What is your favorite easy meal?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by plsargent, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Aristara

    Aristara New Member

    Grab some Dolmio Bolognaise sauce, dump it in a slow cooker, fry up some mince meat, dump it in the slow cooker and stir it all, let it cook for 20 to 30 minutes, then grab some ricotta & spinach already made pasta and do that in a pan for 6 minutes, lovely meal for £4.50 for me. It's really filling too so you can save some for later. :laugh: There's also sweet and sour chicken I love with white rice. It's just so nice the option that easy food is there when you really cannot be bothered.
  2. ksix

    ksix Member

    If you like pasta I recommend carbonara sauce: bacon/pancetta cubes (fried), spring onions, creme fraiche, milk and all the spices you like plus basil. I love my pastas!!!
  3. Rmz1217

    Rmz1217 New Member

    We recently started grilling chicken breast on our indoor grill. We marinade them in a little bit of beer, sweet and sour sauce, and pepper sauce for about two hours. Then grill them for about 7 minutes. We serve it over salad or with rice.
  4. Kyla

    Kyla New Member

    Oh, pasta salad! I haven't made that in a while, that sounded real good just now.

    Today I made lentil soup, which I think of as an easy meal though it isn't super quick. Lentils are nice because you don't have to soak them like you do other dried beans. I had some organic veggie broth that I cooked the lentils in (I eyeball the amounts usually but it was probably around a half cup dried lentils, or less.)

    Added in one small onion chopped, two chopped carrots, about three nice garlic cloves, and some fresh kale I had in the fridge. The kale cooks down a lot so you can use maybe four nice big leaves torn into small pieces.

    I seasoned this with some Italian herb mix, a couple bay leaves, and salt.

    With a slice of crusty whole grain bread, this makes a very satisfying meal. If you want meat it's easy to put some cooked sausage in the soup., and usually when I make it I use chicken broth. You could also add some fresh fruit, or celery strips on the side for a little fresh crunch to balance the palate.
  5. Brandonii54

    Brandonii54 Member

    Recently I have been making chicken parm. It's super cheap, and easy.
    Just get some boneless chicken breasts, slap them in shake n bake, or bread crums, and stick it in the oven at 350-400, until cooked (or until clear juices come out). After they are cooked, or nearly cooked, covered in parmsean cheese, and spaghetti sauce. While you are doing all of that, boil up some pasta. My favorite with this is shells. Broccoli goes really well with all of this, but really any vegetable would do.
  6. Bibi

    Bibi New Member

    My favorite easy meal will always be a cheese sandwich. You can it grilled, buttered, toasted, and so much more. You can have it with just a slice of cheese, or you can accessorize and get creative with it!
  7. cnhenigin

    cnhenigin New Member

    We love soft tacos in my house! Sometimes, for a healthy twist, we will use ground turkey instead of ground beef. Add some tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream and cheese, and my family is happy!
  8. GulfWarVet71

    GulfWarVet71 New Member

    A family favorite for quite some time has been what I call "Italian Sausage and Pasta" and it is quite simple to make.

    2 bags of spinach pasta (twisted and colored add effect)
    1lb ground Italian Sausage (mild or hot)
    1 small container of Pesto (basil or plain)
    1 can of sliced olives

    Variation: add bell peppers or almonds

    Basically, boil the pasta in a pot and cook the italian sausage in a frying pan. Once pasta is cook, strain the water out and add back into the pot. Add the cooked sausage and the entire small container of pesto, add strain olives.
    The serves approximately 6 people, depending on your eaters.

    It's an amazing feeder and kids absolutely love it.
  9. Muse22

    Muse22 New Member

    My favorite quick and easy meal are quesadillas.
    The only ingredients you need are flour tortillas and cheese. Just heat a frying pan, add a tortilla with cheese folded in half, and toast both side until the cheese is melted. You can also add any additional ingredients to suit your taste. Such as canned or fresh chicken chunks, tomatoes, or bell peppers. You can also add a scrambled egg to make it a quick and tasty breakfast or brunch meal. The sky is the limit.
  10. Lycaon

    Lycaon New Member

    I can't say that I have a favorite easy meal as such but I often cook soups, carrot and coriander is the usual, as they really are so quick and simple.
  11. dorine

    dorine New Member

    I check what's in the fridge and mix some vegetables together like peas, carrots, onion, mushrooms and add chicken. I usually mix it with soy sauce. It's one of my favorite dishes and it's ready in 20 minutes.
  12. ydhadley

    ydhadley New Member

    Cheesy Beefy Mac Casserole
    1 lb of ground beef/turkey/chicken/pork (your choice)
    2 Pkgs Mac & Cheese Dinner mixes any brand (hold the cheese)
    2 Cans spaghetti sauce any brand
    3 Cups sharp cheddar cheese
    2 Cups onion
    1 Cup green pepper
    Salt and pepper to taste

    Brown meat, add onions and peppers saute until onions are clear, add spaghetti sauce (and any other herbs/seasonings you may want) and let simmer for a few minutes while you cook the noodles from the mac & cheese. Do not add the packs of cheese mix to the noodles. Put them aside.

