What is your all-time favorite video game?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by KadenZipfel, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. KadenZipfel

    KadenZipfel Member

    Which game do you enjoy playing the most? Why do you like it so much? What's so special about it?
  2. Federico

    Federico New Member

    Most definitely Bioshock. Ken Levine and Irrational Games (then 2k Boston) created an unparalleled narrative experience, which was accompanied by the fantastic setting that Rapture is. It was one of the first video game locations that I felt was completely cohesive and realistic. Pair this up with the varied, diverse gameplay and shooting mechanics, and the mind-blowing plot twist that made me actually change the way I look at games forever, and you got a legendary experience.
  3. FreeFromJargon

    FreeFromJargon New Member

    Man oh man that's a tough one. I'd have to say Team Fortress 2 on steam though. I was absolutely addicted to that game a couple of months ago. It's really popular because not only is there a humongous community with lots of new content being added weekly, but it also has a trading platform that allows players to trade items and generate wealth. All in all, it's addictive and it's one of the best designed games ever made.
  4. RayF48

    RayF48 New Member

    I love first person shooters, and currently am running Black Ops II on my Xbox 360, but I never play the game on the disc. Instead I go online and play against actual human players. I don't really do too good, because I get killed a lot, but I love the action. Sometimes on a good day, I do better, killing the enemy more than they kill me but that doesn't happen too often.

    But who cares? I just love playing against real people.
  5. Alex Stone

    Alex Stone New Member

    Zelda: A Link to the Past is my favorite video game of all time. Playing it well before the days of the internet's eventual rise into ubiquitousness, if you were stuck and didn't know where to go forward, you were legitimately stuck. Thus, Zelda drove me up the wall with frustration and confusion, but progress and success with that game filled my 8 year old heart with untold satisfaction. I absolutely love how much story and intrigue they can squeeze out of such a limited amount of memory space. The game was the first real 'adventure' type game I ever played, in the tradition that modern video games have become, where everything within the environment can be manipulated very easily. In Zelda you didn't just scroll left to right destroying things, you moved around when and where you wanted to with only slight proverbial nudges from run-ins with people, reading signs or being disallowed passage because of various geographical features.
  6. Sunnyshine

    Sunnyshine New Member

    This is a tough one. I'd say mine is a tie between Pokemon and perhaps the Portal series. Both are very unique in their own way, and truly stand out from the rest of the games; Pokemon's gameplay is awesome, and the customization in how you play the game is almost endless. I love Portal's gameplay as well, and its story - both are just so utterly unique, and it makes it a wonderful game to play over and over again.
  7. Soku47

    Soku47 New Member

    So after pondering the question for quite some time, I would have to say that Goldeneye: 007 for the Nintendo 64 game system is my all-time favorite. It was a revolutionary game back when it was released in 1997 and was the source of much of my happiness when I was but a mere child. Indeed, one might even say it's better then many current videogames. So why do I love so much?

    It's quite easy for a new player (even one that is compeletely new to first person shooters) to pick up and start completing missions. Three difficulty levels, ranging from Agent to 00 Agent, are included to play in one of the game's 20 rather lengthy levels. However, I especially enjoyed the game's large variety of weapons, ranging from laser rifles to tank cannons! Goldeneye's AI behavior was also noteworthy. In one memorable situation, you enter a room with two guards. One has his back turned while the other is facing you. The latter notices you and makes a run for a nearby alarm switch while the other is still unware of your presence. If you take out the guard attempting to activate the alarm, then the one with his back turned will quickly spin around and attack you. If you instead try to neutralize the guard with his back turned first, then the alarm will be raised. What to do?

    It's situations like these and many others, that make Goldeneye: 007 at the top of my list.
  8. Firehazard

    Firehazard New Member

    Pokemon Red. It was my first significant birthday present from my dad and my first game I ever completed. It set the foundations for the type of games I play today. The RPG elements in being able to choose your own set of Pokemon and the chiptune music which gets stuck in my head every other day. My most vivid video game memories also come from this game; being knocked by Giovanni over and over until I finally beat him on what must of been my millionth time and beating the Elite Four and becoming the Champion? Absolute bliss.
  9. RickDeckard

    RickDeckard New Member

    My favorite games have all invariably been successful at a few specific things: story, gameplay, graphics, and music. When all four of those come together, they create something truly special! I've played numerous games throughout my lifetime ranging from the early NES days all the way up to the present systems. One game, however, stands out above all others in my estimation. That game is Silent Hill 2.

