What is your favorite Online Game?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by piswak, May 14, 2019.

  1. piswak

    piswak New Member

    I had here dota, dota 2, LOL and Mobile Legends. What's yours?
  2. notaubs

    notaubs New Member

    It's an old game now, but I'm still a huge fan of RuneScape (particularly Old School RuneScape). There's so much to do. There are over a hundred quests in a vast, immersive world — you've got everywhere from your typical Medieval landscape to deserts to vampire and dark-creature filled swamps to snowy mountains — and the quests aren't all "kill x number of monsters" like it often is in World of Warcraft and other games. Some quests are cheeky, humorous, and the game is chock full of cultural references. It never takes itself seriously and it's always fun. I like finishing quests, but that's not all there is, either. You've got your skills. It's not all fighting and killing, it's not all about attack or strength or even ranged or magic. There's a whole variety of skills: farming, cooking, fishing, construction, and so much more. You can build your own house and people can visit, you can host parties. If you get bored of skilling or questing, you can always play the tons of mini-games that makes amazing use of the MMO aspect. There's so much spirit in it and it's absolutely my favorite online game.
  3. TonyDaniels

    TonyDaniels New Member

    Asphalt 8 Airborne it is a user friendly game where the features are not that complicated, also even as a beginner is you can play several missions already.
  4. thusi123qw

    thusi123qw Member

    Online games,my favorite game would be DOTA 2,since it has a vast majority of online players,to date,and a lot of competition there in the online community for this game.And for other games I would like Fortnite,as my second best online game.
    I'm a gamer who like strategy games,so for me its DOTA 2 all the way.For car games I would like NFS world as a online game,and for like adventure and real life games GTA 5.
  5. fransterl

    fransterl New Member

    Would have to be Counter-Strike : Global Offensive for me, I must have at least two thousand hours played on it! It just never gets old to me, each round is a perfect mix of skill and chaos, and the team aspect makes sure the game isn't solely up to a single player.

    I really liked a MMORPG called "Dragon Nest", I played that a lot a while ago. I was quite far into it and had a lot of rare items but then quit for a while, when I came back to it I found out that the servers had been changed and my account had been wiped because I didn't go through a process to save it. That was my last time logging into it lol.
  6. kerrwheil

    kerrwheil New Member

    I really like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, despite it's cancerous community it's aspect of fighting other humans who you do not know is such a fun concept. Also I really like it's difficulty.
  7. LightPatch

    LightPatch Member

    My favorite online game would definitely be Destiny 2 for now, it supports both PS4 and Xbox controllers with native key button mapping and auto adjustments of icons according to the controller.
  8. Carrillo62

    Carrillo62 New Member

    As of now I would have to say PUBG. You actually have to use strategy to take out opponents, and teamwork is the key. Especially communication. It’s like real life in a battle. The graphics are insane.
  9. angelogero

    angelogero New Member

    Favorite online game of all time is CSGO/PUBG. [​IMG]
    Its great because of teamwork and playing with friends. And Communication is the key to win games. Csgo is a classic game that kids play in early of our years and it has been great because now its competitive and there are professional players are playing it and earning real money.

    Counter strike is a first person shooting game its rules are try to win and kill enemy team with 2 mins its most effective is playing with your friends with microphones so that you know what to do where will you go and plan your strategies in playing each round.
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  10. raziel3105

    raziel3105 New Member

    Hi everyone. My favorite game is DOTA (Defense of the Acients - a game produced by Valve). I have stuck in this game for almost 8 years. Sometime, I look at all my screenshots I had in DOTA and realize that this game and I have so many many memories together.
    The memories that flooded my mind are just warming my heart right now. I miss those days of staying up all night playing DOTA 2 with my best friend and my mom and my dad yelling at me to go to sleep. I miss those times where I and my friends going to the net cafe near our high school almost everyday to play this game. Almost everytime, I feel very very excited. Oohh.... Good old days.
    8 passed years, DOTA has came with me through good and bad times. These memories can't be replaced. Thanks you, DOTA 2.
  11. Baggie

    Baggie New Member

    Hey guys. My favourite games are Dota 2, Minecraft and Unturned. Sadly nowadays a can't play them because i need to buy a new computer and i have exams coming.
  12. Faolan

    Faolan New Member

    At the moment, my favorite online game is Final Fantasy XIV. I absolutely love the different jobs the game allows you to try, their mechanics, and leveling them up. It's pretty addicting honestly and at the end of the day, if I haven't really taken a break from it, it can feel like a chore. Overall, however, it's a great game with a very detailed story and a fleshed out environment. I'm looking forward to the next installment of the game in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers!
  13. NoNameBoy

    NoNameBoy New Member

    Hello! Just living my opinion on a difficult question. My favourite online multyplayer game os League of Legends. Many hate it, many love them. I love LOL due do the combination of attack and defense awareness, and also to the various ways to play. It's a very smart and competitive game and gets to every part of the world. When you think you are a good player, think again. There is always room to better yourself and learn. It is also fun to play with your friends. Cheers!
  14. ChiiChobitx

    ChiiChobitx New Member

    Mobile Legends is my favorite game. I always make time just to play the game.
    Im in Mythic tier now. So glad I have reach the highest tier rank. Even theres a lot cancer player.
  15. Akirekire27

    Akirekire27 New Member

    My favorite game/video game/online game is League of Legends. I think, it was 2016 when I started playing that game. I am very envious of my male classmates because they understand each other through games. Since, I'm playing Cross fire and iDate from GameClub back then, I decided to learn playing League of Legends (LoL). It was hard at first, of course. I'm a beginner. I'm not familiar with what they are saying and the tactics. Sometimes, some of my classmates will bad-mouth/trashtalk me because of stupid I am when we're playing. But, those trash talks and cursing only made me to learn more and play harder. Then, after every lose game, after every trashtalk, I learn and I did well eventually. My thoughts are, I do love playing League of Legends. It was fun. The community is very entertaining and fun. Toxic people won't go away, but you just have to learn to ignore them. They will belittle you at first, but you have to show them what you learn after all those time they look down on you.
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