What is the most annoying personality trait someone can have?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by otepenyo, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. otepenyo

    otepenyo New Member

    Our personalities are what the outside world uses to judge us and they greatly influence our interactions with others. So isn’t it worthwhile to have a conversation about something that holds so much sway over our lives?

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  2. Jazz Ellis

    Jazz Ellis New Member

    I have learned to deal with different types of personalities, so none of them are annoying to me. I can tell you that the most difficult to deal with is a miserable one. Someone who is never happy. It's very difficult to deal with. No matter how hard you try they are never satisfied.
  3. sylviazaldivia

    sylviazaldivia New Member

    Hmm now I have to think
    Oh people who are ...
    Much they see is the dull, unhappy side of life!
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  4. Kiyomi

    Kiyomi New Member

    For me, the most annoying personality trait is trying to change a person into someone that he/she is not, and comparing that person to someone else. Change is not something you can impose to someone, change should come from the person himself/herself.
  5. Clary Tsen

    Clary Tsen New Member

    When you offer help but they're taking advantage of it. It really makes me annoyed, it's not that I don't want to help people who are in need it's just that there are people who are evil enough to take advantage what people can offer. Like those people have needs too and constantly yanking their hands and taking their words against them about the offer they once offered to you is an eternal thing to rely upon.

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