What is your favorite form of exercise?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by bdawn, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. bdawn

    bdawn New Member

    Be it swimming, walking, running, lifting weights, playing sports, etc.

    Mine would probably be walking, though I do really enjoy my boot camp classes!
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  2. catevanne

    catevanne New Member

    Walking is the exercise that I'm most involved with. I've gone on several walks for health causes and find that the more I walk the more I want to walk. I feel it's the best all around exercise.
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  3. anniep1978

    anniep1978 New Member

    I really enjoy walking but I am trying to train for a 5k so that includes A LOT of running which I am learning to enjoy, even though it`s taking me time to warm up to and get accustomed to running.

    After I get done with my daily run I feel great and am quite proud of myself even though I am very exhausted! :sleeping:
  4. Marisa

    Marisa New Member

    I enjoy my yoga quiet time in the mornings. I find it prepares me for the day ahead, in addition to keeping me toned. Also, because I've had a spinal fusion, it keeps my back from giving out on me.

    I'm also an avid horseback rider. I've been practicing dressage for about a decade; and yes, it's much more exercise than it looks!
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  5. Mikelifter

    Mikelifter New Member

    I am a bodybuilder myself and love to lift weights. I love it so much that I am on the verge of over training everyday! 7 days a week, no off days. I love seeing myself change for the better and also the nutrition side to things which is a whole other subject. Other exercise I do is cycling, running and sprint training. Being fit is a passion of mine.
  6. Clover777

    Clover777 New Member

    All I do at the moment is about 30 minutes or so of stretching after waking up each morning. I find this is enough since I eat healthy.

    Other than that, I'm a fan of walking. Only in the evening and night though.

    Weight training is really not my thing.
  7. I enjoy speed walking because it is my default walking state, so it doesn't feel like I am exercising. I love going on the trampoline, although I haven't learnt any fancy flips yet. I intend to search it on YouTube for a tutorial, perhaps then I will be brave enough to try. I'd love to start weight training or take up marital arts, which I did when I was younger, to improve my strength.
  8. DeziMarss

    DeziMarss New Member

    I love running because it's a great way for me to clear my head. The apartment where I live also has like this gorgeous scenic trail so that's also a motivation to get up and go run in the morning. Side note, it's also a way to listen to music I haven't heard because I buy alot of music but end up only listening to certain songs, but when I run it allows me to listen to the entire album instead of just flipping to a certain song.
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  9. magic_blue

    magic_blue New Member

    I love walking. I hate being cooped up in a room while exercising. When I walk, I just let my mind wander and I get relaxed. It really doesn't feel like an exercise.
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  10. alex72008

    alex72008 New Member

    The weather has been very gentle lately, and I have been getting outside more. Walking and biking are two of my favorite forms of exercise outdoors. Hiking is excellent too, I really get an awesome workout when I hike. If I am forced to exercise indoors, I like to lift weights.
  11. esoj44

    esoj44 New Member

    I prefer to get my exercise through martial arts. Although it takes time to get into the pace of using them as work outs, it offers an incomparable experience to many other forms of exercise. For me, the thrill comes with practicing and seeing my body and mind coming together to overcome challenges that would be impossible to complete without their unity. Although I mainly train in judo, I have informal training in aikido, BJJ, wrestling, and MMA.
  12. Deon

    Deon New Member

    I have recently started to play golf. It is a wonderful way of exercise being outdoors in the fresh air. It can be very frustating but also very relaxing.
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  13. sugarlips

    sugarlips New Member

    I just started doing bikram yoga and loving it!
  14. pay

    pay Guest

    My favorite form of exercise is biking. It's a cardio exercise that really helps in losing weight specially for those who are hyperglycemic. And also biking is one of the most convenient exercise that we can do aside from walking. It will help you be fit and at the same time bring you to different beautiful places of adventure.
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  15. absinthh

    absinthh New Member

    I am very sporty.In my life i was practicing a lot of different forms of exercises.I played basketball then practice swimming after that soccer different kinds of martial arts and now weight lifting.I love to be in the gym all the stress from working is gone when i train.My body became more strong more defined.I look great and i feel great.For cardio exercise i still practice martial arts.From my sport activities in this moment the martial arts and the weight lifting is my favorite forms of exercise
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  16. Leon Jugah

    Leon Jugah New Member

    Callisthenics and body weight exercises are my favourite forms of exercise. In my experience I have found that unlike weight lifting body weight exercise teaches you how to move with your body more effectively and develops more functional strength that is applicable to sports and real life situations. Not to mention the convenience of being able to train anywhere and any time.
  17. Brook Pratt

    Brook Pratt New Member

    My favorite form of exercise is running. However, I am out of shape and am currently participating in a "couch to 5K" program. I am hoping that this will motivate me to keep running as a lifelong exercise.
  18. Marplaneit

