What is your dream job?

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  1. ZombiiHyena

    ZombiiHyena New Member

    I wholeheartedly wish to be a voice actress for cartoons and games. Both have been huge forms of media for me since I could hold a controller. Acting is my passion, and giving a quirky show character a voice is indeed a form of acting. And you can definitely make a living out of it if you have the talent. take Tara Strong for instance. She is Timmy Turner on Fairly Odd Parents, Bubbles in Powerpuff Girls, Ariel's daughter in The Little Mermaid 2, Ben 10, Raven from Teen Titans (both the original show and TT Go!), Harley Quinn in the newer Batman game, and so, SO many more! It would be amazing to be able to go to conventions and sign autographs, hearing about how much people enjoy the characters I voice.
  2. jack18

    jack18 Member

    my dream job i would be a millionare someday and i will help for many people need my help child especially have sick people i can help its my dream come godbless..
  3. Tina85

    Tina85 Guest

    My dream job would be a photographer that travels around the world that takes pictures of plants, animals, ocean, the sky, stars, nature, the earth.
  4. joybitzee

    joybitzee New Member

    My dream job? Maybe, working at home while taking good care of my family at the same time and that is what I am doing right now. I am working online while I also have time with my kids. I got my job last year as a Site Supervisor Engineer in a Construction Firm. YES! I get paid well, buy things that I want and provide the needs of my family. But after landing to this job, I was not happy. I don't have enough time to bond with my friends & family anymore. My everyday routine was work-sleep-work-sleep. Everytime I get home from work, I always don't have time to talk with my kids and partner anymore. So, this is my dream job. Working online while I am with my family at home.
  5. roylynv02

    roylynv02 New Member

    my dream job is to be a lawyer. I know it is a tough job. it's like an impossible dream for me but i dont know its like im having a very little tiny thing here in my heart that really choose to be a lawyer
  6. Jenyagrant

    Jenyagrant New Member

    Hello to all!

    My dream job is helping people by developing them, helping them to achieve their goals, and create organization that will continuously succeed in business pulled by those people.

    Thank you!
  7. SGreed

    SGreed New Member

    The truth is that I have always had only one job, and I like it very much and it is vocational, the truth is that I don't believe that any other job I could do, I do it better than this, education is my authentic vocation, whether in music, as so far or working as a teacher of language and literature, which is my dream unrealized, that I would like to try, but in an educational center, and of course, in the university, or somehow for university students. I like children, but the truth is that I identify more with young people and teenagers, that although difficult I usually get along very well with them.
  8. utfull

    utfull New Member

    This question was way more easier when I was a kid, as I only had to imagine what I wanted to be and I knew it in my heart that I would definitely be that someday, I wanted to be a pilot so while playing with toy plans I was already enjoying my dream job.

    Then I got young I start thinking about several things I could be, the wide horizon I had. I tried this, I tried that, I tried everything thinking hey ! this could be my dream career. I may not have found my dream career but at least I had some dreams.

    Now I am old, there are only a few things I can pursue my career in and none of them is my dream career, Somedays I still wish to be a pilot and then I just smile sitting at my office chair.
  9. PixieGirl

    PixieGirl New Member

    My dream job has changed. When I was young my dream job was to be a therapist. I worked hard and achieved this. I loved helping people but I am a big introvert. One on one or small groups was perfect for me. I was passionate. After I had 2 kids, this dream changed. My dream job is to earn a paycheck at home and not in sells. I want to be home for my daughters and be able to go on vacation with my family without having to build up time at a job. My dream job is being with my family. I am sure this will change once my girls graduate from high school. I have found throughout my life that dream jobs change.
  10. nhileman84

    nhileman84 New Member

    My dream job would be to work with troubled young adults as there counseler/therapist. My father always told me "if you find something you like to do then you will never work a day in your life" I love helping people I believe that you get back in life what you put in.
  11. EmmaRose456

    EmmaRose456 New Member

    I want to be a diplomat. You get to travel and also do something meaningful. But I think it will be hard work and very competitive.
  12. Dave_H

    Dave_H New Member

    My absolute dream job would be running my own comic book publishing company.
  13. genevievedc

    genevievedc New Member

    "Dream Job"
    Everyone wants to have this.Why? because if there's one thing that you will be happy to do while earning, it is your dream job. So what is my dream job?

