What is writing to you?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Keibah, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Keibah

    Keibah New Member

    For me, writing is an art, a theory, a movement, a wind, a ship that takes you to places unimaginable. With a pen you paddle through the tides, you travel along, switching at will through different realms. You discover and dwell in places you never ever knew existed and perhaps there are places yet unknown that writing will definitely take us to.

    Writing makes me feel powerful, it gives me the will to control everything - a god that inks life into her creation.
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  2. joyangfred

    joyangfred New Member

    Writing to me is like my diary, I'm free to write everything I want and express my emotions. It's like a friend when nobody listens to you, it does. I can release my stress and sleep comfortably.
    Writing gives me a chance to express who I am.
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  3. redjewel

    redjewel New Member

    Writing is like a stress reliever to me. This is where i can express my thoughts and feelings. It makes me feel at ease whenever i am writing, and it is also like a companion whenever i feel like no one wants to listen to my story.
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  4. Jene

    Jene New Member

    Writing for me is my best buddy:). Why best buddy? It's because I can express any feelings i want in here, in writing. Since High School days, i used to write stories, my fantasies about my crushes, my fantasy about the dreams that i wanted but i know deep inside it's unreachable. I'm the type of a person which is shy type and just be quite at the corner in our classroom. During those days, one of classmates love to write stories and she let me reads it and i used to edit it when there's wrong on it. That's the time when i started to have an interest in writing. I started to write stories, i even had 15 notebooks of my different stories way back in high school but i don't know where are they now haha.

    Anyways, I love writing because sometimes when i feel sad and I don't want my family knows that I'm having a problem, I just write it all in my notebook. It's because I don't want them to worry because I know they have their own problems too and I don't want to add up at that. So that's what the writing for me is...my companion, my best buddy. :):thumbsup:
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  5. Soo

    Soo New Member

    Writing for me is putting into words the things that I would like to express. Writing requires a person to be true to one's self.
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  6. Cecille Eve

    Cecille Eve New Member

    In my own experience, writing is my way of expressing things/thoughts that I want to say that I can't say out loud. It makes me more relieve when those words are already out of my system. It makes me feel at ease when I have no one to talk to. Writing feels like you're talking/sharing to someone who is willing to listen just to lessen the burden you are having inside you.

    Writing is everything to me. It could also make me feel like I'm part of something that I'm not. I could create my own world. A world that is more accomodating, acceptance is for everybody and freedom is available for all.
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  7. Mix.xy

    Mix.xy New Member

    I'm my personal opinion , Writing is expressing what you believe or how you feel about certain topics.
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  8. andeng

    andeng New Member

    Writing is my life. It is a diversion from the cruel real world. It allows me to see beyond my eyes, to appreciate my surroundings and to use all my senses. It makes me feel the love, to live with my fear, wipe away my sorrows and giggle with amusement.

    Writing also brings me to a new world - a world where I can do anything and no one will question me about it. It also allows me to meet new people who I will never truly meet and will able to probe inside their minds and souls. I can have my imagination friends through writing. I can have a secret world with full of fantasies that will never exist in my true world. In short, I can be a part of what doesn't always exist and can make whatever I want just through written words.

    Writing also makes me learn more about myself. It gives me a freedom to explore my secret desire, my hidden personalities and my talents.
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  9. shaoshao1083

    shaoshao1083 New Member

    Writing to me is expressing my thoughts, emotions, and goals. It allows me to pour out my emotions with out limits. I can say whatever I want and express my thoughts with out judgment. It helps me visualize my goals.
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  10. Alvin Carillo

    Alvin Carillo New Member

    Writing for me is transforming very deep thoughts into words and definitely making it more meaningful. It’s an art that anyone is capable of, one is enabled and empowered writer because we are all entitled to express the feeling from our deep within. Any forms of writing we does symbolizes a great masterpiece that we manifest, single word or phrase would mean a lot especially when it has been stroked by our own hearts. Sometimes we can also see that writing is a form of escape, we escape from who we really are and be a different version of ourselves. Isn’t it amazing seeing yourself from a different perspective through writing? That’s just wow for me. I got the chance to write literary pieces and articles in our school paper during my secondary education, I admit that it wasn’t easy at first since I’m still learning the basics of building letters into words, words into phrase, and phrase into an eloquent piece. Writing extends my innermost thoughts into words that could either heal or kill. In writing, courage comes. Words of truth tend to be conveyed in writing. It gives me the courage to discuss even the most sensitive subjects. Writing describes, narrates, questions, elaborates, entertains, expresses, commands and most likely, it informs. Each written piece has certain messages wished to be sent. Through each statement, emotions pour out. It has a way of influencing the readers' hearts. It reflects my personality and all that's within me. Perhaps, writing is an art of sincerity.Writing is telling a story, not just by what the masterpiece is saying but most importantly by how it was written, the story behind every stroke. Keep writing! :)
  11. Crisjohn

