What is your favorite holiday?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Meilang, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. extrahotchili

    extrahotchili New Member

    Christmas is my favorite holiday. I like it because it is the time her in my country when families get together. We eat dinner together on Christmas Eve. We do not sleep early as we wait for the count down until Christmas Day. Sometimes we play games. We also hold a short program so that children and adults alike can participate. This time of the year is the gathering of families and relatives especially those who are far away.
  2. SweetLucky

    SweetLucky New Member

    I loved all things Christmas and would always be excited to decorate the tree and wrap presents. And while I still do love to do those things, I care less about the presents I get and more the feeling I have known all my family is together. Christmas is the season for giving, caring, loving, kindness, and sharing. While Christmas is a special holiday that we get to experience once a year. Christmas is a time for bringing people together and expressing their love which is why it is my absolute favorite holiday.
  3. jhayc06

    jhayc06 New Member

    My favorite holiday's are Christmas, New year and Holy week. Because Jesus Christ born on that day, In Christmas holiday many foods and drinks that are free and in the house there are more foods that i eat. In the mall there are so many things that sales like clothes, Gadgets, Food. In New Year also there so many fireworks on that day so many people happy. In Holy week it's my time to relax and bonding with my friends, Family go to the beach travel some places that i want to explore. that's why i love these holidays.
  4. VictorHCarrasquero

    VictorHCarrasquero New Member

    I looove Carnival! I'm from Venezuela, a Caribbean country, so our carnivals and parades are full of color! That atmosphere that surrounds February, month in which Carnival takes place, makes you feel higher than any other thing can do! Exuberant costumes, sharply decorated carts, candies, masks, colors, fireworks, music with a delightful danceable rhythm... Your life becomes a party in which fun never ends! Another detail that is important to mention is the amount of culture present in our parades. Plenty of characters that belong to our folklore take the starring role of the celebration! El Silbon, La Llorona, La Burriquita... all of them become the identification of our celebration full of cheerful hues and tropical and happy vibes!
  5. cedajamiaca

    cedajamiaca New Member

    Hello everybody. I can see that I agree with most of you. My favorite holiday is Christmas too. I am from Serbia. We are Orthodox Christians like Russians, Greeks, Bulgarians... Serbs and Russians use the new Julian calendar, so we have Christmas on January 7th, unlike the Greeks and the Bulgarians who use the old Julian calendar and have Christmas on December 25th. Christmas is the happiest Christian holiday. In the morning we go to the church to the liturgy, and then respecting the old customs, the whole family is at home and look forward to the birth of Christ. The old Serbian customs I have learned from my ancestors now I teach my children.
  6. RenCarp

    RenCarp New Member

    Ever since I was a kid, I have been super into Christmas and I mean annoyingly into Christmas. The holiday season has always been my favorite time of the year for more reasons than just one. Christmas is by far the best holiday in terms of spirit and presents which is just a few of the many reasons I love Christmas.

    Christmas is a time where people come together despite their differences and who they are. People seem to be happier with holiday cheer. The thought of going to the mall does not make me sick with the disgust of consumerism, but rather feels my heart with joy to see a collection of people spending time and their hard earned money trying to make their loved ones happy. Christmas seems to bring out the best in people, I usually never talk to strangers, but after Thanksgiving, I am given holiday greetings by almost everyone I encounter.

    Growing up, I always loved seeing the decorations and passing by a house to see a tree lit up in the window. Christmas is my favorite holiday because the magic that Christmas brings seems to never die. Even as I grow older, I get to see that childlike joy in my little sister as she asks me to help her with her Christmas list and makes sure everyone in the house knows not to dare touch the elf on the shelf or he will lose his magic. Christmas is the best holiday because just for a little while everyone believes in the impossible.
  7. rievilla

    rievilla New Member

    My favorite holiday is the Christmas season. In this season we are reconnected with family. We have lots of family gatherings that made us closer with each other. Another thing is the sharing of things, giving gifts . exchanging gifts. It's a sweet gesture from family and friends that once in a year we are doing this. If only Christmas would be double, triple, then i will be voting for it. But i know it won't so i will make the most out of it. I will make sure that this holiday i will be with family and enjoy and share the joyfulness and the blessings that this holiday brings.
  8. Luckyalyn225