    Marplaneit New Member

    Answering your question, I have to say that love soy mountain bike. Mountain bike It's amazing riding the hills with your bicycle at high velocity, with the adrenaline running trough your vain, It's just insane. I would recommend this sport to anyone, It's not only funny but really healthy, and helps a lot with building some muscle up on your legs!
  19. Kameliha

    Kameliha New Member

    I really enjoy yoga as it lets my body stretch for daily activity in a peaceful manner. I learn to breath, release stress and gain positive energy for the day to come so afterwards I often go jogging or a cardio routine.
  20. ramosron234

    ramosron234 New Member

    My favorite is playing basketball,all your body part will be used.I enjoy it,since i am 11 years old.
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  21. Amy Hayes

    Amy Hayes New Member

    Swimming has always been my number one preferred method of exercise. But, as I have been adding more children to our family, making it to the pool for laps is difficult. After my second child was born, I forced myself to become a runner. I got myself a double jogging stroller and just went for it. When he was 6 months old, I completed my first half marathon. When he was 14 months old, I completed my first marathon. I trained with a double stroller, which made running the event without a stroller seem pretty easy (if you could use that word to describe running 26+ miles-ugh). However, I still don't love running. One of these days, I am going to invent a triple swimming stroller/boat to push my three little ones as I swim laps. I just need to get on that before I have a fourth baby! Someday, I want to complete an Ironman triathlon, but that is a while off still.
  22. Vanessa Robinson

    Vanessa Robinson New Member

    My favorite form of exercise is strength training. A lot of women are afraid of strength training but there is no reason to be. A woman will naturally never get bulky as a man, no matter how hard she trains. I love the results I am able to quickly achieve and seeing those results just gives me the motivation to keep it up. By doing the correct combination of strength training exercises, I am able to achieve a lean, sculpted body. I often have my workout already planned out when I go the gym so when I get there, I pop my music on and just zone out. I combine strength training (3-4 times a week) with cardio to achieve the best results.
  23. almari_011

    almari_011 New Member

    I'm really into jogging nowadays. It has been my favorite form of exercise. I love jogging at night especially because you get to perspire without getting under the sun. It's also a time for me to spend bonding time with my family since we jog together. This has keep me fit and healthy at the same time.
  24. Khushi Rana

    Khushi Rana New Member

    YOGA is one of my favorite form of exercise. I really enjoy my yoga in the mornings. Yoga workout provides many health-boosting benefits. I feel it's the best workout for everyone.
  25. zebo

    zebo New Member

    I enjoy jogging, i do it atleast once in a week it makes me feel fresh and rejuvenated. I tend to feel grumpy after 3 or 4 days of my daily hassles but some 30 minutes of jogging leave me relieved and active to push forward enthusiastically.
  26. Namuleyi Wasike

    Namuleyi Wasike New Member

    My favorite form of exercise is running. Nothing refreshes me like a good morning run. It builds my stamina, not just physically but also emotionally. Added, I always envision myself with the perfect body every time I run to guard against fatigue. Running has also proved to be one of the cheapest forms of exercise as the only money I spent was buying the running gear. I would recommend this exercise to anyone at anytime. Try it.
  27. cvasche

    cvasche New Member

    I enjoy either running or weight training. I have a gym in my garage so I don't have to worry about gym membership fees or driving to the gym and it is so convenient to be able to go do a set of squats or overhead press whenever I feel like I have some extra energy to burn. I love running long distances too, and there is a great trail near my house that I run when the weather is nice.
  28. TheSecretNinjaa:]

    TheSecretNinjaa:] New Member

    I Love Mountain-biking its great to get out there and enjoy the nature but i also love the adrenalin you gain from all the downhill speeds weaving in and out of trees hitting big jumps and riding of the drops. Its defiantly a difficult sport and people are smashing the boundaries daily. I love it.
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  29. toni_s

    toni_s Member

    Brisk walking is my favorite form of exercise. Be it in the beach, in the park, or in the water. I walk every morning and afternoon and I love it. It boosts my energy. I started doing it when my doctor recommended it to me for my depression. Walking in the pool is something that is worth trying. It is so relaxing. The only bad thing about it is that it makes me so sleepy after.

    I also started pilates for beginners.
  30. Namuleyi Wasike

    Namuleyi Wasike New Member

    My favorite form of exercise is running. I run at least four times in a week and I participate in marathons. Running is good for weight management and strength training too. For that glow on my skin and that energy boost, I always turn to running. I am yet to encounter an exercise so cheap in its execution. When I started running, all I needed and bought was the running gear and I was good to go. Try it! You will love it.

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