    When I was just a student, I want to be in a corporate world that involves anything about food. I want to be on the top of it because if there's something in this world that will never change, it is the fact that people need food to live. So I just think why would I want to be in a field that goes out of style while I can be the on their list of needs.

    But then, I graduated and had my first job. Yes, I was on the food industry but not on the top of it. I was young so I had this very strong will to climb up to the ladder yet while doing so, I realize I'm not happy enough to stay. Then, I resigned.

    When I became a mother, I realize I have found my dream job. To be beside my family while they continue to strive for their own "dreams". To be the one they need in those times they were so down. Yes, motherhood gave me the happiness I longed so many years. And I also provide their food, in a way I still fulfill my first "dream job".

    Dream job is not about what you think is the best. It is about you being happy, contented and when just being you is enough to be able to do your work. When you don't feel the pressure of your workloads because you're too happy to do your job, then you are on the right tract.
  14. MelJoRoMau

    MelJoRoMau New Member

    If you'd ask me what is my dream job. I would answer, I never had one.

    Since I was a kid, I have always been a fan of big buildings, or big malls. And I always wonder what's inside that building, or what's running those businesses. I'm always curious how rich are those people having those huge buildings and businesses to run, until I became young and found out that the richest people in my country are businessmen.

    In my high school yearbook, you'll see that my goal in life is to be a successful businessman. I always admire the story of successful businessmen in my country, as most of them went from being very poor and now being the richest. One thing that also amazes me is that the fact that they didn't even go to college, as being a businessman you don't need to have a degree as long as you have a strong will and ability to take risks to be successful in your business.

    So when I went to college I only took a 2-year associate degree of Business Administration, just for me to learn the basics of running a business. Right after, I got myself a job to earn some money and save some for my future business.

    Now I'm running my own businesses. I have a mini-mart and a money lending business, it was very small at the beginning but I'm expanding it year after year. These are my passive incomes, so at the same time, I'm still able to do freelance writing as my passion and extra income.

    I guess I never dreamt of having a job for life, but instead, a business to run so I can truly enjoy my dreams of traveling the world while still earning money.
  15. redcontis

    redcontis New Member

    My dream job is being a successful Electronics Engineer. I always dream to innovate new technologies which would make a difference in this world. I like to create and produce technology that would be able to prevent global warming to occur at the same time which helps people in their daily lives like creating a car that could fly like the hover car of Jimmy Neutron.
  16. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    build my own business
  17. polypeptide147

    polypeptide147 New Member

    I really like computers and I like speakers. Maybe if I had a job where I could build either speakers or computers, I would be truly happy. The biggest thing that my dream job needs is variables. I don't want to just sit somewhere and do the same thing all day. Moving around, interacting, and experimenting definitely need to be part of my job.
  18. Nkinnocent

    Nkinnocent New Member

    My dream job is designing work and leading human action. I love to analyse problems and set out solutions. I also like to organize human action and get things be realized. I like to contribute to a great community action and help to share real moment of collective experience. So, I thing, if I were asked to choose my preferred job, manager or leader would be my best.
  19. Jorezabautista22

