What is your favorite form of exercise?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by bdawn, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Vickeree

    Vickeree New Member

    My first love is resistance training. I use barbells and advanced progressive body weight exercises for strength and kettlebells for explosive power, mobility and functional fitness. Running is a close second. Sometimes I do hard and fast sprints and other times I run super slow, long and easy. I call it moving meditation, which I find to be more effective since I usually just fall asleep meditating while sitting or lying in bed.
  2. Katarina522

    Katarina522 New Member

    I love home work-outs, because I can do them in the comfort of my own home, and it is cheaper than going to the gym. My favorite home workout is Insanity. It really kicks your butt into gear, and you start seeing differences in your body and your fitness level within weeks. It's incredible. They also have an eating plan, which I haven't followed very strictly since I am a college student and live in a dormitory, but I know that in combination, the workout and eating plan can dramatically change your health in a positive way.
  3. glittergirl24

    glittergirl24 New Member

    Zumba classes are my favorite form of exercise. I like it because it doesn't seem like you're really exercising! The routines are a lot of fun and they burn a ton of calories. The dance moves work out a lot of different areas of your body, but because you're dancing and having fun, you don't realize it until you feel it the next day. I was going to Zumba two times a week, and between that and portion control, I was able to lose about 30 pounds in 6 months. It's an effective way to help you lose weight in a safe way.
  4. Leigh

    Leigh New Member

    Walking would have to be my favorite exercise. I enjoy swimming and dance, as well. However, walking gives me all the health benefits I need to tone my body, without going to a gym or buying any fancy equipment. Walking is also a great stress reliever.
  5. Carly L

    Carly L New Member

    Hiking is by far the most effective exercise for me. I recently started foraging with my boyfriend, and going up on the mountains searching for food and harvesting it, I have noticed more weight loss in the last few weeks than any other exercise or sport I have participated in ever in my life. The weight loss is not intentional, but definitely noticeable. I enjoy hiking and foraging as it is a very primal feeling to gather your food, which is all healthy, nutritious, natural and unprocessed. Other than hiking, I'd say that swimming is one of the greatest exercises and it feels great. Swimming is actually relaxing to me as opposed to most workouts. I took water aerobics classes a few years ago, and will never forget how sore I was/fit I felt after doing crunches in the water!
  6. Superking

    Superking New Member

    My favorite form of exercise has got to be weightlifting. It is another way to work out your entire body. Jogging is also another way to cool off.
  7. Shekyrra

    Shekyrra New Member

    I prefer kickboxing. I feel great when I finish working out. It is a good way to give your whole body a good work out. I also like walking.
  8. JadeVengeance

    JadeVengeance New Member

    My favourite form of exercise is either swimming or walking. Both of these allow me to have time to myself and also, these are very relaxing things to do.
    I do not drive so walking is nothing new to me and I have to say, it does tone your thighs.
    Swimming however is something I will do if I want to work out as it works out all your muscles and is very fun.
    When I was younger I used to participate in a lot of sports but as I got older and went to college, studying does not exactly give you time to do things.
    Due to this, I will exercise and eat healthy whenever I can.
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  9. Lady78748

    Lady78748 New Member

    I used to LOVE going to yoga before I had my daughter. After she was born I took her to a "mommie and me" yoga class for a while, which was really great. Now that she's a toddler, however, I don't seem to find the time to go any longer. Instead, we do a lot of walking, which she enjoys.
  10. Wiley__41

    Wiley__41 New Member

    Has to be working out in a gym benching and squatting. Those two lifts are my favorite and working out in the gym has made me way stronger then just lifting weights at home.
  11. littlez

    littlez New Member

    Playing sports has always been my favorite exercise, however lifting weights is a close second and can go hand in hand with sports. I have played sports for as long as I can remember. Whether it was baseball, soccer, football, golf, or hockey, I have always played sports. When you love sports as much as I do, it doesn't even seem like you are trying to exercise. You just go out, have a good time, and as a result you stay in shape. It also works to give you an even workout. When you are playing a sport, you often use a majority of your muscle groups at some point. This gives you a consistent and even workout that you can't always get from lifting weights, walking, etc.
  12. Shenique

    Shenique New Member

    Dance would definitely have to be my favorite form of exercise because it doesn't quite feel like exercise but has all the benefits. Recently I downloaded the Just Dance app on my phone and go online to justdancenow.com to use my phone as a controller while I jam out to popular songs and follow the screen prompts on the next dance move to perform. The songs differ in intensity and I'm almost always left sweating after every song.
  13. sherry1

    sherry1 New Member

    The excercises I enjoy doing most are the ones I do with a smile on my face.