    Drain noodles then add them to the meat sauce mixture, add the packs of cheese mix and stir in. Next add about a 1.5 cups of the sharp cheddar cheese and stir in. Spray the 9 x 13 pan with oil then pour the casserole mixture into the baking pan, now top the mixture with the remaining cheddar cheese.

    Let it bake in a 375 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes and you have a hearty meal. Add garlic bread and a side of veggies or a green salad.

    Good eats...leftovers are great.
  13. racketta

    racketta New Member

    Yep, stir fry veggies with chicken breast. It's easy to prepare and straightforward to cook.
  14. Feryl0129

    Feryl0129 New Member

    Crackers and milk. Yeah it sounds dumb doesn't it? Well that's what I said. All I did was;
    Smash up a pack of crackers
    Put it in a bowl of milk
    Add chocolate mix to the milk
    Add sugar
    It is really good actually!
  15. Sharon Fitzgerald

    Sharon Fitzgerald New Member

    That is a loaded question for me too. I really like macaroni and cheese, but I kind of do more to it. Not a lot more, but I do like to make it cheesier than what is in the box. I add more milk and MORE cheese to it. I like it very creamy and cheesy before I eat it, but I MUST taste the cheese more than the milk. Baked potatoes are super easy for me to do too. Otherwise, I seriously cheat, and put a frozen dinner in the microwave or oven!
  16. Nicholas Pope

    Nicholas Pope New Member

    You may find this weird, but you say quick and easy. Mine is 2min noodles (beef flavour) and fryed eggs on buttered toast with Greggs steak sauce. Toast-eggs-beef noodles-sauce. Has to be Greggs steak sauce nothing tastes close to that one its the best, you got to try it I live in New Zealand I am not sure where else you can get it but if you can, try it.
  17. Ann Dronfield

    Ann Dronfield New Member

    Cheesy chips, not very healthy but it's so tasty and easy to make. I have one of those 'air-fryers' so at least I'm cutting down on some of the fat :thumbsup:
  18. five280

    five280 New Member

    My favorite easy meal is spaghetti with ground turkey. Very quick and super easy to make. Other then that I'll make chili with rice. Both are crazy easy and fun.
  19. Natashalou

    Natashalou New Member

    Quick, easy, filling and cheap (although not very exciting) .Just boil up a large pot of pasta and drain. Add a jar of shop bought cheap pasta sauce or even a tin of tomatoes. Then add anything, tuna or sweetcorn or even chopped ham or chicken. Otherwise leave plain.
    Put in an over proof dish and grate cheese over it, then allow the cheese to melt.This dish feeds a family for literally pennies.
  20. Joe Bally

    Joe Bally New Member

    I'm on the keto diet. My daily morning routine is sauteing six slices of chopped turkey bacon with onions, garlic, and spinach. I also sprinkle in some spices and add cheese and mustard at the very end. This takes about 10 minutes, and fills you up well. If done right, you're looking at around 300 calories and minimal carbs. You could also substitute bacon with other meats or fish. Sometimes I get fancy and use smoked salmon. Other days, I take left over meat from last night's dinner. Either way, the point of this meal is to let the fat content fill you up, instead of the traditional complex carbs breakfast you'd get with oatmeal for example.
  21. ruhee90

    ruhee90 New Member

    The easiest meal I go with is Fried Goats Brain.It takes less than 10 min.

