What is your favorite season or holiday of the year?

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  1. finlan

    finlan New Member

    I believe my favorite season of the year is Autumn or Fall. I enjoy watching seasons change while the leaves on trees change in color from green to burts of yellow and burnt auburn. It's really pretty, when there is an alignment of rows of trees and all of the leaves on trees in the area have changed. Also, I enjoy listening to the sounds of the leaves rustling in the wind as much as I enjoy hearing people walking through them once they have fallen to the ground. Admittingly, once the leaves have fallen to the ground, I really enjoy the exercise that comes along with raking them. While raking the leaves into piles as an adult, I often reminisce of times when I was a little girl. My cousins and I would be assigned to the task of raking leaves into piles and we would take turns bagging the leaves. We would spend hours in the backyard just playing in the leaves before completing the task.

    By Autumn, the weather has also changed, the air is generally crip and the climate is cool. My apron, baking hands and gloves are pulled out and the oven turn on to bake for family and friends. In addition, Autumn is generally the time of year when people seem to be more connected, engaging and peaceable among one another. upload_2018-10-3_15-24-11.jpeg
  2. cokesyrup

    cokesyrup New Member

    My favorite season is Fall. I love the weather and the leaves falling around. It seems to calm me down a lot. I used to love the winter but as I've gotten older I tend to like it less. Mainly because I have to drive in the snow covered roads. It can be a pain to get to work some days when the weather is really bad in the winter so it made me like the winter a lot less.
  3. flamefire

    flamefire New Member

    The most favorite part?in my country, 2 types of weather are here..amihan and habagat..when you say amihan, it's the time of the year when schools are officially closed for summer. It's the most calming part of the year for me..no stress, just fun going out with friends, sleep until you want to.and before i forgot, the other season is habagat or the rainy season..
  4. wakethenight

    wakethenight New Member

    Fall is easily my favorite part of the year. I love that it's getting colder (I love snuggling into big blankets) and I like hot stews and soups. Unfortunately, I moved to Saigon this summer, so Fall isn't available to me here. Luckily, I visit Taipei every two weeks, so at least I can get some chill there :D
  5. Mayouf

    Mayouf New Member

    Winter is my favorite season in the year. Here in Egypt, the climate is always hot, so you can't drink hot chocolate unless in the winter:laugh:
  6. diannekaytolentino

    diannekaytolentino New Member

    Christmas is my favorite holiday. Here in the Philippines, every Christmas family gathers other for a reunion. Everybody is busy preparing for the food and games. We also prepare gift for everyone and for our exchange gift.
  7. acd

    acd New Member

    Here in the Philippines we have 2 season "wet and dry season" which means summer season and rainy day season. Summer season is most that I preferred for this is the time that you can go out of town and have a joyous bonding with your family.
  8. Christmas holiday is the best holiday of the year aside that you get your 13th month pays and bonuses, this is the holiday where relatives makes their reunion or their old friends in which they have bonding moments together. this holiday is also good to make a out of town vacation because most companies have holiday break during Christmas.
  9. andyryse

    andyryse New Member

    I hate the rainy season not because it brings gloom and chill but practically speaking, it is really inconvenient for some who has business outdoors. Thus, my favorite is summer. Although, it feels so hot. By the way our country is tropical so we either have summer and rainy season. I also love Christmas because it's as if the core holiday of the year in our country. A lot of bazzars are available and you can get to buy stuff in a really cheap price. So Christmas is the best time for those who are saving their budget but yet wanted to have something new.
  10. Em14

    Em14 New Member

    Christmas season is very special for me, there's a lot of things you would love to do with family and friends. My favorite is giving gifts to everyone and receiving mine as well. I love seeing Christmas decorations in the streets they are really attractive. I loved decorating my own Christmas Tree and think of a motif yearly. I also notice that in this season people are very nice and friendly to everyone. Children's are excited to wear their Christmas outfits and their parents are busy planning for their holidays.
  11. ZSDayag

