What is the purpose of a movie?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Aaron08, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Aaron08

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    A movie is created to entertain people, give fun, love, and somehow bring other people into a new world. But what is really the purpose of a movie?

    In my own opinion, a movie is created for many purposes and reason because there are many type of movies created by the directors but for me the purpose of a movie is to give a moral or message to the people, if we were going think deeper when we were going to watch a movie, there are moral/messages hidden in the movie that may be related in love, society, family and any other aspects in life. But there are also movies that were intentionally made to give morals and enlighten people on such things. These are all my thoughts and opinion on what would be the possible purpose of a movie.
  2. grjaizn

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    For me the purpose of the movie is to send a message for the people. The movie are made to earn and entertaining people. We amused and laugh, experience the tension, see the world the we never imagined, amd touched our hearts in every theme of the movie.
  3. Madoblas

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    To give us lesson to learn. It also bring us back to the century and to the present. The movie shows us the creative imaginations of the writers.The purpose of the movie is to put a smile in our face and tears in our eyes.

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