What is your favorite time wasting website?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by ticktalk, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. ticktalk

    ticktalk New Member

    When you have some time to kill, what website gobbles up your time? What site sucks you in when you really should be sleeping, working, or getting things done?

    For me, it's reddit. I lose many valuable hours browsing silly pictures and getting into long, drawn out discussions about nonsense.
  2. Amster

    Amster New Member

    FaceBook can be called a time wasting website because people just scroll and scroll aimlessly. I use it to uplift people with inspiring posts. Sometimes I do waste time on there, though. There aren't too many websites that I frequent. So I'll say it's FaceBook.
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  3. Tyson Nguyen

    Tyson Nguyen New Member

    I mainly waste my time going to funnymemes.com. I just mindlessly scroll through the funny memes and just take a laugh at some of them. It is nice to get a little break in the day and just start laughing! Go to the website right now and you will probably be addicted and be rolling on the ground laughing your head off! Every day I go here to take stress off my mind for a bit.
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  4. Minpower

    Minpower New Member

    i personally like to waste my time browsing memecenter.com and it seems everytime i have more stuff to do i spend more time in MC as opposed when i have free time O_O
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  5. calvinandhobbies

    calvinandhobbies New Member

    I personally find either imgur.com or reddit.com because both have user created and submitted content. You can spend an endless number of hours on either site.
  6. Hawxx

    Hawxx New Member

    Gotta say Reddit, this website has introduced me to ton of stuff and taught me stuff as well, I pretty much spend most of my time there honestly.
  7. darling727

    darling727 New Member

    The Chive! It's not really so much a waste of time as it is a black hole for all the time I should be dedicating to other enterprises. Facebook used to take up much of my time but once I became a Chivette there wasn't much time for other sites. They promote RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) and have many charities they support. Plus it feeds my love of Bill Murray! How can you go wrong? :love:
  8. vines

    vines New Member

    The thing that we have done about everyday at work or at home, especially if you often facing the computer is often looked upon your email, your social media like facebook and usually longer waste their time to think of shopping online.for me shopping online is useful for your daily need and so ever...
  9. Mauricio Venegas

    Mauricio Venegas New Member

    Facebook is consider the most wasting time website there is because you can spend hour just on scrolling down on the wall to check all post, videos, pictures and more about any topic or personal though. Check comment on something new you post, reply and make a new post. It's a never ending cycle
  10. TurboUser

    TurboUser New Member

  11. chefjlin

    chefjlin New Member

    I waste my time on Reddit. I love how there are so many subs to browse. Since I love to talk about food and cooking, I am able to talk about it on different subs, such as r/AskCulinary and r/cooking. The communities on these different subs are great! Everyone is friendly, and it is very unlikely to encounter any trolls in the subs that I visit.
  12. Nicolehall

    Nicolehall New Member

    Pinterest gobbles up most of my time. It's the one website where I justify it as me being productive because I use it for diy ideas that I believe will benefit me as a human being (even if it is not attending to my needs) and it takes me to new blogs and new websites that I end up wasting time on.
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  13. Wing

    Wing New Member

    I most definitely spend majority of my time talking with the great userbase of our site @ www.endeffectgaming.com :) We consider it more of a second family these days rather then just a gaming community!
  14. jessishante

    jessishante New Member

    I love Buzzfeed. It has news articles that can keep you updated on what's happening in the world but then it also has funny articles that you can get a good laugh at while passing the time. Lately, I've found a lot of articles that remind me about things from my childhood so that's really been keeping me entertained!
  15. Buffington

    Buffington New Member

    I don't get on social media much like I use to and all my time has went to reddit now. Just so much content and a daily basis its hard not to visit everyday. Just a abundance of subreddits and I discover new ones that peak my interests ever so often.
  16. Backfence

    Backfence New Member

    Pinterest, hands down! I consider it an art form! I don't just post fashions, cat pictures or recipes. I like to play around, get arty with my boards. I have a board called Stripes, and ones for specific colors such as Mellow Yellow and In the Pink. It's fun to pull them up and be overwhelmed by pin after pin if diverse items all of one color. I also have polka dots and, one of my favorites: My Imaginary Trip to France. I also love to play around with the titles of my boards -- like "You'll Never Know Dear How Much I Love You" (romantic couples, kissing goodbye or flirting with each other), or "Overly Opulent But Nonetheless Lovely Homes" (self-explanatory title).

