What is the Real Purpose in Life?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by mcrolor, Mar 25, 2019.


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  1. mcrolor

    mcrolor New Member

    If we die, we die..You cant take your money in your Grave,but the Memories you share with the one you love is really matters.
  2. ziggyx

    ziggyx New Member

    Im not thinking of my aftermath when I die. My purpose of life is my children and I life for them every second even when Im sleeping Im thinking of them. You must take purpose when are you now on ground and when you living. All of us have problems,finance,marriage etc. But every problem have solution and you must be positive in every aspect of your life. I hope that I helped you with this what I have written to you.
  3. milehighgal

    milehighgal New Member

    I believe everyone has their own purpose in life, their own lessons to learn and their own obstacles to face. It is left to them to interpret what their purpose is and how they choose to achieve it. There is ultimately a higher power that determines our time in this life. When I think about my death i ask myself will I have made a difference or an impact while I was alive. So my sole purpose to living the best life I can is to make impacts in peoples lives like tiny footprints on their soul. I want to know my life held meaning and that those footprints will forever leave the pathway of where i have crossed others paths. To be missed, thought of and to know I was a positive force in others lives.
  4. Sindi25

    Sindi25 Member

    I don't think we have a real purpose. People have created this system for themselves so they don't panic and don't feel so meaningless. However, I do believe that while we're here we have to do the best for ourselves and for the other people. We have to give it a purpose. Immerse ourselves in our passions and make sure that what we're leaving behind is somewhat better than what we found.
  5. romilda

    romilda Member

    Is to help others specially those who are in need.

    RICHDADDY Member

    When we born we don’t have our name when we die only our name remain.

    Purpose of everyone in life is different, religious people think pleasing to God is great, for sportsman being top in particular sport is great, for businessmen earning money etc . Everyone in his life try to improve is current situation into his future opportunity by his hard work, excellence, talent. Life is to make his present good and future better

    Man always run behind the thing which is far from him, but never look or care the thing which he have the purpose of the life could be running behind the thing which he don’t know or never experience in past such as when we pass 10th class we eager to know about 11th, when someone is earning millions think about billions, when we fail we try for passing ultimate thing come from this work is satisfaction.

    Satisfaction of mind for living being is everything, it gives pleasures and make happy so purpose of life may be different for different.
  7. Aviecells

    Aviecells Member

    I am 34 years old now. To tell you honestly, until now I cannot figure out what my purpose really is in this lifetime. I cannot say that my life is a real joyride because it's just ordinary. I have experienced so many things, highs and lows, and not a single situation helped to realized what is the real purpose in life. I get easily anxious at some things, i feel like the universe sometimes do not like what my choices are. I feel like until now i'm still in this situation where I am still in search of my purpose in this Universe.
  8. RyokuMuzashi

    RyokuMuzashi New Member

    To live life to the fullest. We only have one life and we don't really know what will happen after that. So, might as well do the things that you love, challenge yourself, achieve your dream and the most important of all, have fun in the process. Be with your family, they also have limited time too. My father recently died while working for years on another country. He supported me until I finished my college. My biggest regret would be to atleast show him my graduation and to show him in person his grandson. He died before I graduate and he didn't see my son in person. I really hoped and believe that there will be a heaven. That someday, we will meet again and will tell him an awful lot of things that happened.
  9. luzclarizarc

    luzclarizarc New Member

    For me, the real purpose of life is having a legacy wherein you can inspire and help a lot of people. Making them happy and comfortable in a way where people would love and admire you as a person because after all, we're all humans who should help each other to find our real happiness.
  10. leidelacueva

    leidelacueva New Member

    In my opinion, the real purpose of our lives is to create our very own version of yourself. Everything around us that matter has a purpose because we either create it or we live with it. Once my professor told us that, "Living without a purpose is like living a meaningless life". That means it starts with us by creating or having the vision in life, and just like in our resumes that we wanted to stand out so that we can be accepted we have to make the objectives that keep us going to become the better version of ourselves.
    In life, we always push ourselves to continue the life we are living, to keep going, sometimes that we tend to be knockdown by life. These challenges and obstacles just made us stronger the more we stand up and continue to fight for it, but sometimes it's a matter of choice we make to whether stand up and keep going or to just stop. We all have this kind of spirit once we made our choices and decisions these are the stepping stones of how we create the very own version of ourselves. This is the purpose of our lives.
  11. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    It's to be all that we can be and do all that we can do. We were born with gifts and we should use these gifts to find our place in the world. That is the way we can live life to the fullest. Find what you are good at and develop it. That way, you can find your purpose.
  12. AkTel

    AkTel New Member

    I never had a purpose for a lot of my life. I didn't need nor want one. I don't feel uncomfortable by death. I just want to accomplish what I want to accomplish. I might not know what that is now, and I might never know, but then I will only know that I have failed. I want to be the best version of myself possible. As David Goggins once said, if their is a God judging me, and when I die, I go to Heaven, and I see everything I could have been: an awarded scientist, an ultra-marathon runner, a charitable man. I don't want to say "That's not me." Instead, I want God to keep writing on my notepad, saying "I didn't know he could do that, I had no clue!"
  13. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    It me Is there meaning? Am I being true to myself, to my life path and to my purpose? Is thelife I am living really the life I want
  14. hlabajosa1966

    hlabajosa1966 Member

    The purpose of life is to be creative, productive, useful and compassionate, make a difference and lived well.
  15. romilda

    romilda Member

    To help others specially those who are in need.
  16. bnnyjhnn

    bnnyjhnn Member

    The purpose of life is to experience everything i order for us to learn and to value every moment that come unto us, may it be good or not.
  17. Twinql

    Twinql New Member

    Life is about loving and learning. Everything we do, feel, or experience can be directly related to loving or learning, or the lack thereof. Any situation or feeling is in some way an extrapolation of one or the other, or a lack of or need for one or or the other. Loving and learning. That’s it.

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