What is the real benefits of playing online/offline/video games?

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What is the real benefits of playing online/offline/video games?

  1. To harm users

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  2. To give fun

  3. To have their passion

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  1. Aaron08

    Aaron08 Member

    Base of my own opinion and observation to myself for I also play online games, the possible benefits of playing games is to give fun to people, helps to forget problems and to practice one's discipline and determination on aiming their goals in game as well as in their lives.

    Why I say so? Because as a teenager and achiever student in class I can't prevent to have problems in life specifically in school or at home. However I didn't let myself to be stress so much because of the problems instead I play online games for me to give fun to myself and to somehow forget the problem that I am currently facing. Playing games requires a lot of attention and focus specialy if it is online game so that you will maintain or regularly consult and be on the game so that's why I somehow forget my problems.

    Online games also helps me to have discipline to myself and improves my determination because as an achiever in class I dicipline myself to play games for 1 hour online so that i can focus on my studies. I am determined to be a consistent achiever in our class.
  2. zoren

    zoren New Member

    It is a great source of learning
    Gaming is not only beneficial to adults and teenagers, but to children as well. Many modern education institutions incorporate video games as a teaching methodology. This helps these children improve their academic skills by providing video games that are specifically aimed at enhancing their cognitive and creative skills.
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  3. RedGlade

    RedGlade New Member

    Online games invariably suffer in the writing and player agency depeartmentwhen they're online, most mmorpgs just feel like glorified themeparks where you wade through the crowd of other chosen ones who are all told only they can save the world. Either that or they have no boundries and you end up with no plot and griefers ruining the servers.

    That said if your playing a plot light game such as a shoot'em up or beat'em up online is pretty decent at times because of the unpridictability of other human players.
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  4. Mister Abel

    Mister Abel New Member

    Also, all "story quests" just become the same quest requiring a different item or different enemy. When there is no variety to the story missions, you don't want to know any part of the story.

    As I've gotten older, I find I prefer single player offline games versus MMO. To compete in the MMO world, you have to give up so much of your time to it. Then when you have such little time to play to begin, it really becomes the ONLY game you play.

    I prefer variety and being able to commit 20-40 hours to a game, experience the story, then move on to the next. 10 years ago I was all about MMO's and online play. Now? Just give me a good story that will keep me entertained for about 20 hours and I'm happy.
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