    ZSDayag Member

    Everyone here in the Philippines loves Christmas. We celebrate it as long as possible. As soon as September starts, the Christmas preparation begins. You'll see the malls and establishments decorate and playing Christmas songs. People buying gifts for their friends and family, then place it under the Christmas tree so they can give it exactly on Christmas day. Though the formal Christmas celebrations start on 16th December when many people go in the first nine pre-dawn or early morning masses. The last mass is on Christmas day. The Christmas celebrations continue with the First Sunday in January when Epiphany or the Feast of the Three Kings is celebrated. But more than festivity, gifts, etc., we love Christmas because this is the season where family and friends get together to share their blessings and show their love for each and every one.
  12. leovinodbelen

    leovinodbelen New Member

    For me, as living here in the Philippines as we all know a tropical country, what holiday I really like is the December the Christmas Day, because besides of the cold fresh air you could feel, the person beside you. The we all know the Filipino People has one of the longest country who celebrate the Christmas.
  13. drsushil3300

    drsushil3300 New Member

    My favourite season of the year is the spring season. Everyone like this season, may be children, young, old, boys, girls, etc. It is a pleasing season and in India this season falls during the beginning of the new year. It starts after the winter season. People feel relieved from cold in this season after a long duration of winter season. In this season temperature become normal and greenery spreads all around. All the plants and buds start blooming with new leaves and flowers. Everyone start wearing lighter clothes and go outside for picnics and other excursions. Youngsters and other interested people do kite flying. A great holi festival falls in the beginning of this season and everyone enjoys tit by playing with colors and water. It has a very pleasant weather.
  14. zor1448

    zor1448 New Member

    I come from a country with only two seasons, summer and rainy. Honestly, I don't like both because during summer here it's really hot and in rainy days flood is almost everywhere. I just enjoy the cool weather when it's raining but not excessive rain.
    With the holidays, I like Christmas the most. I am always excited to prepare for this occasion for my children. Of course we all know that children are the happiest people in the whole wide world on Christmas day! This is also the best time for family to be together after a year of being apart due to their jobs and other relatives living in far cities. My country has the longest Christmas celebration and we celebrate it big time!
  15. jinnprixx

    jinnprixx Member

    Favorite holiday? Of course Christmas and New Year's Day the happiest holiday of the year this is the day I always waiting, the most wonderful day of the year. Especially when you celebrating it with your family. August we already put christmas decor and playing christmas song.
  16. UnAngst

    UnAngst New Member

    Halloween. Autumn is great. I experience a mood change every Fall. The weather is cooler but turbulent as the summer heat transitions to brisk, chilly temperatures. What I like about Halloween, in particular, is the non-stop slasher film marathons that begin in early October. It is when I get to inhabit my alter ego Michael Myers; a rich fantasy world filled with cold, logical decisions and swift action. I am not violent, however, the reduction of daylight hours and strong winds that portend drastic change inspire dark desires. Happy Halloween!
  17. jpearl2328

    jpearl2328 New Member

    Definitely Christmas and New Year. I think its the longest and most celebrated season here in our country. Occasion tickled the senses starting from the BER months. Numerous parties, get together and family reunion happens on this time of year.Everybody is merry.
  18. rubeth1726

    rubeth1726 New Member

    I love to celebrate new year. Our family including my husband's family celebrate new year's eve together. There's so much love and food during this season. Moreover, we believe that this season is the start of a new life and leave the past year with wisdom and lessons that we use to become the better version of our lives for the upcoming year.
    I love fireworks too!!!!
  19. jacejakllemi

    jacejakllemi New Member

    Well, first, my birthday is in fall. ;) The leaves are gorgeous fluttering to the ground, crackling beneath my feet as they change from green to orange and red. The temperature is not too hot, or too cold, but in my opinion, just right. The fresh, cool air-with a breeze, possibly carrying with it a hint of the smell of rain or snow. The birds are still singing some. The summer's relaxation and fun still fresh in my mind. Another year of school approaching along with snowball fights and sledding.
  20. purplesurf

    purplesurf New Member

    I love Thanksgiving because it always falls on a Thursday and the day after Thanksgiving is also a holiday, making it a four day weekend. I have done many fun trips during Thanksgiving break, enjoying the mini vacation without actually having to take any time off. After Thanksgiving break it is just a few weeks to Christmas and you get to see your town all decked up with lights, stores open for longer than usual for holiday shopping, and the mood at work is also pretty happy and cheerful.
  21. iamhai

    iamhai New Member

    My favorite season is summer and my favorite holiday is Christmas.

    Every year I am looking forward for summer season. Though it's really hot, I do a lot of activities during summer. We go to famous local beaches and resorts overnight with my family, friends and colleague. I join lots of hiking and trekking activities in the province to keep me fit and healthy. I also go and join camping sites to release my stress at work while just staring in the sky at night.