    Truth is, you have to find that excercise you really enjoy. If its not enjoyable then you more then likely wont continue whatever it is that your doing.
    Ive really been thinking about getting into the womans bootcamp classes also. Ive always wanted to try it.
    I pitcure myself like those ladies from bootcamp show that use to be on...lol.
  14. arash1

    arash1 New Member

    I love exercising, but I do not like mindlessly running on the treadmill. I always feel like I am like a hamster in his wheel. Usually I try to work out outside three times a week but I spend about 5-6 days at the gym. I love doing squats and deadlifts not only are they full body workouts but I love pushing myself and making myself work harder either by doing more reps or more weight. I always suggest doing squats and deadlifts, especially if you are trying to lose weight.
  15. karon7787

    karon7787 New Member

    I love to play sports (soccer and basketball) . I think sports are a good combination of cardio and using your muscles.
  16. Josh Stephen

    Josh Stephen New Member

    I work out everyday and the most generally and most effective form of exercise both for body building and body fat trimming or weight loss are the push-ups ans sit-ups. I believe anyone who is thinking of lifting weights should consider these exercises first because its not only easier but makes the body adapt easily to other forms of exercises
  17. PeytonKay

    PeytonKay New Member

    I really love to do dance workouts at home. I pick a popular pop song with an upbeat sound (even if I wouldn't normally listen to that song) and look up a dance workout for it which is usually a combo of jumping jacks, high knees, arm circles, squats, twists and more all lined up with the verses and beat of the song. They are short so I can do them in spurts and they are really fun to do as well so it doesn't feel like a workout.
  18. carl

    carl New Member

    My favorite exercises that I enjoy doing on a daily basis is doing push-ups and running, which helps out on your upper body and on your lower body. If you're trying to see major results within an exercise I suggest you try out running.
  19. Essie

    Essie New Member

    I really enjoy running/walking or biking. Out of these three, running is my favorite. Running gets you moving and your heart pumping. It's a great way to gain muscle and it gets rid of stress. Walking doesn't really give a person much exercise, however, it allows for that person to think about things and experience nature. Biking is also nice because you don't get out of breath, but you still get a decent amount of exercise. Biking can also be an excellent way to get around.
  20. MisterPost

    MisterPost New Member

    I've had to think about this question a lot since I have an active group of friends. If you asked each of them what my favourite was, they'd all give different answers. And they would probably all be right! To me, exercise should be a side effect of activity. So my favourite form of exercise is dependant on whichever activity I need my body for the time. A nice sunny day means a hike. A tight schedule means a HIIT workout. A lot on my mind, a relaxing walk... Instead of being sad about what can't be done, I try to make my favourite thing whatever can be done at the time. Focusing on it itself, and enjoying physical exercise as an added bonus.
  21. Rieann

    Rieann New Member

    My favourite form of exercise is badminton. I used to play at a high level when I was at school, although I now just play socially. I also enjoy walking, although I think 'ambling' might be a better description. :)
  22. Rebecca Jacobs

    Rebecca Jacobs New Member

    My favorite kind of exercise is spinning by far. I love the high intensity workout and love that it keeps your heart pumping for an entire hour.
  23. jt5874

    jt5874 New Member

    I like to mix it up. I play tennis, run, hike, mountain bike, lift weights, and even play basketball occasionally to stay active. I find that having the option to do a variety of activities keeps me motivated and I'm more inclined to do an hour of activity each day.
  24. Val McM

    Val McM New Member

    My absolute favorite sport would have to be the game of tennis. It's competitive and energizes both you and your opponent. The best part is the rallying before the game and then the game of course itself. The best time to play is either during the Spring or Fall or at nighttime while playing during the hotter months. Following tennis are all the team-sports. Favorites include basketball, soccer, and softball.
  25. Biggabeard

    Biggabeard New Member

    My favorite activity would definitely be powerlifting. I love trying to put more weight on the bar and hit some new records. I think it comes down to the fact I'm very goal oriented. With that the idea of five more pounds appeals to me. I can set a number, try and hit that number, then set another one.
  26. JohnMan

    JohnMan New Member

    Well, for me I prefer personally swimming because it gives me the relaxation. And in the same time, it makes the personal more health in general and it is good for the skin.
  27. Calamity

    Calamity New Member

    Lifting. It is such an effective workout regardless of your goals. Whether your goal is to look better naked, lose weight, or get stronger. Lifting will get you there. It is far more versatile than simply one form of exercise. There are a huge variety of lifts to do. For example: bench presses to deadlifts; hugely different lifts that work different parts of the body. Lifting comes in so many varieties, and I personally recommend it to anyone.

    Also If anyone is interested in getting into lifting I'd recommend the ICF ,Ice Cream Fitness(Ironic, I know), 5x5 for beginners.
  28. Kazzy57

    Kazzy57 New Member

    Swimming and then soaking in a powerful Jacuzzi works well for me, and I usually do 100 lengths (non-stop) of an 18 meter swimming pool, and then reward myself with a cold shower before relaxing into the hot spring Jacuzzi in my local health spa, the Sitz effect of going from cold to hot water and then vice verse is brilliant for arthritic and bursitic joints too!
  29. duaneology

    duaneology New Member

    I'm the kind of person who absolutely needs to be accountable to someone when it comes to exercise. That's why I use a personal trainer. Sadly I'm lazy and I will avoid working out in any way shape or form if it's left entirely up to me. Having a personal trainer that will rip me a new corn shoot if I don't show up and who makes me work my buttocks off when I'm with her has been the only way for me to stay consistently motivated. Some days I positively hate her for it but it obviously works or wouldn't keep giving her money. :)
  30. Fahima

    Fahima New Member

    Well, I do an at-home cardio workout/exercise if that counts? The one I do is called Insanity Max:30 by Shaun T. Other than that, the only other exercise I enjoy is running. The max I run is about 2 miles at once.

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