    Luckyalyn225 New Member

    My favorite holiday is Christmas Day! I feel the love of everyone during Christmas, especially my family's. It's my most awaited time of the year. I'd love the gathering, the gift giving and the overwhelming joy in my heart during this holiday. I just wish everyday's a Christmas day.
  9. Coral7

    Coral7 New Member

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. It is a busy time of the year no doubt but is the one I prefer. I like the planning, not too much about spending or making a wish list for presents, but when it is about to organize a family reunion, or to bake goods for others to delight. The meaning of Christmas is something to get in consideration, without it we shouldn't even be celebrating. It a very important time when we celebrate the birth of Christ, God sent his son to this world to be born. It is a time of great joy, time to show kindness to fellow man, but not only during Christmas time, it should be all year round. There are many things we think about during Christmas, like kindness, joy, helping others, contact family members, but those things should be apply year long. Christmas is my favorite holiday, you can breath it in the air, wherever you look at, there is Christmas atmosphere at every corner.
  10. Khloeloe

    Khloeloe New Member

    Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. This is where all of our family and relatives come pay a visit to our house and just enjoy the company with each other. Sharing the love, gift giving and the foods! I just love it all, especially seeing your loved ones smiling and happily enjoying the holiday.
  11. kurt111

    kurt111 Member

    I like celebrating christmas and newyear because in that days I always see people is happy specially the childrens when they were given a gift. Families is celebrating together eating the delicious foods that they prepare and enjoying the spirit of christmas while watching beutiful fireworks.
  12. irenekriss

    irenekriss New Member

    I definitely love Christmas. It warms my heart seeing my family come and bond together. Everyone is exuberant, young and old alike. I am thrilled every time we prepare and buy gifts to share, and absolutely, parties everywhere are expected. Christmas lights and various ornaments can be seen in our neighborhood and those give festivity vibes. Most of all, celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ (our Savior) is the true essence of this heart-warming holiday.
  13. Rieis

    Rieis New Member

    I think most people would say Christmas or Thanksgiving was their favorite holiday because they are such family time holidays, but for me I think I would have to say the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. I say that because of all the childhood memories I have. The 4th was my grandmother's birthday so it was always a day where family came together for her birthday cookout. It was always such a big deal with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins coming in for the celebration.

    We would have the day together playing various games and activities. I loved being able to spend the day playing with my cousins and hanging out with all the aunts and uncles I didn't get to see too often. We would have group activities as well as one on one competitions. Playing horeshoes against my uncle or freeze tag with my cousins are memories that always bring a smile.

    There were always lots of food choices as it was done pot luck style with everyone contributing and helping with cleanup. Hamburgers, hotdogs, barbecue chicken and every kind of salad imaginable would fill the picnic tables! My favorite part was the cake.;) It was always a white cake in the shape of a flag with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream frosting. Then after a fun filled day there were the fireworks and sparklers that were always amazing.

    I love the 4th because for me it represents that 'family coming together experience' that Christmas and Thanksgiving do but its in the summer so it isn't cold and snowy. I do love a good barbecue! :thumbsup:
  14. Here in the Philippines I must say Christmas, but we don't celebrate Christmas because of my belief, so I must say New year!! when there are lots of fireworks in the sky and foods in our table...
  15. Nettie

    Nettie New Member

    My favorite holiday is New Year's eve, because that's when our family is mostly complete. That's also my youngest brother's birthday. I am the one who cooks the food during the said occasion. It feels nice to cook good meal for the family and chat with them while you're welcoming the new year.
  16. rrsflores92

    rrsflores92 Member

    Philippines has a lot of Holidays. But Lenten Season will be the best for me, why? because it is a 4 day regular holiday. You are paid as well as you will be having a long vacation. So during Lenten season we join Church activities such as Visita Iglesia, procession, watching "Senakulo" and more. It is also a time for solemnity, I have this tradition of not leaving the house on a Good Friday, I only stay at home and reflect.
  17. tahnieee

    tahnieee Member

    My favorite holiday is tied between Halloween and Thanksgiving. I enjoy both holidays and the best part is they are both during my favorite season, which is fall. Halloween reflects my personality more. Thanksgiving falls on my birthday every few years. It's hard to choose just one holiday as my favorite.
  18. Nardlen

