What is your favorite time of day to exercise?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by taylor220, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. haleybop

    haleybop Member

    I have no choice but to exercise first thing in the morning, before I eat... otherwise I get terrible stomach cramps!!
  2. Sashe

    Sashe New Member

    My favorite time to workout is right after work in the early evening, believe it or not. When I first started my weight loss journey about 2 months ago, I wanted to set up a fail proof system. The first goal was to go to the gym 5-6 days per week. In order to do that, I had to come up with something a little creative. So, I looked for gyms that were on the same street that I traveled down to get home each day after work. By doing this, I would have to literally pass the gym each day if I chose not to go, making it more difficult for me to skip workouts. So far, I can say that I have not passed the gym! :)
  3. Elle K

    Elle K New Member

    I prefer to exercise in the morning before breakfast. Exercising before breakfast allows my metabolism to kick in to gear in preparation for the day ahead. I have also found that after doing so, I tend to consume less calories as the day progresses. Studies have also shown that individuals who exercise before breakfast have a tendency to burn more body fat than those who did not.
  4. billgate

    billgate New Member

    I kind of like the middle of the day or at the end of the day cause I can't get out of bed early. I like to sleep in. I also like to eat something and get some coffee before I get to workout or else you have no fuel to work out in. I like to do a few things before I get to work out. My favorite time is just about afternoon. I like the late afternoon sometimes cause I have time after I do all of my chores.
  5. Paraviya

    Paraviya Member

    I prefer early in the morning because I am very fit after the exercises. I keep my weight according to the correct methods and there are no chances gaining more. i always enjoy my morning exercises.
  6. lilly

    lilly New Member

    My favourite time of day to do exercise is early in the morning. I am a morning person and so i am certainly more energetic at that time, plus it gives me a good boost to start the day. I like to walk, and at that time the streets are quieter and so it is quality time for me and my thoughts. If for some reason I do not manage in the morning I will try to fit in a walk later on in the evening - though the morning is definitely my preferred time!
  7. zoesophie

    zoesophie New Member

    I prefer to exercise in the morning. I am a morning person and as long as I have had a good night sleep; I am good to go. I usually wake up feeling energized. My energy depletes as the day goes on. After work and chores I just want to chill on the sofa and watch some TV.
  8. Keyerra

    Keyerra New Member

    My favorite time of the day to exercise is in the late evening. Walking is my main form of exercising, so I have to pick a time of the day that is not too hot. In the late evening, the sun is starting to go down and the temperature is bearable.
  9. Terri

    Terri New Member

    I prefer to exercise in the mornings, but my definition of morning is anywhere between 6AM and 11AM. I have trouble motivating myself right when I wake up, so I try to have breakfast, watch a little morning news and wake up a bit before I start working out. I can start earlier if I plan to work out in the house. If I'm gong out on my bicycle or walking, I wait until everyone has already gone to work and/or school to avoid massive amounts of traffic on the road.
  10. jcara87

    jcara87 Guest

    I love to exercise in the morning, if I can get out of bed! I have more energy for the day ahead. Sometimes, however, exercising to work off tension is a must after a long and stressful day.
  11. Simurgh

    Simurgh New Member

    Working out and doing yoga in the morning really helps to center and focus you. I feel like sun salutations were made to do after waking up. Hope you feel happy, refreshed and rejuvenated! Om Mani Padme Hum.
  12. freddiebear

    freddiebear New Member

    During the afternoon is my most favorite time of day to exercise. I am a stay at home mom. When I exercise in the afternoon, it seems to give me the energy boost I need to get thorough the rest of the day. Exercising makes me feel brand new, almost as if I have taken a nap and had a fresh shower.
  13. Joy S

    Joy S New Member

    I prefer to workout in the evenings for several reasons. In the morning I'm dehydrated and don't feel like eating until I've been awake a couple of hours. With my so called fuel tank semi-empty, I feel I can't attack my workouts like I can later in the day and thus can't push my limits to make the gains like I want to. I do CrossFit and it is always very physically demanding and going through the motions just doesn't cut it for me. I've also found that working out is therapy for me. By working out in the evening I can release my frustrations for the day and actually relax with the rest of my day.

    Has anyone else found that exercise makes the rest of the world look better?
  14. single.mommy

    single.mommy New Member

    Early morning before my son is up is the ideal time for me but doesn't always work... So either I do it then or when he naps...

    Even tho I feel this urge to do it at night sometimes I know it's just my "second wind" and I would only make through like half my workout!
  15. anmassun

    anmassun Member

    I love either working out first thing in the morning because it energizes me, or late at night because it wears me out so that I sleep better. However, both times can be hard to go with because in the morning I usually get up late and need to do other things right away. At night, I usually don't want to stop whatever I'm doing to exercise.
  16. Jessica Lyberg

    Jessica Lyberg New Member

    I like doing my exercise early in the morning, but I also have trouble getting out of bed. I love being able to sleep in but if I don't workout in the morning, then I end up not working out at all. If I do get up and workout, it helps me wake up and get ready for the day. It makes me feel productive, and I am ready for my day. Knowing that I got it done and out of the way is a good feeling. Plus, I have heard that if you workout before eating breakfast, then you are burning more fat. So, if you workout in the morning before you eat, your workout will be even better.
  17. matthew trahan

    matthew trahan New Member

    I used to wake up, get right out of bed and commence a workout. Since I moved to an apartment, I do not have a weight room right in my house so I go around 2 o'clock now (when I do not have to work) because that is when the community gym is the least busy. I would still prefer a right out of bed workout as that is my favorite (no trouble of getting out of bed) because it is a great way to start the day but an afternoon workout isn't too bad either.
  18. Cadyn Wilson

