What is Your Favorite food?

Discussion in 'Music' started by missmelon17, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. missmelon17

    missmelon17 Member

    Adobo!!! Carbonara and anything eatable except vegetable! yay!
  2. Emtiaz

    Emtiaz New Member

    Rice and meet ball
  3. moemen55

    moemen55 Member

    I don't like eating a lot. And I don't like something. But I can see that I go to surgery things more than the sulty.
  4. So99

    So99 New Member

    Steak and chips !
  5. Sindi25

    Sindi25 Member

    I love food and I love eating. I enjoy it so much. I love pizza and pasta but I also love roasted vegetables so much. They're so delicious. I like salads a lot too and many traditional dishes from my country.
  6. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    Peru….. Staple Dish – Ceviche – It really doesn't sound like it would be the best dish on earth because it is described as a raw fish stew.
  7. Aviecells

    Aviecells Member

    My favorite is tofu sisig. Sauteed tofu with oyster sauce, flour and a little bit brown sugar. I also love sauteed "ampalaya" (bitter gourd). I don't eat flesh meat by choice. I'm on pescetarian diet now.
  8. naspb888

    naspb888 New Member

    I love veggies, fish and sea foods. It's yummy and healthy for a balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle. Prevention is better than cure :)
  9. claricerain

    claricerain New Member

    I like Sinigang the best because its a popular dish here in the philippines. Also our primary food here is dishes complimented by rice like fishes and other meat products , like caldereta,menudo,fried fish and adobo. Also we value vegetables and fruits dishes here like sauteed vegetables, pinakbet,chopsuey,etc. And our famous fruit here are mangoes, santol,star apple, dalandan and chico. Being a tropical country is very helpful for us citizens here because we learn to grow our own source for food supply. Just a little patience ,hardwork, and a good weather is all you need to have a good source of food for your everyday life
  10. lenlen

    lenlen Member

    My favorite food is beef steak. I like it, especially if the beef is tender and juicy. It's more delicious if you eat this with rice.
  11. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    T-bone steak with mashed potatoes, buttered vegetables and gravy. I also like sweet and sour pork and fried rice as well as burgers and tacos.
  12. userhichou1

    userhichou1 Member

    chicken legs :sneaky::D
  13. ClaireG

    ClaireG Member

    When I think about food, it makes me feel excited maybe because I’m a food lover. Well I guess it’s not just me but many of us. When I say favorite food seems a lot for me. Yes I have lots of favorite foods to mention some of it are ice cream preferably chocolate burger, fries, pizza, spaghetti and a lot more. Just thinking about those making me crave more. Food is life even though I feel down I always eat at least it make me feel better. I also like learning about different recipes and make them. That’s the beauty of food its unique taste makes someone feel enlighten.
  14. jajamon04

    jajamon04 Member

    My favorite food is meatball spaghetti. Whenever I eat spaghetti, I am reminded of my childhood.
  15. luvdamsel

    luvdamsel New Member

    I love rice and snack's
  16. lenlen

    lenlen Member

    My favorite ones are fried chicken with fried rice. I love it, especially if my mom prepared it. It's so nice to enjoy eating your favorite food but always keep in mind that eating healthy is also important.
  17. chwitwine

    chwitwine Member

    My favorite food is Asian foods in general. I like the bright, fresh and zingy flavors that Asian food provides. My top favorites are Japanese, Korean, Thai and Viet. I like the fact that their dishes are light and less greasy than other cuisines so they are not only healthy but yummy too! I love eating and talking about food that’s what I have a very wide range of favorites. Seeing and talking about food makes me happy. I think everyone would agree with me on this one.
  18. Lavi1234

    Lavi1234 New Member

    My favourite food is chicken with rice. I love it, especially if my grandmother prepared it.
  19. Hosseinyhas

    Hosseinyhas Member

    I love bread. I love all kinds of bread with the exception of mass produced white bread. I love wheat bread, sourdough bread and all kinds of whole grain bread. There’s a Portuguese bread called broa that is delicious. I love cornbread made in a cast iron skillet. And hush puppies - I can’t praise them enough. I like rye bread, and pumpernickle bread and as for brioche……it’s divine. I love almost all kinds of sweet bread and I always make a king cake (which is bread) for my co-workers on Mardi Gras. I make scones and biscuits too. My latest project is to learn how to make dampfnudle.

    I was talking to a woman once and the subject of bread came up and she said in a very smug tone: “we are gluten free” I wanted to be rude, but I figured her being gluten free just leaves more tasty bread for me. All hail the staff of life!!

    (Yes I know all about celiac disease and I know exactly one person who has it. That woman who was gluten free was one of those people who jump on every food fad there is. ) I never was a faddish person.
  20. BheiiSam07

    BheiiSam07 New Member

    My favorite food is Beef Kare-kare made by my grandmother. It's a peanut stew and it's perfect with some spicy shrimp paste. It's the best when you have rice. The vegetables used in her recipe were blanched so that you can have the option to serve it separately from the stew. I like its nutty and sweet flavor. The Beef Kare-Kare is famous here in the Philippines like the Pork Adobo with boiled egg. I also love cakes, ice creams, mochi cakes, pizza, pasta and more. I'm a food lover and I have so many favorite foods. It's hard to have just only one favorite food because here in the Philippines we all love to cook and make new recipes. We always invent and cook new recipes with love.
  21. vincedprince

    vincedprince Member

    I eat an avocado each day too. take my dose of bromide and sea moss, hemp seed, chia seed, alkaline fruits and veggies and my chickpea recipes. I've eliminated all meats and dairy and am currently working really hard oh my seafood addiction which are the scavengers of the sea.

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