    On the other hand, I love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday in the entire year. I feel the warmth, care and love from all my relatives during our family reunions. I also feel like I'm a kid while waiting and excited to open my presents from my siblings and loved ones. Also, more importantly there are lots of foods to choose from that I call it "heaven" that are only prepare during this holiday.
  22. bigredcar

    bigredcar New Member

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. It has a special feeling to it. Even the air feels different when you walk outside. Christmas was always a very happy time for me as a child. That feeling has carried over to adulthood even though the circumstances have changed.

    To be more specific, Christmas Eve has always been my favorite day of the Christmas season. I know it sounds strange - how could Christmas Eve be better than Christmas itself? Christmas Eve has an excitement to it. The energy is almost palpable. As a child, I could hardly contain my excitement on Christmas Eve. We always got to open one present after we ate a special (and quite delicious!) dinner. I used to study my presents for days beforehand to make sure I picked the "best" one to open on Christmas Eve.

    Even recalling these events for this post gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. I'm so glad it's almost Christmas again!
  23. Kristine02

    Kristine02 New Member

    This question reminds me of a song :D "It's the most beautiful time of the year..." but to answer your question, for me it is Christmas simply because everyone has the chance to be at home and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Everyone is just so happy to be with the family, exchanging gifts, lots of food, just having fun. The environment is very lively because everyone is celebrating.
  24. Tehilah27

    Tehilah27 Member

    The harmattan season is my best season as it ushers in the cold weather and relieves the oppressive heat. It also means schools will be closed for holidays and Christmas is ushered in. Christmas means travelling to be with relatives and friends you haven't seen throughout the year. It is a period of gift sharing and eating massive portions because every relative believes you are too thin and will make it their job to fatten you. Christmas carols are always a delight and the firework displays that follow are not to be missed. The harmattan season also ushers us into a new year with new possibilities and renewed hope for a better future.
  25. Etai

    Etai New Member

    I really love the winter, in my country the winters are somewhat dry (meaning not that much rain, I think it the average rain in a winter month will be like 7-10 days where its rain in some hour of the day), and the temperatures are quite nice (15-18C), with that in mind, the winter is very comfy for me because I am really bad when it comes to deal with the hots summers in my country (35-40C), and I enjoy the smell of the rain.

    When I was a kid I used to make myself a hot chocolate, seat near the window and just look at the rain and enjoying my little comfort, I really liked to do this, to the point that I as a kid it was one of the highlights of every winter.
  26. AMOH

    AMOH New Member

    Well, fall is the best, my birthday is in fall. ;) The leaves are gorgeous fluttering to the ground, crackling beneath my feet as they change from green to orange and red. The temperature is not too hot, or too cold, but in my opinion, just right. The fresh, cool air--with a breeze, possibly carrying with it a hint of the smell of rain or snow. The birds are still singing some. The summer's relaxation and fun still fresh in my mind. Another year of school approaching along with snowball fights and sledding.
  27. Elmae1976

    Elmae1976 New Member

    For me the best season is christmas. Most of my family and relatives was able to be home every christmas. Since we are in a different cities we don't often see each other it was only christmas that they can have vacation and visit us here in Bacolod city.

    It was also the season of love and gift giving . This season everyone is happy giving gifts and receiving gifts. As a mother it was an achievement seeing your children happy because they enjoy their christmas party. I was so glad that I made them smile because of the gift that I gave them. It was so refreshing to see your family together and at the same time planning on what to give them on this best season of the year.
  28. jcheek

    jcheek New Member

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I remember as a child getting together with all my relatives for a huge Thanksgiving dinner. My grandmother would prepare most of the food, but other family members brought a dish, kind of like a "pot luck". Aside from the dinner, it was a time for all the family to share memories, and even make some new ones. As my family is spread out all across the country now, we don't have the same opportunities to gather together, which is why I treasure the times we could for Thanksgiving.
  29. gagarindes

    gagarindes New Member

    I love winter, there is magic in it. I also love summer, but last time there was a very very hot season in Poland. There is also bad weather these days in my place but I can stand it. Fortunately, after a few months, there will be Summer again.
  30. Mrshaders

    Mrshaders New Member

    My favorite season or holiday is Christmas season. Because it makes us remember the birth of Jesus. It makes us remember that God died in order for us to be saved! Jesus loves us nd also Christmas is also symbolizes sharing. So we share and share things to others!!

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