What is the ultimate comfort food?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by sewintofabric, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. sewintofabric

    sewintofabric New Member

    What is the best comfort food? Any recipes?

    HEY-ITS-ME New Member

    The best comfort food has to be warm Krispy Kreme doughnuts and french vanilla ice cream. That's the only thing I buy when I'm feeling down or when my heart's been broken. A perfect combination of warm and cold to make your taste-buds tingles.:thumbsup:
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  3. kisseru

    kisseru Member

    I like simple things, a tub of ice cream and a cheesy chick flick makes me happy. I just love how soft, creamy, and cold ice cream is. The chick flick is just for me to pay attention to something else to block the guilt of eating a tub of ice cream.
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  4. ynrjmd

    ynrjmd New Member

    I agree 1000%!!! Ugh I would love some krispy kreme right about now, lol.
  5. gmw

    gmw New Member

    Chicken and Dumplings. Just typing it makes me hungry. It warms the tummy and the soul. Reminds me of childhood and mama's cooking.
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  6. Southern Guy

    Southern Guy New Member

    Nothing like mama's country cooking. Good for any circumstance, especially for those looking to experience a food induced coma! :sleeping:
  7. woodlandcottage

    woodlandcottage New Member

    Cheese fries. I make them at home with fresh cut potatoes and a sharp cheddar and swiss cheese sauce. It's the best bad mood to feel better treat there is. :)
  8. Sally2022

    Sally2022 New Member

    Fries with cheeze and bacon. It's just so mouth watering. The best dessert is blueberry cheese cake from cheeze cake factory.
  9. Amanda80

    Amanda80 New Member

    I never would have thought of Krispy Kreme doughnuts as comfort food - they do make me happy, though! For comfort food, I'm thinking chicken fried steak (we use venison) with mashed potatoes, gravy, and biscuits (homemade, of course). It's extra comforting when someone else does the cooking!
  10. BomJunior

    BomJunior Guest

    My ultimate comfort food is food from my own mother. I grew up eating her food and never get bored of her food. I would always eat American fast food but at the end of the day, I would always sit down and have a happy meal with my mother. As everyone says, home-made food is the best. Nothing beats home-made food.
  11. Joyful

    Joyful New Member

    Homemade macaroni and cheese is my idea of serious comfort food. I don't make it very often, because it takes awhile to put together and cook. I also really like homemade wheat bread that is cut warm with the butter melting in. Alas, I have a bread maker and still don't make it. I am so in to the short cuts, but really like the old fashioned tastes a lot better.
  12. drflen

    drflen New Member

    My comfort food is shrimp and grits. I'm a southern girl at heart and it's just something about crispy breaded shrimp and warm cheesy grits together that brings me to a happy place eveytime.
  13. Aristara

    Aristara New Member

    Lindt chocolate for me and a massive bag of cheese Doritos and salsa dip. But that's naughty so I'll stick to my Strawberry Nutri-grain bars. :(
  14. kevin228

    kevin228 New Member

    My comfort food is cereal. No idea why. I just like it and there are so many choices. And, there's so many ways to eat it; milk, soy milk, chocolate milk, with sugar, etc.
  15. cnhenigin

    cnhenigin New Member

    My husband laughs at me because my ultimate comfort food is not chocolate. That in itself is amazing because I love chocolate! If I am really down with the blues or stressed out, all I want is a good old-fashioned American hamburger and fries. Now, if I could only find a way to eat my ultimate comfort food without ingesting all the calories, too! :)
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  16. Muse22

    Muse22 New Member

    My absolute favorite comfort food would have to be Chinese take-out. We have an amazingly delicious place close by, that delivers. There's nothing like having a hot meal delivered right to your front door when you are feeling down. I love the diversity of their menus, sweet and salty and savory dishes for any craving. Oh man, now I am seriously wanting some now. :/
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  17. KathryntheGreat

    KathryntheGreat New Member

    I love a mug of hot tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich on a cold day. As a matter of fact, I think I will do that for lunch! The power of suggestion....:)
  18. Chellbu

    Chellbu New Member

    Mash potato, made with an obscene amount of butter, with a huge dollop of tomato ketchup on top.
  19. Jee Jee