    Crisjohn New Member

    For me writing is about to inspire the readers with your magical words. It gives you the freedom to express your feelings and emotions.I write what I feel inside.I write those hurtful feelings that I can't express towards someone.Writing gives me the idea and thoughts what life is about.
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  12. Baron de Binary

    Baron de Binary New Member

    Writing is a beautiful gift. It is many things to me in many ways. I see writing for what it is: a means of expression of my humanity. It is the expression of my emotions, thought, desires, will, intellect, fantasies, goals, visions and lots more. I started a couple of novels pretty early in my life. Interestingly, lots of intrigue, affairs and adventure littered the plots of those novels.

    I experienced lots of insecurity which stemmed from being teased or rebuked because of my poor grades in certain subjects in primary school, my looks and my poor social skills. I took solace in writing in my diaries and when I discovered my elder brother was nosing around, I developed my own alphabets which I used in writing notes in my diaries thereby keeping them safe from prying eyes.

    Writing is also a means of discovering more about myself. I am still exploring myself and it is just as exciting discovering new things I am capable of, as it is discovering an exotic new island. In addition to that, it helps me to exercise my power of imagination and in discovering the precincts of my creativity. I could go on and on!
  13. Dchiri

    Dchiri New Member

    Writing is an outlet. It's the deepest possible form of expression. It's a ventilation system, for all the toxic waste that dwells inside one's mind, desperately trying to find a crack to escape. It's the window you need when you're in a burning building and you feel like you're suffocating. It's sometimes the only way to speak to yourself, and make sure you listen.
    It's therapy.
  14. Stardust777

    Stardust777 New Member

    For me, writing is a way to express the connection between a soul and the world it occupies. It doesn't matter whether it's romance, comedy, drama, horror, or fairy tale - writing is a secret, mysterious language that, at its best, transcends mere words and flows into the unexplored spaces between thoughts. When it's done right, it coaxes emotions from the heart that you didn't know you could feel...didn't even know existed...never imagined lay buried beneath the "you" you present to the world.

    In short, writing is magic.
  15. Benedict Tabernilla

    Benedict Tabernilla New Member

    Writing is expressing what you feel and giving your opinion to a certain topic. It gives you the freedom to play words and make use of your knowledge. it is not necessary to consider what others will think of your work but it matters in what they will feel. All of us can be writers regardless of the age, gender or even your principles in life, the important thing is you've got the guts to write.
  16. analynmahinay

    analynmahinay New Member

    For me writing is a healthy hobby for you have all the power to do what you want to be. You can also write about education and educate people about what you knew. No matter you want to write about the most important thing is you can gave the reader the satisfaction. Writing is where you let you imagination venture and let it within your stories. Writing is not an easy task you have to be creative and have fashion for writing.
  17. Shirley Raza

    Shirley Raza New Member

    For me, writing is the art of expressing one's thoughts, feeling and emotions through sets of symbols that represent the sounds of speech. It is a form of communication that allows everyone to put their feelings and ideas on paper, organize their knowledge and beliefs into convincing arguments and to convey meaning through well constructed text. I can say that written expression can be as vivid as a work of art because it is really the product of one's creative mind.
  18. Johndaryl16

    Johndaryl16 New Member

    Writing for me is an achievement specially when I wrote an extraordinary creation that my readers recognized my work. It made me happy that through my thoughts, imagination, and inspiration I can make a wonderful article which made my readers enjoy it too to read. Thus, writing is not a leisure nor a job it is a way by the writers to express what he/she feels, think, and imagine that made the reader wearing a smile after reading our creation as a scribe.
  19. trustme

    trustme New Member

    Writing is my way to communicate my thoughts and opinions vividly. I am not a good speaker as I sometimes lost words when I speak and I have sharp mouth especially when I am angry that can deeply hurt one's feelings. I can explain thoroughly my views and convey useful information in an organized structure. Writing is my therapy to release negative feelings and appreciate all the things around me. Also, it challenges me to sharpen my vocabulary as I look for other words that can replace a usual term. Writing is a way of life.
  20. John Aguila

