What is the internet for you ?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Lhey, Sep 1, 2018.


What is the internet for you ?

  1. Facebook

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  2. Youtube

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  1. Lhey

    Lhey New Member

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  2. JRay03

    JRay03 New Member

    Internet for me is like a source of knowledge that everything you want to know is there just type it and you can learn it. Website like Facebook, there we can find friends from all over the world that you can chat with and Youtube a great site to learn everything from cooking to programming and everything else. Internet have so many uses that if it gone just one day, a chaos will happen in the many cities in the world.
  3. Paige_1

    Paige_1 New Member

    Internet is my everything: my work, my study tool, my educational tool, my way to interact with people... Of course, if doesn't substitute the actual human interaction, but it helps to communicate with friends who are far away from you.

    I think the Internet is the best gift that humans ever received.
  4. JepoyBadua25

    JepoyBadua25 Member

    Internet for me is like a new world! Another free world where you can do anything like researching, watch and play, learning etc. Without internet, people will feel incomplete, and it is a part of our daily living.
  5. Newcastle-qAee

    Newcastle-qAee New Member

    Thanks to the Internet we are now more clued up. I can’t imagine how writers functioned without this goldmine of information at their fingertips. Whilst studying for my degree I researched my assignments on the Internet where I was able to work in peace and quiet, unlike public libraries which are becoming overly noisy nowadays. I think a major benefit of the Internet is that it saves on time and money. I’m currently in the process of house-hunting, and being able to catch a realistic glimpse of the interior of a house on property portals is a decider as to whether it is worth making the journey for viewings. Since leaving work a few years ago I’ve interacted with the Internet in a much bigger way as it has provided me with a minor source of income, and I also shop online more. I still marvel at its invention and wish the Internet had been around when I was young.
  6. Jerod808

    Jerod808 New Member

    The internet for me is helpful. Because in the internet, I can find what I want to search and also I earn money just using the internet. So internet for me is everything. I can share also the Word if God to other people who want to seek Jesus and I am blessed to have internet in our generation
  7. emraj12

    emraj12 New Member

    Internet is growing popularity. Adopting new technologies to reach a wider audience. Internet offers you a powerful new way to learn everything. It helps to build confidence, whether directly through our work or indirectly what our work. And create inclusive growth that internet can contribute to and which everyone can share.
  8. RizaReese

    RizaReese New Member

    Internet is like a virtual library that you can access anywhere in the touch of your fingertips. However, unlike a physical library, the massive information stored in it is not sorted in category or sections. Thus, the researcher or the person looking for a specific topic has to do the sorting process to create a cohesive written report with proper siting of sources.
  9. Piandex

    Piandex New Member

    Not facebook, but sometimes youtube for some amazing tutorials.
    For me internet should be like the air, its everywhere and its for free, if not free atleast at a very low price.
    ISP here in the philippines, are greedy. They choke your connection a very expensive data package, internet outage will take about 2 weeks to fix not as fast on how they disconnect your connection if you have monthly dues.
  10. fellowbud

    fellowbud New Member

    who uses facebook now anyway XD
  11. Eric35

    Eric35 Member

    an Internet for me is the way to connect with other people you know and its a way of living by using its tasks and using as a way to make study easy because the term reasearch you can now use some sites or other sites that you can do for resarch to make the study of one student to have it quickly to answer the questions that it should be answer....Internet now adays can also use as for businness and studies and for apllications on whom is searching for a job
  12. Besa

    Besa New Member

    Internet is the best for me ,because all site are using for me,,like a facefook,google ,browser,and all website
  13. cuarezpaul

    cuarezpaul New Member

    For me, Internet was an excellent technology ever created. It gives information instantly, it generates a lot of jobs, it helps us to connect to other people around the world, it helps us our time to be more effiencient in terms of gathering information, it helps the students in their studies, it gives opportunities to those App developers to create a communication application, and to summarized what i am saying, Internet changes our world.

    amazing right?
  14. SilverMoon12

    SilverMoon12 New Member

    The internet for me is a huge source of information. Everyone has an opinion and many people come into contact with ideas that fit an assumed narrative. In the 21st century, the internet plays an essential role in verifying a lot of different data. As we are all aware, the web is filled with plenty of factual information that has been posted by experts within a said field. I find it very easy myself to use the internet to cross reference information I occasionally received. I can't remember the last time I opened a encyclopedia, unless it was an online encyclopedia.
  15. FraserJunior

    FraserJunior New Member

    A few weeks ago (I think) YouTube went down. I didn't realize how much I rely on the internet and YouTube for entertainment until then. YouTube is great because it offers so much more personalized entertainment than TV.

    TOMSHANJ Member

    internet is afriend,teacher,lover who is always there,funny company,work,family,source of more than expected....in simple terms internet is something everyone needs to have in life. forexample, some people get home late and tired(internet creates a smile on them) , some places airtime is exepensive...but internet give them cheap communication eg via whatsapp,imo,facebook to mention but a few....internet i love you!
  17. lisamaeray

    lisamaeray New Member

    The Internet is a tool that I use to stay informed, keep up with friends, research different topics, and shop. I really enjoy using the Internet to stay up to date on politics; it helps me to feel more connected. In this political climate, it's especially nice to know others share your views!
  18. diannekaytolentino

    diannekaytolentino New Member

    For me, Internet is a very helpful tool for researches because you can it has a lot of information, it is use for entertainment because we can watch our favorite movies, TV shows, etc., it is also use for communication purposes, like chats, email and many more.

    It can also be used to bond with your friends and happy. Internet is an all in one service provider.
  19. acd

    acd New Member

    I can say internet, the way it was invented or created, makes a lot of things easier in terms of communication, getting in touch with your family and friends, knowing the trend for fashion or other things that are in the market now. Internet gives an opportunity for jobs like on line and those people who stayed at home especially mothers who work at home. Internet helps a lot people.
  20. Internet is everything that a human need when it comes in information, news, and also to connect to other people, most of the people now uses internet in their daily lives to make their task or job easier, You can gather information's that you need thru the internet in order to make your job done faster, news is also available in the internet it contains all the news around the world, getting in touch with other people around the world is also the benefits of having a internet you call them and make video chat in real time.

    Although there are many good benefits of internet it also has a bad side that's why its up to the people who uses the internet if he will use it in good or bad things.
  21. PoetheProgrammer

    PoetheProgrammer New Member

    The internet is a continuation of the human communications network that began with speech and grew to include things like records, books and eventually mail. It is the future of almost every single thing that people do with internet of things devices even looking to replace the need to learn other languages as every phone now days has the ability to translate languages on the fly and it will only get better with time.

    To me, the internet is the beginning of a kind of hivemind that in the future will be the culmination of all human ideas and will allow each generation to be exponentially more intelligent than the last.
  22. neromare

    neromare New Member

    The Internet for me is freedom first of all. And when I was younger, it was my safe place. Where I can escape and be on my own, away from all the problems, and away from all the “bad people”. Gave me hope. And purpose. I started to learn a lot, and all—for free. It’s really a blessing when you don’t have to go to the Library and search for hours for a phrase or something useful. You just need a search engine and some patience. And by the way, where I live, we don’t have a Library, so...
  23. dennisbation

    dennisbation New Member

    Internet for me is a source of income, being a freelancer and an online entrepreneur.
  24. miztahimik21

    miztahimik21 New Member

    Internet for me is a source of knowledge and income which help me a lot

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