    Jee Jee New Member

    French Fries with cold ketchup! I love fries, I even eat them cold!
  20. sweed

    sweed New Member

    My comfort food has always been apple pie. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water, yummy! Then add vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee and I am in heaven. Since I was a little girl and that was many years ago I have always loved homemade apple pie the way my mother made it. With a top and bottom crust, although, I do like it with a crunchy crumb crust as well, but prefer the latter. Very fattening, but good.
  21. atraptotheeast

    atraptotheeast New Member

    Macaroni and cheese with a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich (strawberry jelly or preserves, please) and a capri sun. When I was a kid, that's what my mom made for me after Sunday school, and it always brings me back to the warm feeling of being home and relaxing on the weekend.
  22. mom21awesomeboy

    mom21awesomeboy New Member

    My ultimate comfort food is potato soup. I love it anytime, especially in the winter. My recipe is very basic, but you simmer a chopped onion and a couple of chopped carrots in butter until tender. Cube, or roughly chop, several potatoes and add those to the carrots and onions. Cover with chicken broth and cook until potatoes are tender and broth is reduced. Mash or blend the potatoes/carrots/onions, add milk, salt, pepper and a couple of cups of shredded cheddar. Stir until heated through.
  23. homejob0526

    homejob0526 New Member

    For me, the best comfort food is anything and everything that my mother prepares. She cooks food so well that I wouldn't mind to die to eat her food once.
    I still haven't found out whether she really cooks that good, or the love that she showers on me while feeding makes the food taste that good.
    Whatever the reason may be, for me, my mother's food is the best food in this world and there is no other restaurant which can serve food tastier than what my mom serves.
  24. casscillac

    casscillac Member

    for me it's a nice salad with chicken on top and all the trimmings in it.
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  25. LKF

    LKF New Member

    To me, the greatest comfort food available is mashed potatoes. I absolutely adore them!
  26. rozeerox

    rozeerox New Member

    The best comfort food has got to be condensed milk without a doubt. If you don't want to eat it straight from the tin, you can cook with it. I would recommend some yummy choc-chip cookies, and then just pour in half the tin and when they're baked you'll be on cloud nine!
    Gosh, I fancy some just typing about it...
  27. Jen C.

    Jen C. New Member

    I have been on a low-carb diet for quite some time now. A comfort food for me would be cheating on my diet with a ton of carbs! I am not picky anymore! The one food I always missed was french fries from McDonald's. I believe that would be the ultimate comfort food for me.
  28. Shawn H

    Shawn H New Member

    My grandmothers chocolate chip pan cookies. She only made pan cookies, never the little round individual things. When I was a Marine stationed in Japan, my grandmother made a batch of chocolate chip pan cookies, wrapped them in plastic, wrapped that is aluminum foil, then packed them in a box and sent them to me in Japan. When I opened the box, and the wrapping, they were still soft and moist!!! She passed away the next week, so I have always remembered how great the cookies were at grandma's house, and since that was the last thing she shared with me, it always brings a smile to my face when I make them for my girls.
  29. Candyz

    Candyz New Member

    My greatest comfort food is pepperoni pizza. I can live the day without eating meals with rice.
  30. thefleet

    thefleet New Member

    My comfort food is fried rice and egg rolls from my favorite local chinese place. I used to go there with my mom and grandmother when they still lived here and I've known all of the staff since I was a kid.

    I just learned how to make fried rice and egg rolls at home though. My fried rice is pretty darned good, but it's not quite up to standard. My eggrolls definitely need some work though.

    Fried rice is surprisingly easy though. Here is how to make it:

    You will need a little bit of white onion, peas, carrots, an egg, cooked rice (of course!), soy sauce and oil to fry everything in. I usually buy a pea and carrot mix from the frozen section, it makes the process a lot easier. For oil I use regular vegatable oil and add some sesame oil for flavor, it's not neccesary, but I like how it tastes.

    First, I saute all of the ingredients except for the rice one at a time and set them aside. It's important to cook each ingredient seperately, it just tastes better that way. I usually scramble the egg last, it's less messy that way.

    Next, I put everything into a large fry pan, including the cooked rice this time and fry it until everything is nice and steamy. Add some soy sauce to taste and you have fried rice.

    Rice that is a few days old usually works better than fresh rice. It doesn't stick to everything as much and make your pans hard to clean, I think it tastes better too.

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