    Silent Hill 2 gets it all right. The storyline is easily up to par with anything I've seen portrayed in film, and in fact surpasses that medium in several places! Gameplay wise, it is a whole lot of fun to go exploring in the town that the game designers created. Although already over ten years old, the graphics are nothing short of breathtaking and perfectly capture the spooky environment the story needed to tell its tale. Finally, the soundtrack in the game isn't just good - it's phenomenal! I rate it as not only one of my favorite soundtracks, but as one of my favorite pieces of music period. It's that good.

    It's rare that a work of art comes together perfectly on that many levels, but this game is certainly an example of that rarity. Silent Hill 2 is a brilliant masterpiece that deserves to be played by everyone for years to come.
  10. Zoelings

    Zoelings New Member

    My all time favourite game would probably be GTA: San Andreas. What attracted me to this game was the fact that being a girl gamer in my little neck of planet, I'd never consider myself ever becoming a gangsta, and if I was to start, I might as well do it virtually.

    The massive area that this game is played in meant you had tons of side missions to do and new areas to explore when you weren't in the mood of following the main storyline. It also had a great soundtrack.

    This was just an enjoyable game to play. I'd definitely take playing this on Playstation over PC.
  11. KuiRay

    KuiRay New Member

    The Kingdom Hearts series is by far my favorite. I preach this to any gamer I know and I make it known how much I love the series. Everything from the engaging story, the inclusion of tons of Disney characters and their interactions with Sora and his crew, to Utada Hikaru and the songs she writes for the games. I've never been so engulfed in a fantasy world with fictional characters before, but Kingdom Hearts is such a well-done franchise I can't even fathom it being fictional sometimes.
  12. keskt

    keskt New Member

    That's a tough one. I primarily game on my PS3 (and PS2 before that) as I've been a Mac user for awhile now. Some of my favorite games are: Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Red Dead Redemption, Heavy Rain, and Dragon Age. I have also played World of Warcraft for 5 years so I guess that has to be included as well! I recently finished The Last of Us and it's absolutely phenomenal- highly recommend to anyone with a PS3.
  13. anonymousthing

    anonymousthing New Member

    I'd have to say it's a tie between Pokemon Ruby and Diamond. Both storylines were really good, but I felt Ruby was more addicting than Diamond - although Diamond's new graphics style was good, I felt that the new pokemon were a bit stretched in design, going from animals to balloons!? (although I don't really blame them, 3 generations of pokemon is quite a lot to design).
  14. Trent Berlinger

    Trent Berlinger New Member

    My favorite video game of all-time is, by far, Final Fantasy IX. It was the second game in the Final Fantasy franchise that I played, and the first I played all the way through to the end.

    Why do I love it so much? It's a good question. I was just charmed by everything about the game. The beautiful CG scenes, the development of all of the characters, the battle system, etc. I especially liked the fact that they incorporated summoned-beasts (Summons) into the main story. I just get charmed by the entire experience.

    I bought the game again when it was re-released on the PlayStation Network (PSN), and boot it up every so often on my PS3 or PS Vita to have a fun run with it.
  15. Zen

    Zen New Member

    Half Life 2 without a doubt. The game-play is brilliant, graphics are amazing and the story is great.
    There are lots of other details which make this game awesome and I'd spend the whole day listing them if I did.
    I am sure the people who played the game understand why it's so great.
  16. Danson

    Danson New Member

    My favorite game is Mass Effect 2. The whole trilogy is wonderful, but Mass Effect 2 really resonates well with me. There are other games I've spent far more time on, like Guild Wars and Star Wars Galaxies, but I can't say either of those are my favorite since they're now old (and one is gone).
  17. therafaa

    therafaa New Member

    My favorite game of all-time has got to be Test Drive Unlimited 2. Just because of the shear amount of things you can do in that game. I played the first one and I personally did not enjoy it very much, but the second was a huge step forward and I just loved it. I love driving games but most driving games do not allow you to do things such as buy a house, or go into car shops (which I loved doing).
  18. keskt

    keskt New Member

    This is a tough one- my favorite is probably Fallout 3. I also love Fallout New Vegas, Heavy Rain, Dragon Age Origins and Red Dead Redemption.
  19. Neutrino

    Neutrino New Member

    My personal favorite game is Witcher 2. In this video game you are Geralt of Rivera, the main character, that in the beginning is experiencing amnesia, but quickly finds out that he isn't just another ordinary man, but a Witcher with phenomenal powers.