    Cadyn Wilson New Member

    My favorite time of the day to exercise depends on the season: in the Spring, I'm usually breaking a sweat between 9am and 11am (it's still rather crisp outside, and the sun is still a bit too shy to really do any damage); in the Summer, because of work and the gosh-darn heat, I go out at 4:30am; in the Fall, I run Cross Country, so I'm with my team from 4pm to about 6pm (it's really cool when November hits, because the sun's usually gone by 5:30, so we're all running like maniacs in the dark!); and for Winter, I enjoy exercising while it's snowing, no matter what the time!
  19. maria.jervey

    maria.jervey New Member

    I definitely prefer to exercise in the morning. I can get out of bed, go straight to the gym without worrying about having to shower or look all that good. I get it done, I shower off and make myself look presentable and then I'm ready to face the day feeling good about my morning and ready to be productive. I do go at night on occasion, but then once I get home I always feel like I have to shower a second time that day and it just seems like a hassle more than a benefit.
  20. dbwolfe

    dbwolfe New Member

    The early morning is the best time for me. It sets the day and it's out of the way and I have no excuses not to work out later.
  21. Marie_30

    Marie_30 New Member

    I love to exercise at night. I feel like with the cool wind and quietness around the neighborhood help me to feel free from external disturbances that allow me to focus on myself. I feel like I am at a more relaxed state usually when I exercise at night. It is also a known fact that while sleeping, a person is burning calories but at a slower rate. Now, if you add nightly exercises to the regime, it will expedite the calorie burning process while you are sleeping at a faster rate. I am not stating that exercises in the morning will not help to burn calories throughout the day. You will still burn calories regardless, but for me, my preference is at night.
  22. Anita Fenshae

    Anita Fenshae New Member

    I like doing mine in the morning, after I've woken up/gotten a little bit of work done but before I start getting worn down by my day. I usually try to go for a 30 minute walk around 9am, then usually an evening walk, motion gaming session on my Kinect, or some yoga right before bed.
  23. 2makemoney2nite

    2makemoney2nite New Member

    I love working out and exercising. I prefer to do it in the evening, about half an hour to an hour before supper. For me, this would be around 7:00. Even though I actually am a little bit of a morning person, I prefer to do strenuous physical activity later in the day so that my body is not tired throughout the whole day. The advantage to training in the morning however, is that the good mood you naturally get after exercising lasts the whole day. Exercising late at night right before you go to sleep generally is not a good idea, as your body takes some time to cool down, thereby hindering your efforts in trying to sleep. Also, it is a great idea to snack and take a cold shower immediately after your exercising session, which is not always possible if you have to go to sleep soon after.
  24. mpbeare

    mpbeare New Member

    I love to exercise at night after dinner. In the summer it gets extremely hot here, and the only time you get a little relief from the heat is in the early morning or in the evenings. I'm really not a morning person, so I prefer to walk at night with my dog. In addition, there aren't too many people out later and I find my dog gets distracted by other dogs and people, so being able to get out when it isn't busy is good for us!
  25. Michael1234

    Michael1234 New Member

    My Favorite time to Exercise is In Late Morning Because I've had a chance to wake up and in my case at least time for the caffeine to do its job. And my blood sugar levels are good having eaten something. I enjoy knowing that my workout is over for the day. If it was good then I feel great goal accomplished. If not then I can look forward to the next workout with the goal of putting more in to it. Finally, regardless of how good or crappy a workout it was, I'm done. Goal accomplished! Saturdays and some Sundays are about the only time I have the pleasure of working out in the AM, but its nice when I can.
  26. Hercules

    Hercules New Member

    It depends on my mood and energy.Sometimes I am so energetic in the morning ,that I train 2 times a day.But there are days when I'm just so tired when I wake up or when I come home after school and I skip workout that day.You should train when you feel that you can train,but try not to skip workouts even if you feel a bit tired.
    For cardio,it is best to do it early in the morning on empty stomach,and the weight training should be 2-3 hours a meal consisting of high protein and carbs food.Protein meal right after your weight training combining with dextrose(a banana will do just fine if you don't use supplements).
  27. Nethmanila

    Nethmanila New Member

    My favorite time to exercise is in the morning. It makes me energize and I feel that my body and brain is working good. It is very important also in the morning to exercise because usually the people are going to work early in the morning and exercise makes my body and mind active in whole day.
  28. Aharb1410

    Aharb1410 New Member

    Due to my schedule in the day, the only time I have to workout is at night. At first I dreaded getting home after work and then heading to they gym. But now i view it is a way to de-stress from the day I have had. Plus, after I am super exhausted and ready for a shower and bed.
  29. Ghostmonkey

    Ghostmonkey New Member

    I usually exercise early in the morning. And I mean super early, almost when it's still night. It is so nice to start the day off with a nice workout, and it's also so nice and peaceful outside before people wake up. Also the almost empty gym is nice.
  30. Taguro

    Taguro New Member

    With doing all that research about exercise and fitness, i ended up doing it between 9 to 11 in the morning. 30 minutes consisting of weights, squats and crunches but doing it twice a week only. Rest is needed to achieve gains and too much exercise would lessen the result. I've been doing this for years now and i'm feeling great.

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