What is your favorite genre to read casually?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Jstreeter, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. Jstreeter

    Jstreeter New Member

    Personally I love historical fiction, dystopian future and Sci-fi books. Books like the giver, 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 always send chills down my spine!
  2. LenaCaldijo

    LenaCaldijo New Member

    I absolutely love sci-fi series with some mystery! I always appreciate writers who give a lot of twists and mind-boggling mysteries.
  3. Mirjana86

    Mirjana86 New Member

    Hamm I can't really decije what my favorite genre is but i wolud say I prefer historical books, where romance is included. Also crime stories... Maybe a little bit of fiction..hmm actually i tink it doesn't mater what genre book is, it matters if it is interesting for me or not.
  4. kattsallie

    kattsallie New Member

    My casual reading list varies, depending on my mood I believe. Romance with passion included is very enticing. However, picking up a newspaper and reading an article about the daily dealings of Donald Trump also peaks my interests. If there was a genre that was titled "Interesting", it would be my favorite. I can read "Dear Abby", Readers Digest, or an intense mystery book--the key to enjoying these different types of reading materials is based on my personal interests.
  5. raquelbahian1

    raquelbahian1 New Member

    I tend to enjoy the philosophical genre most when reading. I think I like it because it generally includes many stories that touch on the functions of people and their roles in society. It covers much about ethics and morals and the experiences of many.
  6. jetman

    jetman New Member

    Horror books are my favorite. This genre is more thrilling when I'm reading books because my imagination scare me more than the special effects I see on movies. It gives me adrenaline rush. I am fond of reading horror books so i have a high standard when it comes to how the writer execute scenes and such. But I would not surely forget a beautifully made horror book even in my dreams and I like the feeling of being scared. And that's the reason why I like to read this kind of book.

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