What is your favorite Korean Drama?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by riza1210, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. riza1210

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    my favorite korean drama is "The Legend Of The Blue See" I was interested in this movie because of the leading man -Lee Min Ho, He is one of my ultimate crush. It took me one week to complete this drama and I recommend you to watch it! I love every minute of it. The couple's chemistry are amazing and the story is historical and modern were related.
  2. Jam

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    Two of my beloved Korean dramas are My love from the Stars and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Not only that i love all the characters and cast of the story but I like how the creators made a meaningful journey towards an insane realtionship between characters and especially the Love which blossoms within them. Though some of its concept are fictional, but the emotions and the love which the characters depicted where a great taste of the reality of true love. I encourage you to come watch them so that you can have my experience too.
  3. kagometrixie

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    Korean Drama now a days are really popular and in demand. That's why I am one of the fan of KDRAMA. One of my favorite series was "W" featuring one the great actor which is Lee Jong-suk. The story was clash by "Two Worlds" The real one and the fantasy world inside a webtoon. Its one of the amazing series I've ever watched,they captured my emotions thru in their act and how the story goes. The characters were excellent especially in their roles,they fulfilled what might be it look like in the webtoon world. For me this drama series take many hits and ratings that I will give my praise to the creator,actors and people behind the cameras. They really meant give what Kdrama is.

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