    John Aguila New Member

    For me handwriting is expresing your self by the use of ballpen or pencil and paper to express your thought or create an story of your everyday life like an diary an diary is simple the thing you done that day that you actually tell the story what happen that day and every day till the yesr end and bring back the memory thaht you miss
  21. yham2001

    yham2001 New Member

    Writing for me is my simple way of sharing my feelings,skills, ideas, opinions and thoughts to others. I like to write a poems, slogan and also short stories according to my knowledge. For me writing is important part of communication as a silent language. In school Im a shy person but I participated in class but much doing great in writing just like to have my voice to be heard. I have noticed that many teens are good in writing than in oral participation in the class. Suitors also prefer to write love letters than to say his feelings in person , right. Writing for me can also enhance my writing skills. Although Im not saying that Im expert in writing I just have the eagerness to learn more.
  22. Indra Otsutsuki

    Indra Otsutsuki New Member

    Writing is an art of making myself to imagine to think and to get along with my creative mind, :) because when I write I tend to think a lot of things that I never thought and expressed in myself and towards other, It already became my habbit anywhere at anytime, that is why I always bring a note and a pen beside me to conduct notes about something, just like a journal yet full of informations of what happened to that certain day.
  23. moore0026

    moore0026 New Member

    For me writing is something that is innate to us. We write not because it is necessary but because we feel like doing it. It is our way of expressing our thoughts and and ideas. If you like someone and you wanted to court her but you do not have the guts tell it to her face to face then writing a letter for her is a great alternative solution. If you have a problem and you can not share or tell it to anyone just write it down in your notebook and you will feel okay.

    So basically, writing is part of our life.
  24. Gimpoo

    Gimpoo New Member

    Writing used to be mainly an outlet for me. I used it as a way to express emotions that I wasn't able to speak about. Sometimes we write to put ourselves on paper, and other times we write to share ideas. Overall though, writing is a strong form of self expression. I think anyone who writes a novel ends up putting a little bit of themselves into the characters and the story. Every time we write something, even a non-fictional essay, we can't help but reveal a bit of ourselves.
  25. evetrinidad

    evetrinidad New Member

    Writing to me is sharing myself - my feelings, thoughts and experiences. This is a medium by which I can speak my mind freely. It is my way of putting down on paper what I feel, think and what should be. I often find myself reacting to posts on FB and anywhere else. When I come across something like "Women" I react to it. I am simply saying that I love to write about my thoughts on every single thing. Everything that we write, we are telling people who we are, what we think about that certain topic and what we believe it should be. We reveal a part of ourselves when we write about anything. It is sharing yourself to your readers.
  26. Hafsa Rahman

    Hafsa Rahman New Member

    Writing is a passion,its that golden thing which is filled by feelings,thougts,affairs,Experiences and so on.
    Its the Most rich thing as it contains bulk of knowledge,
    I put myself on paper as putting my words on it.To Me writing is to express the basic thoughts of your brain to the readers and try to guide them with your positivity,and also to remove the cover of negativity from the eyes of the readers.
  27. Blaire

    Blaire New Member

    In my day to day life, my mind feels so cluttered most of the time. I find it difficult to focus on specific tasks without finding myself distracted by errant thoughts. Whenever my mind feels too cluttered with irrelevant thoughts, I write these thoughts down. Just the act of getting them on paper (or on a Word document) makes it easier for me to let these distracting thoughts go and allows me to focus on the present. In a way, writing is like therapy for me. It not only allows me to clear my thoughts, but allows me to express myself more coherently than I do when I speak. Writing is such a vital form of communication for me. Since I'm rather shy in person, writing allows me to express myself freely in a way that I cannot when speaking.

    In short, writing is everything to me.
  28. Salynde

    Salynde New Member

    Writing for me is a way to express my thoughts, emotions and so many other things that runs over my mind. It gives me a freedom to share my beliefs and opinions with other people.
  29. John El Psy Congro

    John El Psy Congro New Member

    I'm the type of guy who barely speak. Writing for me is really important since it has been much easier for me to express my thoughts and my emotions as well. It also allows me to think before I express an opinion which is one of the benefits of writing. I'm being more responsible and more cautious of my words and thoughts because I get to review all the things I said before engaging with conversations. For me, writing helps me create a world where I can be anyone and become so free. It helps me express all the dreams I wanted to share to everyone. It also helps me forget all the pains I had and transform it into an art. Writing is a really nice tool for us humans to use everyday.
  30. Ally Way

    Ally Way New Member

    So many talented writers here! ;) For me, writing is basically how I fill voids to be honest. But isn't that how everyone feels when they are moved to write? I write to procreate without tearing. My imaginative world is controlled and comforting. Two things I have trouble getting in touch with because of anxiety. Writing is a voice. It can be a reason, or a shouting fool. It can establish your status and demolish it too. It's yet another choice to make people happy.

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