    I have over 200 boards! How did this happen??? But, it's a way to chill out when I need to unwind and to get creative as well.
  17. vsierocinski

    vsierocinski New Member

    Definitely Pinterest! I could spend hours on the site. Its horrible when I have other things I SHOULD be doing! HA!
  18. Bambi21

    Bambi21 New Member

    I would have to say Pinterest. I love photography. I spend hours just looking at photos from all over the world.
  19. Miles Hansen

    Miles Hansen New Member

    I would say Reddit. It's definitely a time-waster, but I also feel like I get to learn a little more about the world. Not necessarily about what is happening, though I think I learn something about that too, but about cultures and customs and different outlooks on life. It makes me want to get off Reddit and actually go and do something. I never do though, I just spend 10 more hours on Reddit, and then go to bed. Such is my life.
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  20. anjali27

    anjali27 New Member

    I spend hours and hours browsing Facebook. I have lots of friends and I keep watching their updates for hours and hours and even chatting for a long time. I have wasted a lot of time browsing Facebook before but now I have made up my mind and restricted my Facebook time for a maximum of 30min a day. Now I have got loads of free time to do some valuable things
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  21. servaldeneptuno

    servaldeneptuno New Member

    How many hours have I spent on Reddit? No one knows. So much things to see and read. I think it's the ultimate time-waster.
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  22. ettellocin

    ettellocin New Member

    For me, my favorite time wasting website would definitely be reddit. I have been a redditor for about two years now and it has opened my eyes to lots of things. Hell, that's how I found out about this website! You could find just about anything on that website, whether it be about politics or new music. You could find some funny pictures or some beautiful ones. I've wasted lots of time on the website and I don't regret one bit because I've learned so much!
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  23. jroses

    jroses New Member

    I would have to say tumblr. Even with all its flaws and contradictory, it's a great time-waster. I swear, I can go through my dashboard and spend just 30 minutes doing just that. If I get a notification that there are 10 new posts, that's another 15-20 minutes gone. There is no such thing as 'oh, I'll only look on there for a minute' for tumblr.
  24. ahren81174

    ahren81174 New Member

    Yeah I love going to reddit too, /r/funny usually has a lot of great stuff. I also enjoy reading /r/AskReddit and /r/TIFU to kinda see what other people's lives are like. Other than that I'm on twitch a lot, watching people stream league to kill time.
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  25. Oliver10

    Oliver10 New Member

    YouTube takes up at least 30 percent of my time every day. I would go as far as calling myself a YouTube addict. The very first thing I grab every morning is my computer. I try to check my email first but sometime I open YouTube first. I may have a problem with how much time YouTube consumes daily.
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  26. danielhernandez

    danielhernandez New Member

    The culprit for me is BuzzFeed. I'll admit, regrettably, that I'm always taking their quizzes (a la "What's your chicken name?") It's not uncommon for me to spend an hour or so scrolling through BuzzFeed. It's a time-waster fo' sho, but you'll catch stimulating articles about politics or science on there sometimes, so there's a bit of a balance for me in there. No regrets! Hahaha.
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  27. wingedarcher7

    wingedarcher7 New Member

    YouTube, Reddit, and KissAnime do the job for me. Watching videos can make the time pass by crazy fast and watching some of my favorite shows on KissAnime is always fantastic too. Reddit is great because there's a subreddit for anything and everything! If you have a hobby you love, there are so many people to talk about it with there, and plenty of helpful subreddits too. Funny pictures and videos on there are helpful too, it's a little hard to notice how long you've been on Reddit.
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  28. Johnny Hopkins

    Johnny Hopkins New Member

    Reddit is by far my favourite site to waste time on. The site is so large and deep, you can never run out of things to do on there. It is divided up into sections called "Subreddits" which each focus on different things. If you like TV, there is a Breaking Bad subreddit, if you like books there is a book subreddit. It has given me hours of fun and I come back every single day to see and do more. It is my go to place when I am bored and never fails to entertain me. Reading these other replies about Reddit make me feel proud to love, and be part of such a great place. The community there is amazing and grows every single day.
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  29. jberry

    jberry New Member

    I think twitch is a good time-waster as well. You can find an entertaining streamer or game to watch and it becomes a bit like a TV show.
  30. Amerigo902

    Amerigo902 New Member

    Youtube is most time warper site for me, video from 10 minutes goes like hell
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