What is your favorite operating system as a user?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by fjcababan, Aug 24, 2018.


Operating Systems

  1. IOS

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  2. Windows Vista

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  3. Windows XP

  4. Windows 7

  5. Windows 8

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  6. Windows 10

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  1. fjcababan

    fjcababan New Member

    Operating system today has gone too far. And many operating system spread in an online market. But for you, what is your favorite operating system?
  2. wilfredorv31

    wilfredorv31 New Member

    I think that the trend towards windows 10, like my selection, is due to the moment in which this survey is done, that is, it is currently used more windows 10 than windows 7, but if the survey had been done a few days later if Windows 10 had left, the tendency would have been towards windows 7, the same thing I think would have happened with XP when it was in vogue.
  3. rcboizzz

    rcboizzz New Member

    I choose windows 10 as my favorite operating system so far because their were new functionalities that they added that help me as a user and it's more user friendly than the previous windows operating system update. What i loved most is the user interface update, it's more simple and yet amazing.

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