    -1 goat brain (cleaned)
    -coriander powder - 1/2 tbsp
    -ginger-garlic paste-1/2 tbsp
    -turmeric powder - a pinch
    -fried onion-(optional)
    -salt to taste
    -oil 3 tbsp
    -red chilli powder 1/2 tbsp
    -fresh coriander chopped
    - Clean the brain. Add 1/2 cup water in a small frying pan and add coriander powder, ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder,salt. Add the brain and boil untill all the water dries.Keep turning with spatula for the both sides.
    -After all the water dries add oil and fry untill it becomes a little brown in colour.
    -In the mean time add red chilli powder, chopped coriander and little of fried onions.
    and you are done. Can be eaten with pita bread or rice.
  22. crazedwarrior6

    crazedwarrior6 New Member

    My favorite easy meal has to be a quick homemade fried rice. I look around to find what's in the kitchen to compliment my base of pre-cooked white rice (the older the better!), soy sauce and eggs. Usually I find a few veggies such as onions and carrots, and at times I hit the jackpot of finding protein such as leftover chicken, or beef. Whole thing usually takes me about 10-15 minutes to create.

    I've gotten pretty creative with the friend rice using ingredients like mushrooms, bacon and Spanish sausage.
  23. liberty4all

    liberty4all New Member

    My kids really love when I make homemade chicken nuggets. You can cut up chicken breasts and roll them around in your favorite dressing, and then roll them around again in crunchy cereal, like crushed corn flakes. Baking at 350 for around 35 minutes should do the trick.
  24. Djbrat

    Djbrat Member

    My favorite easy meal to make is Chicken Pot Pie. I buy the ready made pie crusts, cream of chicken soup, canned vegetables, and canned chicken. I get a big mixing bowl and put all the ingredients in the bowl and mix it up. Pour the mixture in the bottom pie crust, place the other pie crust on top and bake it in the oven at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes. My son loves this stuff and always begs me to make it for him.
  25. Kristin@post

    Kristin@post New Member

    Well, my absolute favorite easy meal is an aromatic steaming hot bowl of tomato soup accompanied by a perfectly golden grilled cheese on whole wheat bread. Preparation time is under ten minutes, cleanup is easy, and it is a healthy and deliciously satisfying meal.
  26. meermay

    meermay New Member

    Summers coming...GRILLED PIZZA!

    Flour Tortillas
    Sauce (red pizza sauce, buffalo sauce, BBQ, ranch)
    Chicken (Only chicken and/or bacon bits- other meats are too greasy)
    Veggies or Bacon Bits

    Set the grill to medium and using a fork poke holes into the tortillas and put in the grill
    Wait 7-10 minutes or until the tortilla starts to brown
    Take out the tortillas and set on your plate browned side up
    Add sauce, then toppings, and cheese
    Put back on the grill until the cheese is melted!

    mmm....I'm getting hungry just thinking about them :)
  27. profeyn

    profeyn New Member

    My favourite and most importantly healthy easy meal would have to be 'Tuna Pasta Bake'. Surprisingly not many people know about it, but it's probably one of the most delicious meals I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

    Making it is extremely easy, a kid could easily do it. All you will need is 250 grams of Pasta (I prefer wholemeal but that's entirely up to you), a 250 grams can of tuna, 450 ml of skimmed milk and a Tuna Pasta Bake fix which can be bought in almost every big supermarket here in the UK.

    To make it, you have to simply bring the milk to boil, add the fix, add the pasta and then add the tuna. Super easy and straight forward and it's unbelievably delicious. That's it, I hope you try it and enjoy it as much as I did.
  28. el2151

    el2151 New Member

    When I'm in a rush I usually make a salad for myself. It's delicious and nutritious! I usually choose lots of different varieties of produce such as lettuce or greens, grapes, red and yellow onions, croutons, sea weed, cucumbers, peppers, cubed pieces of meat and, of course, salad dressing. I cut all of my ingredients in small pieces and put them in a large bowl to toss. Finally, I coat the vegetables with the salad dressing, and voila I have a nutritious healthy meal.
  29. Wind

    Wind New Member

    Some brown rice, egg whites, peas, green onions and carrots. I sometimes add a bit of reduced sodium soy sauce for the dryness; and I also add sriracha sauce for some heat and major flavor boost.
  30. M_boyd301

    M_boyd301 New Member

    The easiest meal ever:

    4 chicken breast thawed
    1 Jar of BBQ sauce
    1 8 oz of chicken broth
    Dash of salt & pepper
    Hamburger buns (whole wheat is healthier)

    Place the chicken, broth, salt & pepper in slow cooker on low for 6 hours ( prepare this when you wake up that way it won't seem like you even have to cook)

    Remove chicken breast & place on clean cutting board & shred it, using 2 forks
    Place shredded chicken in a bowl, add BBQ sauce.
    Place BBQ shredded chicken on hamburger buns
    Serve with side of chips
    Serve right away

    Good luck:)

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