What is the ultimate comfort food?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by sewintofabric, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. amylou

    amylou New Member

    This would be different for everyone, so there's no real agreed upon "ultimate", but for me: chocolate, beignets, pizza, donuts, deep fried anything, candy bars, snack cakes, coffee cakes, cake cakes (lol), pies, etc. I could go on and on. The me-before-weight-loss is coming out and she's hungry now!! There are some comfort foods that I like that aren't that unhealthy though. Pretty much any dinner my mom cooks is great. I wish I had listened to her and learned how to cook when I lived at home. I don't have any recipes. Sorry!
  2. Rebecca Fenech

    Rebecca Fenech New Member

    A good piece of chocolate is my comfort food. It gives me energy when i am tired and makes me feel better when i am upset. The best part is leaving it melt in tour mouth. DELICIOUS!!!!
  3. Beatrice Field

    Beatrice Field New Member

    Okay, ultimate comfort feast would be a three courser with some corn chips with melted colby-jack cheese on top (microwave for about 20 seconds, or until cheesey goodness starts to bubble) and a glass of sweet tea, followed by a bowl of cereal (your favorite kind obviously!), and finished with a decadent, creamy ice cream! I love this, and on those late nights when I'm up watching forensic dramas, or vampy dramas this is heaven!
  4. Cariad9

    Cariad9 New Member

    Any comfort food has to have 2 crucial ingredients: 1) carbs in abundance 2) plenty of rich dairy products. My favourite is creamy mash potato with a thick layer of cheddar cheese, I could eat a plateful on it's own! However, if you want to go down the sweet route, then an éclair filled to bursting with thick double cream will do the job nicely!
  5. devianthype

    devianthype New Member

    My favorite comfort food is Japanese ramen. And I'm not referring to the dehydrated noodles you pour boiling water on to and stir for five minutes - I'm talking about real ramen, with broth that has been stewed for hours on hours, chewy noodles and pork that melts in your mouth. If you've never had this, it is one of the most delicious foods on the planet.

    My other comfort food is French fries, but it's not comfort food unless it's accompanied by ketchup.
  6. Oswin

    Oswin New Member

    Chocolate is my go-to food when I'm feeling blue. I heard it contains an ingredient that stimulates the happy hormones or endorphines in the body that's why it's a popular comfort food.

    Another comfort food is mac and cheese! The warmth of the cheese together with the softness of the macaroni just seems to melt away my sadness.
  7. MiaMariani

    MiaMariani New Member

    The best comfort food in the world would have to be bacon. Nothing beats the salty crunch of fresh-cooked bacon, especially when it is cooked on the stove rather than in the microwave. It is also really hard to screw up, so absolute failures at cooking, like me, can successfully fry it. The best bacon is definitely Wright Brand apple-wood smoked.
  8. Sage42

    Sage42 Member

    It's very easy to make homemade mac&cheese. Start with a Bechamel. Melt butter in a pan on low heat, add equal parts flour and mix well (no clumps of flour). Whisk in some milk until blended and warm, then add heaps of cheese. That's your sauce, and just pour it on the cooked elbow macaroni pasta.
    My favorite is a sharp cheddar and gorgonzola mix. Any kind of blue cheese will give the mac&cheese a major kick.
    I'm not a food snob, I love Kraft as well and eat it regularly, but mac&cheese from scratch is absolutely divine.
  9. Kyle Maschek

    Kyle Maschek New Member

    To me there is no better comfort food than a nice big pizza! I get my favorite which is a double cheese bacon and mushroom pizza which is absolutely delicious however very, very fattening.:mad:
  10. goobie

    goobie New Member

    My ultimate comfort food is ice cream. It puts me at ease and the icy coldness of it really sets a smile on my face.
  11. marques

    marques New Member

    My ultimate comfort food has always been chocolate. I remember when I was ten my mom sent me to the store for ice cream she said,” don’t get chocolate.” When I returned home in my bag was an ice cream named chocolate chocolate chip . The look on her face was priceless.
  12. NikkiP

    NikkiP New Member

    Pasta has always been my favorite comfort food. Any kind of pasta. I'm a vegan so I get Road's End Organic diary free mac and 'cheese'. I love it. I like to toss some broccoli in as well just to add some more flavor.

    Another comfort food I have is popcorn. If I'm having a bad day, I'll pop a movie in, make some popcorn and relax for the rest of the night.
  13. Liany Mode

    Liany Mode Guest

    The ultimate comfort food? Oh man...I don't know if I have one. I think it really depends on my mood. Sometimes it's mac 'n cheese...but then....Turkey Hill Double Dunker is also amazing.
  14. amseifer

    amseifer New Member

    My comfort food is my mom's homemade buttermilk chess pie-it's a Southern thing! I only let myself have it once a year, for my birthday because one slice has got to have at least 1000 calories. As for the recipe, I would love to be able to share the wonderfulness with the world, but I would probably be kicked out of my family. Southern Living, Paula Deen and Epicurious all have good, traditional recipes.
  15. goddessalyria

    goddessalyria New Member

    Nice hot salty popcorn with peanut m&m's tossed in so the chocolate melts in the shell.. oh my.
  16. creamyreemy

    creamyreemy New Member

    To choose only one embodiment of comfort food is unfair to the cornucopia of foods I would happily bury myself alongside. If I were absolutely coerced into picking one, however, I would have to say Cinnamon Toast Crunch and ice cold milk does the trick best. That first bite is just so... sinful.
  17. Stephanie Letassy

    Stephanie Letassy New Member

    Ultimate comfort food for me right now is more of a meal than one item. Whole chicken rubbed generously with sea salt and roasted, baked potato with sour cream, butter and chives. Then a big piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and a glass of ice cold whole milk.
  18. CaptainWoodzy

    CaptainWoodzy New Member

    My personal favorite comfort meal is a bagel with melted cheese, thin slices of seriously sharp cheddar cheese and Ritz crackers. Something about that combination puts me in a sleepy, dreamy mood and relaxes me more than any other meal can. Of course it's not that great for me, considering the calorie content of the cheese but oh well, comfort foods are rarely healthy.

