What is the main reason why people post thier personal stuff online?

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  1. Mayo))):

    Mayo))): New Member

    The main reason is... They are happy. Your making conscious decision about self-representation. Everybody does! Sometimes other people feel that they are important, That's why they've post. Through receiving message from friends... ABSOLUTELY we've post!
  2. veronicaabsalon

    veronicaabsalon New Member

    The main reason is that they wanted to share the feeling of fulfillment or the satisfaction in posting their personal stuff online. It's your own status anyway so you will post what you wanted to post but be responsible on what stuff will you post.
  3. eric reyes

    eric reyes New Member

    I'm not a big fan of posting your personal life online. Maybe because i wanted to live a normal life minding my own not their's. I don't have a problem with other people doing that it's their life not mine. Every person has a unique personality and were not a position judging someone with the way they act. "Diversity" is the word if you know that it will answer everything.
  4. gladys Ann Sotto

    gladys Ann Sotto New Member

    In my Opinion. Posting About there lives Online is pretty normal For them. But for me it's hard to be open to everyone to know about me or what i do in daily life. I prefer to be private than posting too much online because sometimes its not good because it will be a addiction to everyone to see about there lifestyle and then it could be a downfall in depression once being bashed hardly online that will push some people to be suicidal. Well that is my only opinion only.
  5. porkkyextra

    porkkyextra Member

    I think people do this because of self satisfaction. It makes them feel good whenever other people see goodthings going on with their life or even the bad things.
  6. lalala_

    lalala_ New Member

    People post their stuff online for different motives. Some people just can't contain their emotion of happiness, some want to vent their feelings out on social media just to lessen the burden they're feeling. Social media plays a big impact on human lives nowadays. Others wants to get social acceptance and companion online so they tend to post everything.
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  7. Vince Jaren

    Vince Jaren New Member

    Some of the people post their personal stuff online because that is one way they relieve stress. People tends to get attention and comments from the public, primarily to help them solve a problem or to ask an opinion. Other people post personal stuff online because it gives them joy. Joy that someone or somebody likes them. It makes them fulfilled in terms of what accomplishments they had.
  8. Damon Green

    Damon Green New Member

    One of the main reasons i think most people post personal info is to feel appart of a crowd/community.
    There is nothing wrong with that and it is perfectly normal to engage in online community's, people love attention, some people have problems and just seek help and don't know how to talk to others about it and just pour out to anyone who will listen. On other hand there are the people who wish to help others in need so they might post a little bit about themselves in order to give someone else the confidence to face a fear they have trouble confronting. The possibilities are endless you would have to know the person on a more personal note in order to fully understand why people post personal stuff online.
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  9. Abel_Andolong

    Abel_Andolong New Member

    Why people do what they do and that's posting a lot of personal stuff or memes at Facebook. Human behavior can be so telling, but people may come from different perspectives though, basically people are drawn with Facebook because of it's unlimited features to show your wares (places you've gone through, restaurants or cafes that one experiment with or travelling overseas can be a nice motivation so to speak at why a lot of individuals would cram just to post and click. What sense of pride.
    But deep inside, human psychology have bolstered on the fact that seeking attention is the primary motivation why most of the population does this unlimitless postings. Is is bad, no I don't think so, but when excessive posting becomes a habit even to the point of having white nights can be burdensome. Even at office scenario, when the Boss isn't around, each finger twitches that incognito app just so to find quickly who would have "liken my photo when my boat gets near the waterfalls of Niagara?" The addiction can be so irresistible, the sense of urgency to check or peep in a few sec brings a lot of excitement to the user.
    And when get caught by the Boss browsing, there begins another story to be told at his private office. I get cold feet.
  10. ericladrera

    ericladrera New Member

    For me most of the people post personal stuff online because they want to have audience, where they can have acknowledgements and getting reactions from different person for them to have decision. If someone have a problem they use social media to express their emotions. It will be an easy way to asked opinions and help. They also use it to revenge to the person who hurt them.

