What is the purpose of a movie?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Aaron08, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Aaron08

    Aaron08 Member

    A movie is created to entertain people, give fun, love, and somehow bring other people into a new world. But what is really the purpose of a movie?

    In my own opinion, a movie is created for many purposes and reason because there are many type of movies created by the directors but for me the purpose of a movie is to give a moral or message to the people, if we were going think deeper when we were going to watch a movie, there are moral/messages hidden in the movie that may be related in love, society, family and any other aspects in life. But there are also movies that were intentionally made to give morals and enlighten people on such things. These are all my thoughts and opinion on what would be the possible purpose of a movie.
  2. grjaizn

    grjaizn New Member

    For me the purpose of the movie is to send a message for the people. The movie are made to earn and entertaining people. We amused and laugh, experience the tension, see the world the we never imagined, amd touched our hearts in every theme of the movie.
  3. Madoblas

    Madoblas New Member

    To give us lesson to learn. It also bring us back to the century and to the present. The movie shows us the creative imaginations of the writers.The purpose of the movie is to put a smile in our face and tears in our eyes.
  4. vivianyork

    vivianyork New Member

    The purpose of a movie is to entertain by telling a story. Every movie (even if it is the same story over and over) is trying to tell a story through characters, development, and movie progression. This is easy with a good screenplay.

    I would disagree with every movie has something or some lesson that they would like us to learn. There is nothing to learn from the basic love story or from the same plot of the cartoons. There is not always a lesson or moral to learn from every movie.
  5. rhaizajane

    rhaizajane New Member

    It’s all about communication, and the vast majority of humans love communication through the art of story. And movies happen to be some of the best, fully-functioning and dynamic stories available to the masses.

    We crave familiarity through unique lenses, which is why our minds prefer the same stories over and over again. Stories in general heighten our emotions and help us cleave insight from external experiences. It’s basic stimulation, of which the benefits (and purpose) should be obvious.

    Escapism comes from this idea, where you can “turn your brain off” and enjoy a film. Or, on the other hand, get fully immersed in a different world, and that does wonders for your creativity and imagination, which further contributes to balanced emotional health and intelligence.

    Movies are great for stories because they’re compact and organized, with a beginning/middle/end structure. And that’s not even mentioning the broader experience of enjoying a film with a person, and going into a building and enjoying the environment. There’s a reason certain filmgoing traditions have lasted for so long and expanded across the globe so decisively. We really have figured out some great ways to engage with intangible storytelling.
  6. jrmichelle

    jrmichelle Member

    There are numerous purposes.However, in my point of view and observation,is to entertain someone one and to capture some knowledge produced by some artists
  7. keishastake

    keishastake Member

    The purpose of a movie is to either entertain you or to inform people of something. Movies serve as stress relievers, extracurricular activities, date destinations and memorable experiences. A movie is also an outlet or an opportunity for talented actors to showcase their skills.
  8. johndeo16

    johndeo16 New Member

    I believe the main reasons we watch movies are to get entertained and involved into a story. Everyone is different however and people may have unique subjective reasons to go see a film. Some may be interested purely in the visual effects, others may want to see their beloved stars acting on screen, third may want to study the storytelling techniques used in their favorite director’s new film. I personally watch films not only for the above genre-related reasons but also to get inspired by the story and its characters. There is a message in every film and it has the potential to change lives. Thank you
  9. The purpose of a movie is to show or how you visualize in reality the story that your imagination made. To not only tell how you feel, imagine or see things but to SHOW. It's just like what other peoples say... Actions speaks louder than words.
  10. Rainer M. Aquino

    Rainer M. Aquino New Member

    There are many purpose of a movie, some of movies happen in real life, some of movies are jokes, super heroes, drama, horror etc. But even that we have a different movies. All of them has a purpose, all of them has a mission and vission, Why are they created and what are the main reasons why they released and to be watch by people. Movies help us to realize and Understand the reality in life, The way how we act, The way how we fall, The way how we treat others.
  11. yellow

    yellow Member

    Shrinks are saying the movies are giving faster and easier informations than books. Even children who cannot yet read are trying to teach themselves with using a simple TV remote control.
  12. gentlevelvet

    gentlevelvet New Member

    I believe that movies are used by most people as "brain candy." However, I myself use them as inspiration in my writing, art, views on life, and for adding information to my worldview. I don't think that they always have to be perfect or accurate to accomplish those things.

    When it comes to brain candy, I enjoy just rewatching one of my favorite old TV series.
  13. doitright

    doitright New Member

    The main purpose of movies is to entertain you in a much deeper way than most people think. Just to entertain the audience is not enough, the movie industry is a business and a shrewd one, they want the audience to engage with the film as much as they can in their minds in order to live a unique experience so they come back to watch the next one instead of doing something else. Their goal is to maximise audience involvement so the producers hire experts to tweak the script and the production in a scientific way to achieve that while all seems natural. Recurring income is what keeps the industry alive and people would not come back if they did not actually 'live' the story.
  14. missingno09

    missingno09 New Member

    The Purpose of Movie is to prevent boredom and enjoy watching

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