my affirmations ,and get myself on a positive note.

    It truly makes a difference !!!
  7. TKellogg61

    TKellogg61 New Member

    I usually use the bathroom, take my pills, get back under the blanket and get on the internet for a few minutes. Then, after a half hour, more pills, wait another half hour (usually under the blankets while on the internet) and then I eat and take the next set of pills!!! Then, a shower and then I decide what I have to get accomplished for that day! That's it usually for me unless there is something special that needs doing.
  8. sklauda1

    sklauda1 New Member

    I groan at my husband who has just woken me up and try to convince myself to get up.
  9. carica888

    carica888 New Member

    good for you. god is everything
  10. carica888

    carica888 New Member

    its not good for your health.
  11. dokello

    dokello New Member

    I have the same issue! I am a stickler for efficiency and anything I have that can serve two or more purposes. Like you, I wake up to my phone's alarm. I just haven't figured the urgency to buy a standalone clock to set an alarm on, pull out a tablet or pad over to a desktop to check emails, turn on the television to check the news and weather and traffic, or pop in a workout video. Everything and anything I need to be aware of before work pops up on my phone in a span of fifteen minutes.

    The first thing I do afterwards is drink some water (which is usually sitting bedside) and then proceed to choose my clothes, wash up, dress, eat and leave for the day. Oh! And I always take a cup of tea with me on the go. Now if only smartphones could boil water, I would be set.
  12. Persis George

    Persis George New Member

    Like many here, I too check my phone first mostly to check the time and to sneak in a 5 minutes more sleep in :sleeping:. Thank God for a another day and get to my routine.
  13. darehare

    darehare New Member

    I usually reach for my phone and check out my email or sometimes the weather on my phone first thing. If I had a vivid dream the night before I might contemplate it and try to make some sense or meaning out of it like interpreting what's been on my mind lately. Next I'll brush my teeth or think about what to wear that day. Then I'll grab a quick cereal breakfast.
  14. Chelsea Hollis

    Chelsea Hollis New Member

    Check my phone for texts and calls, use the restroom, take a shower, watch anime movies, haha!
  15. Jason76

    Jason76 New Member

    Taking a shower and going to the gym are a few of the things I do after I wake up.
  16. Sarah T

    Sarah T New Member

    Some great answers, I read every one! I have to say, I was impressed that we all kept it so clean ;) I'll say it, some mornings I nudge my honey and smother him with kisses. There's your PG version, folks! I always give thanks for the day, for the amazing people in my life, and for my health. Sore back, full bladder, not enough sleep...None of those matter because I woke up on the right side of the dirt! Enjoy your day everyone!
  17. wnaut

    wnaut New Member

    I shut off my alarm and go to uncover my birds! We put a blanket over them at night so they can get their required 12 hours of darkness and rest. Then I turn on their full-spectrum lamp and then I start my own morning routine.

    The birds are my priority, you can probably tell! :p
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  18. AshleyLambert

    AshleyLambert New Member

    I have to admit, I am not a morning person. I have gotten into the habit of setting my alarm a half hour before I am supposed to wake up, instead of hitting the snooze button, just to give myself a chance to rest a little bit longer. I am the farthest thing from a morning person so I always have trouble waking up in the morning.
    I find myself waking up at least 2-3 times in the middle of the night, for at least a few minutes. I have also noticed that I find myself getting tired around 8pm but if I stay up past about 11pm, I suddenly feel wide awake and then have trouble sleeping the rest of the night. Does anyone else have this problem?
  19. Oyes

    Oyes New Member

    I say Thank you JESUS for another day, and then iron my clothes to go to work. If there is no work or school, I would say "Thank you Jesus", and then head to the bathroom and clean my Pearly White Gates (Teeth). Afterwards, I would pick up my Bible, and read a chapter or two; then finally I go on my knees to talk to my Creator. Amen! Put God first, and everything after syndrome I have. :)
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  20. SweetMamaKaty

    SweetMamaKaty New Member

    Having three under five years old, I can safely say the first thing I do each day is attend to some child or other! :laugh:

    It really doesn't matter what day or what time it is, they rise before the sun. Then it's snuggles, potty, breakfast, dressing - the morning routines set the tone for our whole day. I guess I should feel honored that no one but Mama will do!
  21. DietOwl

    DietOwl New Member

    Sometimes, cry. But usually I just curl up in the blankets for an extra few minutes and put on some sad piano or something and pretend like I'm the last man alive. I'm not joking. You would be shocked at how motivated it makes you for school. I have terrible sleep habits, though, so half the time the first thing I do is sit up very quickly and check my alarm full of panic.
  22. AmandaG

    AmandaG New Member

    I have such a boring life. I get up, go to the bathroom, then go into the living room and turn on the news. I light a cigarette, get a drink and take time to 'wake up.' After this, I usually check my email and my online earning sites. I can't forget an early-morning Facebook check-in! Next, I start my work for the day.
  23. criscsu

    criscsu New Member

    The first thing I do is cuddle with my 4 year old who has climbed into our bed at some ungodly hour. I hate that he gets into our bed and I love it all in the same breath. I work full time so the battle of having him stay in his bed is one that I have chosen not to tackle. I have come to terms that it will not be forever and in fact before I know it he won't want me around at all. So, I cherish it. However, it also makes it really hard for me to get a good night's sleep which in turn has affected my ability to exercise before or after work. So, I have gained weight. Ugh, the trials of motherhood!
  24. aphillyated

    aphillyated New Member

    Definitely depends on the night I had before. But usually the birds chirping and the sunlight breaks me out of my
    beautiful sleep. Then I usually first stare at the ceiling for a couple of minutes and the wall after that before actually
    getting out of bed. I'm probably on my cell phone for at least a few minutes. Then usually the morning call from my
    bladder tells me its time to get up. After that I'm going to eat a bowl of cereal. Then getting a huge glass of orange juice
    is next on the list. I have to stick to these things every morning or I would feel lost.
  25. ninespoons

    ninespoons New Member

    Snooze the alarm a good half-dozen times!

    Actually I've just kicked this habit after a really long time. I remember reading on Reddit once the story of someone who transitioned from late starter to early riser. I've always wanted to be a morning person, but could never follow through whenever the alarm sounded. In the post I saw on Reddit, this guy attributed his change by waking up each morning, kicking off the covers, jumping out of bed, and loudly proclaiming, "goooooood morning!" like he was in an episode of Barney the Dinosaur. Mock all you like, but it definitely works. Bloody good job I live alone, though...
  26. danipage

    danipage New Member

    As soon as I wake up I also check my social media, just like most other people. I tend to drag this out for as long as I can because at the moment, during the winter, it's too cold to just leap out of bed, and plus, I'd much rather have an extra 5 minutes laid in bed :)
  27. iamawalkingfoodie

    iamawalkingfoodie New Member

    The first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone right away for any texts, then I go straight to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I've became so attached to my phone that I don't know what I would do without it. After waking up, I brush my teeth, wash my face, and all that good stuff.
  28. Mahpokemons

    Mahpokemons New Member

    First thing I do when I wake up is go out to the kitchen and check to see what my cats might have destroyed the night before. They are cute and my babies but hoo boy are they ever bad, usually I wear earplugs when I sleep so I can barely hear anything if they are doing something they shouldn't be so I will have to get up in the morning and assess the damage before seeing who has the guilty look on their face.
  29. awakenings76

    awakenings76 New Member

    Stumble to the coffee pot and get that started. Turn on my laptop and get that started. Light a cigarette, fumble through my emails and wait for my coffee. Four cups later I'm almost fit for human consumption.
  30. joycemcgregor

    joycemcgregor New Member

    I am an older lady and the first thing I do in the morning is hit the bathroom. Then I go back to my room where I take what seems like a kagillion pills and check my bloodsugar level and take insulin. After that is is get dressed, let the dog out, feed the little guy and fix a mug of coffee. That has been the routine for a good number of years and do not see it changing much.

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