What is your favorite holiday?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Meilang, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. extrahotchili

    extrahotchili New Member

    Christmas is my favorite holiday. I like it because it is the time her in my country when families get together. We eat dinner together on Christmas Eve. We do not sleep early as we wait for the count down until Christmas Day. Sometimes we play games. We also hold a short program so that children and adults alike can participate. This time of the year is the gathering of families and relatives especially those who are far away.
  2. SweetLucky

    SweetLucky New Member

    I loved all things Christmas and would always be excited to decorate the tree and wrap presents. And while I still do love to do those things, I care less about the presents I get and more the feeling I have known all my family is together. Christmas is the season for giving, caring, loving, kindness, and sharing. While Christmas is a special holiday that we get to experience once a year. Christmas is a time for bringing people together and expressing their love which is why it is my absolute favorite holiday.
  3. jhayc06

    jhayc06 New Member

    My favorite holiday's are Christmas, New year and Holy week. Because Jesus Christ born on that day, In Christmas holiday many foods and drinks that are free and in the house there are more foods that i eat. In the mall there are so many things that sales like clothes, Gadgets, Food. In New Year also there so many fireworks on that day so many people happy. In Holy week it's my time to relax and bonding with my friends, Family go to the beach travel some places that i want to explore. that's why i love these holidays.
  4. VictorHCarrasquero

    VictorHCarrasquero New Member

    I looove Carnival! I'm from Venezuela, a Caribbean country, so our carnivals and parades are full of color! That atmosphere that surrounds February, month in which Carnival takes place, makes you feel higher than any other thing can do! Exuberant costumes, sharply decorated carts, candies, masks, colors, fireworks, music with a delightful danceable rhythm... Your life becomes a party in which fun never ends! Another detail that is important to mention is the amount of culture present in our parades. Plenty of characters that belong to our folklore take the starring role of the celebration! El Silbon, La Llorona, La Burriquita... all of them become the identification of our celebration full of cheerful hues and tropical and happy vibes!

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