What is Your Favorite Book Genre?

Discussion in 'Books' started by igotstherabies, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. igotstherabies

    igotstherabies New Member

    Sci-Fi,Romance,Comedy? What book genre captures your attention the most? Personally, I love books filled with horror and suspense. If the book has someone dying within the first chapter, I most likely will enjoy it. I also enjoy the occasional graphic novel or manga. Well-drawn illustrations and a good plot will serve to grab my attention until I finish the whole volume.
  2. harmonic_shadow

    harmonic_shadow New Member

    Philosophical books of past centuries. All those personality development books of our times look so incomplete and unsatisfying when compared to classical philosophy books.
  3. Acidolem

    Acidolem New Member

    Oh, goodness.... This is a really hard question to answer. Honestly, I'm such an avid book reader, I'm open to reading almost anything (including graphic novels/manga). That being said, my favorite novel genres are probably fantasy and historical. I mainly use novel-reading as a form of escapism, and these genres are very conducive to that. When I read a fantasy or historical novel, I feel like I'm immersing myself in a completely different world.
  4. Jalene

    Jalene New Member

    I'm a bibliophile so it's really hard to decide what's my favorite genre. I love to read almost anything! when I was in high school I'm too absorbed with suspense,mystery/detective, inspirational, and historical genre. In college, I started to read classic books which I still do as of this moment.
  5. jelmarosedevera

    jelmarosedevera New Member

    Ah, this is a very hard question. Though when it comes to books, I prefer fiction leaning towards horror, mystery, crime/detective, science fiction, stories that are set on alternate universe or Victorian times. When it comes to manga, which I dearly love, I prefer shounen, action, adventure, crime/detective, horror, and sometimes, slice of life. There's way too many genres I've fallen in love with due to manga, but these are the ones that stood out to me.
  6. drumminggirl

    drumminggirl New Member

    Thrillers, I love the way I can be taken away from the real world and forget everything else. I also like to read detectives, the tension which builds towards the end is amazing and the relief en surprise you get as you discover who's the murder is great!
  7. Royals

    Royals New Member

    I have book genres ranging from spirituality to philosophy, psychology, business, autobiographical, and nutritional. It is really hard to pick one out but I would say that spiritual books would be my top priority. I love to read Eckhart Tolle. His books really helped me deal with my depression. The book "A New Earth" was a masterpiece. His book "The Power Of Now" was the first book I ever read and I have been an avid reader since then.
  8. Debbie Oliver

    Debbie Oliver New Member

    About 95% of my book collection includes the genre of Christianity/spirituality/self-improvement. I also like biographies and historical nonfiction as well. I do have a few Christian fiction titles, but I'm partial to nonfiction in all genres.
  9. Jordan House

    Jordan House New Member

    I can't truly say I have a favorite genre of books, However most of the books i really enjoyed are mystery, supernatural, and historical fiction. And out of all of my favorite books, they are relative to at least one of the genres, often more then one.
  10. kerin65

    kerin65 New Member

    I would have to say that I really love reading all types of genres. I like self-help books and genres of that nature because I find that they help me to grow in different ways by making me look at aspects of myself that I may not have seen previously.
  11. Christina Simmons

    Christina Simmons New Member

    I will say that I absolutely love to read erotic romance. It is by far my favorite genre, it draws me in, I feel like I'm truly in the book. I love how the authors are willing to go into great detail about every soft touch and every slow kiss.
  12. jedcorinne

    jedcorinne New Member

    I love classical books especially if the settings are ancient times. I love how the scenery are described and the plot twists.
  13. ilirzeka

    ilirzeka New Member

    Well, i like any book that tells me something new.
    I really like books about religion, comedian, also any roman about love.
  14. xPrxnce

    xPrxnce New Member

    My favorite book genre is really more of multiple genres put in one, I like suspense, thriller, horror and adventure book genres, when all of these genres or 2+ of the mare put into one, it creates an amazing book, especially if the book is around 400+ pages, it provides an amazing adventure, I feel myself being sucked into the book, I can imagine what's happening and the suspense builds up every page you read and all the different plot twists and adventurous things that happen make those 4 my favorite genre/s
  15. archiejay

    archiejay New Member

    My favorite book genres are action, adventure and romance. I really love reading this kind of books because of its stress removal properties as I finished each chapter. Lastly, it is one of my past-time activity when I'm staying at home.
  16. Anj1018

    Anj1018 Member

    Teenage Romance. Gives me the feeling of youth, love and being carefree. I guess Teenage Romance never gets old especially from me. It always gives you a good feeling right after reading something like it.
  17. JTibIV

    JTibIV New Member

    My favorite book genre is mystery, because it encourages you to think more. Most novels, and books with these genre have plots and twists that aren’t easily predicted; therefore, making it more exciting. It stimulates your brain to try to explain what is happening. It is often bombarded with very interesting characters. Also, since this genre is from the word itself, mysterious, it encourages the writer to try to communicate to you more. It requires a very specific skill to read this, and it requires a very good author to write it
  18. rmmlrgld98

    rmmlrgld98 New Member

    My favorite books genres are self-improvement, survival skills, leadership skills, finance, business, science, and technology. Self-improvement or self-help books can teach you how to become an effective person. Survival skills books give you knowledge on how to deal with unexpected scenarios where survival is the key. Leadership skill books guide you to become a follower first and learn how the basics before handling other people or organizations. Finance books help you to improve your financial intelligence which is very scarce nowadays. Business books help you to understand how to let your money work for you and never work for money again. Science books give you the latest discoveries about our universe and how it works. Technology books give you an insight into our future world.

    Reading a book is a great source of information to use because it is abundantly available in our times. Take note that reading can seriously damage one's ignorance.

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