    Jorezabautista22 New Member

    My dream job is to become an Architect, When I was a kid I used to make drawings, I have huge interest in designing which started first from arts and crafts. I use to cut papers in different shapes on which I build little buildings or even an origami, I don't know why my mind is like set to BUILD, when I was on my secondary, I used to challenge myself by joining on different competition specifically in arts on which I won #rd place and even champion in the entire school. It was the greatest feeling and a moment to remember, not by the thing that you have won but to that time that proves how I am capable of doing the things I love.
    I am very looking forward to the day I will be called Architect, and I know there might be hindrances along this journey but one thing will remain for sure, I will always be keeping my feet on the ground for I know how hard I have done for this to happen.
  20. leslie0706

    leslie0706 New Member

    I wanted to take up criminology before but I didn't have a chance since the course isn't offered to the college I was in. Leaving me no choice, I took up education. It wasn't a bad choice after all. Now I'm teaching abroad, and thinking that maybe this is my niche. It gives me satisfaction after a day of teaching seeing my students using what they have learned in class.
    Well, there are still times that I wonder what if I had taken up criminology, what could have been my profession now.
  21. sam12013

    sam12013 New Member

    I kind of have 2 dream jobs. 1 of them is to open a bakery in my family's restaurant. That however would require me to move 4 hours away and uproot my husband and son so that's probably not going to happen. A more realistic dream job is to either own my own bakery here where we currently live, or manage one. I had managed my own kitchen at a hotel before havign my son, and am now a stay at home mom.
  22. Valerie Ann

    Valerie Ann New Member

    My real dream is too unrealistic like being Music Producer and Kpop Idol. Ahahaha funny right. Yes it is, but I still dream to be it because they are the ones I really love more than to become an Accountant. How I really wish that in my next life or even the other dimension of me is an Idol or a producer.

    I am stuck here doing and working for my future job that I don't want
  23. MccoyCamarao

    MccoyCamarao New Member

    My dream job is to open a barbershop business, the one that would be so popular everybody knows it. Barbershop was so underrated but is now booming. There are now a lot of shops popping anywhere looking sharp and elegant. I don't know why but out of a sudden, I fell in love in cutting hairs. Maybe because I would like to boost the self esteem of every man and I think that not only women needs pamper for themselves. We, guys, have to take care of our personal hygiene and the way we look. It would dramatically boost our self esteem and confidence.
  24. neromare

    neromare New Member

    I always wanted to be a Police Officer. I ended up being a writer and a web designer. How life deals ya, eh?
  25. lessurmitch

    lessurmitch Member

    Good thing I found this forum, I get to say what really is my dream job. My ever dream job is "Travelling". Like, honestly I really do love traveling from a place to another place while working. I hope this dream of mine come true. :D
  26. kacchako143

    kacchako143 New Member

    My dream job is to capture the smile of different living things, I want to become a photographer someday but somehow my course right now is really different form I dream of. I am in the field of engineering amd it is really depressing sometimes, I hate math but I must love it.I love photography, but my mom say I must hate it. My mom said that in engineering I can get a good job and a high salary but in photojournalism she said I couldn't get enough money to sustain our needs. But even I am in different profession, I continue to move forward and now I am leaening new things to improve my photography skills with the help of YouTube. Even I don't have money, a teacher that will guide me in photojournalism.,I do have myseld who beloeves that someday I can achiwve my dreams in life.
  27. gerlon

    gerlon New Member

    My dream job is entrepreneur. This is more rewarding duty by managing your own company the success of the business will be determine of your hardwork and perseverance to stand still and the possibilities of making money is endless.
  28. PilyongHusband1990

    PilyongHusband1990 New Member

    My dream job is to become a motivational speaker that motivates people in all walks of life whether it's about life, relationships or even becoming an entrepreneur. I believe that all of us have unlimited potential and we only need somebody to motivate or to stimulate our drive and eagerness to start developing and maximizing our talents and potentials. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing people improving their lives because of you.
  29. jzrgrl

    jzrgrl New Member

    Dreaming is beautiful,my dream job is very exceptional,cherish,highly precious because I save souls not lives.I validate loved anf faith.I honor him and make him proud...and that job is being a servant of God a preacher of his good news about salvation.Saving souls is more expensive than precious stones.
  30. joiseujjj

    joiseujjj New Member

    Probably, this is one of the easiest question anyone can ask but I find it difficult to answer.

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