    Nardlen New Member

    December my best festive season...enjoying with fellows to my fulliest
  19. jdeniseweeks

    jdeniseweeks New Member

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I like that I can get together with my family without worrying about bringing gifts. When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of food! I eat out a lot on my own, but when I go to my mother's house for Thanksgiving, I get homemade cooking. The menu has gotten healthier in my family, not by my choice. This means the piles and piles of food have dwindled down, but my mom still makes some of my favorites.

    I love turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, rolls, and my mom's broccoli casserole. I know sweet potatoes and sweet potato pie are Thanksgiving staples for a lot of people, but I'm not a fan.

    My family doesn't have a lot of traditions on Thanksgiving other than serving certain food items. We usually bring movies to watch but end up just leaving a football game on instead.
  20. norbert910

    norbert910 New Member

    My favorite holiday would be All souls day. I can't disagree that Christmas is indeed a wonderful and a happy holiday but I'm really happy and excited when All souls day is approaching. Day by day we give notice and effort in making ourselves and everyone else happy, only on all souls day do we commemorate the contributions of those who have passed in our lives. Though they may not be around, they have made valuable contributions that have helped us hone our individual selves into who we are today.
  21. alexdj0807

    alexdj0807 New Member

    I love Christmas because I get to spend time with my family and friends. Now a days with everybody having a busy schedule, rarely do we have time to have a quality time with each other just talking, laughing, sharing good food. This times of rest and relaxation reminds of the goodness of God that He gave good friends and a great family.

    But most of all I love Christmas because it reminds of the grace of God that He gave His only begotten Son to die, be buried and rise again for the sins of the whole world. Christmas shows us the Love of God through sending His only begotten Son which brought salvation for those those who will believe in Him.
  22. itsmetoni

    itsmetoni New Member

    Without a doubt, my favorite holiday would be Christmas. It's not just about the gifts, the food, or the parties. There's just something about it that makes every other day an ordinary day. There's joy and excitement in the air, and everybody is just in high spirits. People are much giving, and compassionate.

    Growing up, I would always look forward to Christmas because of the presents I receive. But now, I have realized that it's a day for families and friends to get together, share their blessings, have fun, and show love, which is the true meaning of Christmas.
  23. kenchinnie5117

    kenchinnie5117 New Member

    New Year is my favorite. This is the time where i enjoy a lot because of the amazing tradition of the Filipinos . One of the best tradition is the Media Noche were families and relatives are enjoying the food at midnight and greeting the year ahead. Next is the loud sounds created by firecrackers and fireworks. There are also funny tools that the filipino people use for making loud noises and the best and most well known is the kaldero or pot and sandok or ladle. It is really fun because you have to strike the kaldero in full force with the sandok to make a loud noice while shouting at the center of the street "Happy New Year". :laugh: Also the beliefs of the Filipino ancestors that if you jump as high as you could at exactly midnight of new year you will grow taller but unfortunately my height did not change haha but still it is fun doing it. Lastly, is the round shape everywhere as in literally rounds. :laugh: Fruits are round and tables are round and my favorite is the polka dots dress. haha it's cute. Well, rounds symbolizes prosperity as believed by the filipinos.
  24. wilyhamarens

    wilyhamarens New Member

    I love Christmas! We celebrate in my grandparent's house and we do a lot of cool activities. What I love the most is when we sing Christmas songs together. We have the chance to bring our relationship to the next level and make memories.

    I just observed that around Christmas time, people are happier, kinder, more helpful and more loving. That's why we have a song where it says "We hope Christmas is everyday!".

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