    Social media nowadays is a powerful tool to express something and to make networks. We must need to be careful using this power because it might harm you or cause you a problem.
  11. rhanda

    rhanda New Member

    People post online for several reasons, one can be it's a way for them to express their emotions. Other reasons is that they could be keeping up with the norm, like that's what family and friends are doing. People can sometimes feel they are excluded from society if they don't keep up.
  12. yeeshin11

    yeeshin11 Member

    People post their personal stuff online for a lot of reasons. They may be love broadcasting their personal life on social media just because they want attention from everybody. They may be comfortable telling stuff about their life on social media because it is only their way to express their selves. Maybe because they have no one to talk to and social media is their only friend. Whatever their reasons are we should never judge them, just understand them because no one knows what they are going through.


    People who put my business on social media, most definitely have some major issues going on where they have to tell the world and they wonder why when they post that they are going out of town that their house is broken in to. Then every time they have a problem with their mate they post that to and see why home wreckers stay employed. It's no more moral values in today's society and people don't' have a life and rather get a reaction from the world to make themselves look innocent. Just sad! It's good to post accomplishments and goals, but keep your personal business and emotions to yourselves.
  14. bouyen19

    bouyen19 New Member

    The "high" that people get when somebody LIKES their post online is one of the main reasons why people post personal stuffs online. The need of attention and affirmation are artificially met when they see somebody likes their posts online.

    Another reason is to document people's lives. Looking back at memories has never been easier through social media. You can document special events in your life to appreciate and look back at it later.

    Whatever the reason might be, people must remember to appreciate life as they experience it. We must be responsible with what we share online. The world is full of negativity. Let us strive to share positive vibes.
  15. ferlina

    ferlina New Member

    Many people overshare private details on social media..among other things,it affects a person's reflection of their self and aspects of consciousness. In sum, the traditional line separating what’s private from what’s public is disintegrating with each and every overshare, and while some offenders may not be thinking about their actions this deeply. Some want to be interesting. Some want to be memorable. Some want people to follow them, but their need their attention first.. For some people, the longing to be popular far outweighs the longing to be respected, and their social media accounts can verify this.
  16. cy_bean

    cy_bean New Member

    I think people post personal stuff to get attention to get recognized, maybe due to there need for someone to love them or for people to treat them like they're important, not to mention that humans are programmed to want to share
  17. anjie2288

    anjie2288 Member

    Maybe because no body is listening to them or they just wanted to show the world what they got what they have what they feel or they are proud of what they have done what they achieve in life qhat foods they like. And they like what they do for them to post online..
  18. binkylogarta

    binkylogarta New Member

    Posting your personal stuff online is a means of expressing the excess feeling that you felt by sharing it to others. Whether it is satisfaction or distress, it all revolves around the person's emotion.
  19. gracie4101

    gracie4101 New Member

    It's because they wanted attention from other people and they like to post everything they want that is happening in their life just to make them feel that they are special particularly when someone recognize what they are posting. Liking or reacting on their posts is important to them because through this they will feel satisfied.
  20. Low self esteem seeks attention.

    Personal frustration seeks to be covered by projecting how things “should” be but are not.

    Weak personalities rely on others’ approval to accept themselves.

    It could also be the lack of personal connections in real life, therefore needing virtual connections in order to feel less lonely and to reinforce their belonging and selfworth.

    Overposting is definitely a sign of deep rooted issues.
  21. People who posting their personal stuff online can be seeking attention, lonely, low-self esteem and depression. In other hand it can be boastful, pride and proud. Everyone of us has different personality and we have different way how to express on it and always remember that ''think first before you click''.
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  22. ahllen

    ahllen Member

    When I'm posting online it simply mean I want to express how I feel.
  23. Jeedae

    Jeedae New Member

    People post their personal stuff for different reasons. The common reason is for attention! Most people want others to see or know that they are doing better than them in certain ways. Some do it for fun without realising the negative implications it could have on them. Some do it out of boredom since they have nothing else to post or say. Some genuinely post to ask for opinion, seek help or motivate others. In conclusion, i feel what you consider personal might not be personal to another person so it depends on the individual.

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