What is your favorite season or holiday of the year?

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  1. TerryShorty

    TerryShorty New Member

    Well, I live in a warm place so when summer comes, I suffer!
    My favorite time of the year is winter, because I love skiing and the snow, although I need to travel to do that. It snows once in seven years in the city that I live in, so even watching some snowflakes makes me happy.
    Also, I love Christmas because it is a perfect opportunity to be with the people that you love. Everyone seems more happy these days!
  2. reyhard

    reyhard New Member

    I prefer summer time, because during summer you can do much of your work without any hustle. You are free to go anywhere you want especially to beaches, falls, mountains, rivers, etc.
  3. ltmchin

    ltmchin New Member

    Of course is summer. I don't have to carry a jacket whenever I go. Winter clothing is so bulky. Prefer early summer or late summer when the crowd is less.
  4. silverwords

    silverwords New Member

    My most awaited holiday is always the Christmas. When Ber months come, my heart is always happy because I can already feel the Christmas spirit approaching. It is the time of the year when you get to be together with your relatives, eat together, bond and celebrate the birth of the Lord. I just love that everyone has smile on their faces and everyone is happy. I always feel a sense of contentment and happiness whenever it is Christmas so I am always looking forward to this holiday.
  5. jerichomendoza2

    jerichomendoza2 New Member

    I have been living for 10 years in a country where they only know a wet season and a dry season. I finally moved back. One of the reasons was, that I missed the climate and the seasons, how dreadful it can be here in The Netherlands. I was born with 4 climates in my blood and each of them has their pros and cons.

    Spring time : nature wakes up. Trees growing new leaves, flowers coming up, young animals around. But often cold and wet.

    Summer time : bbq, warmth, sunshine and vacation. Hot nights, mosquitoes, darkness for only a few hours.

    Autumn : Very colorful, with red, yellow, brown leaves on the trees. Nature preparing for winter. Wet, colder and windy. Still long to Christmas.

    Winter time : fire places, wind blowing against your window at night, while you are comfortably under your blankets, snow and ice-skating. But also cold, dark, a suffering nature and very long to the next summer vacation.

    I love and hate every season.
  6. nadebum

    nadebum New Member

    Here in the Philippines the most awaited holidays are the Christmas season and the New Year's eve. This is because families usually gather and just enjoy being with each other. It really feels joyous and the time of the year where people just set aside their past quarrels. Christmas season brings love and New Year brings new hope to everyone. A time of giving where people enjoys giving gifts. I also really the positive attitude of the people during these seasons because no matter how difficult the situation they are in, they still have the hopeful outlook that someday they will be able to have a better situation in life. People are also very thankful and grateful during these seasons and always never forget about God.
  7. Lawy

    Lawy New Member

    My favourite season is the rainy season. I like it because I get to wear boots, scarves and trench coats. The rainy season is always dull and I find joy in colouring it. During this season I wear coloured clothes. And also there's less dust in the air and the environment is cool. To add on this I don't get sweaty in this season and my face stays clean all day.
  8. Rickyross18

    Rickyross18 New Member

    I have chosen to live in Philippines largely because I enjoy all of the four seasons. To be more honest, I enjoy parts of all four of the seasons.

    Spring. In philippines early springtime is mostly a mess created by late snowfalls followed by thaws. It is one of my least favorite times of the year and one where I am likely to take a vacation to avoid “slush season.” The springtime turns absolutely wonderful.

    Summer. Midsummer is the best. Long days and warmth. Where I spend my summers — on an island in the extreme north — we usually consider the third week of July to be the peak as the lake water is warm enough for swimming and the early season bugs are mostly gone. High summer runs from mid-July until mid-August.

    Fall, most of it, is wonderful for its colorful transformations and for its slow waning into rain. In philippines, the months of September and October are usually wonderful until right around Halloween, when we get our first taste of rain ahead. November is the time when lakes start to freeze over and nothing is nicer than a crisp November Saturday.
  9. The season I love most is winter and spring frankly because of the Christmas sale during winter and back to school sale during spring.

    Don't get me wrong alright. I'm broke and this is just my honest opinion.[​IMG]
  10. Abbybvega

    Abbybvega New Member

    My favorite holiday is the christmas and new year.
    It is a well celebrated event in the Philippines.
    It is the season of sharing and giving, of recieving and giving gifts.
    It is also the time where family ties are strongest and families are complete
  11. zupbuddy

    zupbuddy New Member

    My favorite holiday is Christmas because it symbolised the love and forgiveness.
  12. Pedong

    Pedong New Member

    My favorite one is Christmas Holiday because the other person of your family is not in your house just because of work, if Christmas they have holiday so they can go home from they're country to meet Her/His family again and that was long holiday. That's why I like Christmas holiday.
  13. kiziah08

    kiziah08 New Member

    My favorite season or holiday of the year is Christmas time. Because my family is complete and during Christmas we enjoy gatherings with some family and friends and go on outings to bond. It will be special during this season.
  14. UserPink

    UserPink New Member

    My favorite season is Spring. I live in not so warm place. We have winter here.

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