What is your favorite Eraserheads song?

Discussion in 'Music' started by jonjon1980, Aug 26, 2018.

  1. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    Ang Huling El Bimbo
    from the album Cutterpillow

    still the best a classic one!
  2. douan_14

    douan_14 New Member

    fruit cake
  3. jsgarciano

    jsgarciano New Member

    The one i like is Spoliarium. (y)
  4. bvlgogi

    bvlgogi New Member

    I love Eraseheads! I love their songs especially Friutcake and the ever famous Ang Huling El Bimbo, Magasin and Light Years. It's such a shame they no longer perform as the original members. But, I heard Eli Buendia performed some of their songs at Judy Ann's birthday. Apparently, she's also a fan and requested if they could play in her birthday celebration. Talk about lucky and being an actress hahaha.
  5. mharcivann

    mharcivann New Member

    My favorite song of Eraserheads is their "With a Smile" song because it makes me think that everything is gonna be alright no matter what happen. That we don't have to get affected by what other people says, we should just focus on our goal and continue what we think is right. We should not be afraid of the things that could get in our way on achieving what our heart desires. It helps me to brighten up my mood and inspire me to get up and fight for my goals whatever problem I may encounter.
  6. vergel11

    vergel11 New Member

    My favorite is Ang huling El Bimbo. It was one of the highlight songs of my childhood. I remember me and my cousins singing to it while we imagine we were playing instruments using house tools, it was a great time. Those were the days, I'm a proud 90's kid.
  7. jessymaep13

    jessymaep13 New Member

    My one particular favorite is Ligaya. It's really upbeat and tells about how college life is. Just by hearing it makes me think of the old days. Eraserheads really is legendary.
  8. RossArellano

    RossArellano New Member

    Ang Huling El Bimbo. Every 90's kid knows that song. I like the meaning of the song and the melody that makes you want to sing along. Eraserheads is one of the best bands back then and I love their songs.
  9. ivan_17

    ivan_17 Member

    My favorite song of them is the " Maselang Bahaghari", i really miss the old 90's song here in the Philipines.
  10. JexsonTolentino

    JexsonTolentino New Member

    90's songs are the best! Eraserheads are one of the most successful and most influential band during their era. They are considered a legacy in the Philippine Music industry which until now their song is hit. Their debut album which is Ultraelectromagneticpop sold copies around 300,000 which is sextuple platinum! "Pare Ko" is one of the mainstream of that album which is my favorite. :)
  11. jerico.jmz

    jerico.jmz New Member

    I love Eraserheads because they write songs with stories and cool melodies. My favorite one is the classic "Magasin." It is my go-to Karaoke song. :)
  12. neilcruz

    neilcruz New Member

    A lot of their songs come to mind like Alapaap, Ang Huling El Bimbo, Fruitcake, Superproxy, Poor Man's Grave and a lot lot more in their illustrious and legendary run in the Filipino music scene a couple of decades ago which is very memorable and worth reminiscing even today. My all time favorite song of theirs however is, With a Smile because it tells of having a positive outlook in life and to wear a smile with you whatever happens. Even now, I am singing it silently in my head. Truly a great and inspirational song for me.
  13. Khalil Khalid

    Khalil Khalid Member

    My favorite Eraserheads song is Balikbayan Box, which is ironically from one of my least favorite E-heads album, “Sticker Happy.” It’s sad, sorrowful and sweet all at the same time, it captures the OFW experience so perfectly without being overtly emotional. I love it so much that I used it as a credits song in my most personal film, Rakenrol, and I still tear up every time I hear that song.

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