What is your favorite animated movie?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by paypaliulianradu, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. paypaliulianradu

    paypaliulianradu New Member

    It’s not just my favorite animated movie, it’s my favorite movie of all time! And a movie rarely anybody talk about which is understandable given the horrendous versions of it that came out in 1993.

    My favorite movie of all time is “The Thief and the Cobbler”.

    It has likable characters, an epic quality, a funny villain, classical music, but what really sticks out is the animation! And this is by far the best animation I’ve ever seen!

    I really do hope they both finish and re-release this film in theaters, more and more people need to see this movie!
  2. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    My most favorite animated movie is Coraline. I first saw this movie was when I was in college, I think. It hit me hard to my chest because it doesn't only just for kids but also for adults like me.
  3. rpayanan

    rpayanan Member

    Avatar is my favorite movie. It's very cinematic and it brings you to a different world. The year it was released in 2009, it was spectacular. It's like a next generation film-making and the quality is excellent.
  4. zanderlex

    zanderlex New Member

    My favorite animated movie is How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. When this came out, I haven't seen any of the previous ones but this became the 1st movie that I ever saw 4 or more times in theaters. I love it so much.

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