    Witcher 2 is a video game dedicated primarily to grown ups because, first of all, it utilizes a very colorful language, mature romantic relationships and physical violence, and secondly because the story line demands special attention and maturity. I enjoyed this particular game simply because nowadays there are very few RPGs available on the market in which initial choices impact so much the development of the story. As the main character progresses and gains experience you will need to acquire key abilities, choose a specialization branch and learn sophisticated and effective assault and protection combos.

    The Witcher 2 is a challenging and complex game, funny and incredibly clever, having an original story where legends, politics and romance intertwine flawlessly.

    I can't wait for Witcher 3 to come out next year, from the screenshots and trailer it looks amazing... hip hip hooray!
  20. Juniy

    Juniy New Member

    My favorite would be Slender: The Arrival (PC) and The Last of Us (PS3). Both have an amazing storyline and it's fun to play for long periods of time.
  21. Izagar

    Izagar New Member

    Well, not counting Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword because it's new-ish, I would have to say my all time favorite has to be Super Mario Bros. 3. When I was younger, I got Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Gameboy Advance and remembered why I loved the game so much as a young child. The game has so many levels, new power-ups, had music that was really catchy. I mean, I can whistle a few songs from the game, for gosh sakes. XP

    So yeah, I would consider Super Mario Bros. 3 as my favorite game.
  22. rivalleheichou

    rivalleheichou New Member

    It's warcraft3 for me after all since i'm playing this game everyday. The special part about this game is the online multiplayergame system and the game itself is very interesting. They have a lot of maps and each map has their own unique campaign. Not to mention you can make your own map with your own system but the hard part will be the character design and skill programming. The map i'm currently playing is Dota, most likely one game will take around 1 hour but this will depend on how the players play it. I'm already an expert in this game so if you have any interest and question about this game then you can ask me about it. Just email me (rivalleheichou@yahoo.co.id) and i will reply you when i have some free time.
    PS: strategy is very important in this game.
  23. jay926

    jay926 New Member

    This is really difficult. If I had to pick one, It would be World of Warcraft. I've played it for over 8 years and I've gotten so much enjoyment out of it. I've also met some amazing people, including my significant other, while playing! It's the game I keep going back to over and over, and there is always something to do no matter how much I've already accomplished.
  24. robotx

    robotx New Member

    I am a huge Earthbound fan. I love it's quirky humor and storyline and different take on the RPG genre. I had waited for about 13 years for it's sequel to be released, but Nintendo of America didn't see fit to bring it to the United States. It was released in Japanese as Mother 3, and was played on the Gameboy Advance. Luckily, a team of translators hacked the game's rom and made it available in English. That was a task that took years but was well worth the wait.
  25. racchamanishi

    racchamanishi New Member

    God of War 2 is my all time favorite game. Next to them are, Mass Effect 2, Tomb Raider, Tekken 5.
  26. charmingtortoise

    charmingtortoise New Member

    I love the Sims 3. I have a lot of the additional expansion packs and those seem to renew the game. For me, it's kind of novel to create a character and have them be just a complete slob that doesn't go to work like they are supposed to. I'm a very responsible person so it's kind of a kick to get to live out my fantasy of being a complete jerk. I know this type of game isn't everyone's gig but I enjoy it a great deal.
  27. KRec

    KRec New Member

    I am going to have to say Minecraft on this one. although maybe not the most action packed or story driven game I simply love the range of things you can do in it. I have been playing for years now and there seems to always be new projects, designs or servers I want to try. With all the variations of servers and game types and all the mods like Feed the Beast and Tekkit I still haven't run out of things to do. I am getting to the point lately where I want to learn more about programming mods and how I could build my own server and game type. Definitely been my staple game for a few years now.
  28. lillyt

    lillyt New Member

    My favorite all time game is the Mario Party series. I love the variety of characters and activities that you are able to do. Simply put, it is colorful, exciting and a lot of fun to play alone or with company.
  29. th3darkmarket

    th3darkmarket New Member

    My all time favorite game, which I can always go back to, would have to be Counter Strike 1.6. Sure the community is shrinking everyday but sometimes some guys just discovering a great and cheap title show up to fill the gaps. I've always been a competitive game junky and this usually quenches my thirst for competition.
  30. krobulus

    krobulus New Member

    All time favorite game has to be The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64. This is back when games use to be challenging and you had to go and explorer the game to find out what to do next. Ive spent so much time on the game and if you've played it, you'll know how frustrating the Water Temple was.

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