    I'm also a huge fan of cheesecake in general, but I try to shy away from too much,as I'm trying to cut back on my sugar intake and lose a few pounds.
  19. Sweetdaddy

    Sweetdaddy New Member

    My favorite comfort food is a simple macaroni and cheese. Mix in some tuna and maybe even some curry powder and you have got yourself quite the satisfying meal!
  20. xadieacepona

    xadieacepona New Member

    My ultimate comfort food is bubble tea! For those of you who have no idea what bubble tea is, it is simply tea with tapioca pearls in it. It sounds extremely strange at first (and looks quite odd too, since you have little black pearls at the bottom of your cup), but after first try it is extremely addicting! There is such a wide variety of bubble tea, since you can use any kind of tea, with or without sugar, any type of milk you choose, hot or cold - the possibilities are endless! My personal favorite is jasmine green bubble tea with milk, sugar and blended with ice. Yum!
  21. xie18

    xie18 New Member

    A pint of Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Or a big bar of milk chocolate. Or both!
  22. LizTrull13

    LizTrull13 New Member

    I have so many different comfort foods! My all time favorite is homemade macaroni and cheese, but I also love cherry cheesecake and anything chocolate.
  23. jugheadi

    jugheadi New Member

    My favourite comfort food is pancakes. They are light and fluffy and they go well with almost anything. I personally like it with some chopped fruit and maple syrup. If I feel really indulgent, then I might even put chocolate chips or chocolate syrup on them. Unfortunately, I don't know the recipe as I am nothing of a cook compared to my mother.
  24. Nyanchan

    Nyanchan New Member

    I almost feel like cheating when I say this on a health forum, but spicy kimchi instant noodles. I almost always crave salty foods instead of sweet foods, and instant noodles always hit the spot. It's easy and fast to cook, and has a perfect blend of salty and spice. Sometimes, I would even get packaged instant noodles, crunch it up, sprinkle on the seasoning, and then eat it like that. Both are absolutely delicious, but definitely something I would do only if I really needed comfort!
  25. Xara Dupree Tan

    Xara Dupree Tan New Member

    The ultimate comfort food depends on each person but for me its a healthy fresh mixed vegetable stir-fry and a side of fresh fruit. Delicious and healthy.
  26. LocoVa

    LocoVa New Member

    I have never had a specific "comfort food" per say, but that it because I am a food lover. I will eat almost anything, and there are few things I haven't tried yet (not including things like shark-fin soup which I could never bare to even look at). Something that always satisfies me though? Lasagne, hands down. There is nothing better than a big hearty chunk of home made lasagne with ground beef, sausage, diced tomatoes, Mozzarella and cottage cheese on every layer, all seasoned with salt, freshly ground pepper, oregano, chives, parsley and paprika.:)
  27. LocoVa

    LocoVa New Member

    I have never had a specific "comfort food" per say, because i am a lover of food and will eat basically anything. I cannot deny, however, that the most satisfying food in the world in a big chunk of freshly baked lasagne. It's as easy as ground beef, sausage, diced tomatoes (or a jar of Classico pasta sauce, your choice), and a mix of mozzarella, cottage and parmesan cheese, seasoned with salt, freshly ground black pepper, oregano, chives, parsley and paprika (all seasoning should be cooked with the meat). Bake that and put it together with three layers (meat, cheese, pasta, repeat) and you have happiness in a casserole dish. Let's face it, Garfield was right.
  28. Mayvin

    Mayvin New Member

    There are so many comfort foods that it can be difficult to choose just one! It depends on what your personal tastes are but for me I love Pizza. For a while after I became a vegetarian I was a bit bummed that I couldn't have pizza anymore. I had no business eating cheese anyway since I am lactose intolerant but I still ate it but just walked around with a bloated stomach, I always looked four months pregnant lol. Even the vegetarian cheese has traces of dairy in it, but then I discovered that pizza tastes just as good without cheese! I was so happy. For me pizza is my ultimate comfort food.
  29. Briana

    Briana New Member

    I would have to say my favorite comfort food is pizza! I am in love with this food. I could eat it all day everyday. I especially love it when it's raining outside, with my special someone, and a great movie :love:
  30. Tomorrowortoday

    Tomorrowortoday New Member

    I love having Dark Chocolate. Tastes awesome and really good for the body!

    Also, its one of those foods you don't have to regret eating since it is so healthy for you, packed with a lot of antioxidants, no sugar spikes meaning no mood swings. One of the foods i love! I also like to have Steamed Broccoli. Now i am really into healthy eating so this might not be your thing, but if i really want to feel comfortable i have to feel that the food i am eating is giving me clean energy so dark chocolate does fine for me.

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