What is your favorite time wasting website?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by ticktalk, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Sydney M.

    Sydney M. New Member

    I absolutely live for Buzzfeed. I like that it contains both important news, which keeps me updated when I don't feel like viewing actual news websites or apps, and fun articles and quizzes. Sometimes I'll take their silly quizzes or go through their lists of must-see music or TV shows, which can lead me to other time-wasting activities (yay for Netflix!). I also love Youtube, because the choices are endless. I might start out watching a video about what a lack of sleep does to your brain and I'll close my computer down after ending up with a video of the most intense conspiracy theories ever created. Definitely give that a go if you're looking for some of the most optimal time-wasting websites!
  2. Soupralu

    Soupralu New Member

    For me, it's Youtube and Reddit. But I learn some useful things sometimes, especially on youtube with tutorials, etc. On reddit I can get some valuable information as long as I don't get lost in memes.
  3. cwesley

    cwesley New Member

    There are actually two sites I spend to much time on, yummlys and Groupon. I like to cook so I can be on yummlys for hours finding different recipes and saving my grocery list. Groupon is just so awesome to because I'm a very frugal person and I love couponing. I groupon absolutely any and everything.
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  4. jackie kruer

    jackie kruer New Member

    Despite being a young adult working to build my legacy I continue to find myself wasting hours on Pinterest, which granted the site does offer oodles of tutorials, blog posts, and time consuming DIYs. A lot of things that I didn't learn before I started living on my own, I learned through Pinterest. It gives you that wholesome family estique security that you would in your grandmas cookbook. Also I find it very helpful that a lot of tutorials are done in short descriptive pictures and it is very easy to filter searches without having to go through an extensive check box system.
  5. HobbitRae

    HobbitRae New Member

    Every 'time wasting' website I ever used eventually led me back to Reddit.

    At first I would go on FunnyJunk to waste time. Then I realised everything on FunnyJunk was a repost from Tickld. Then I realised everything on Tickld was a repost from Reddit. So I started using Reddit.

    I would also use a few other sites - Buzzfeed, Cracked, FML, TalesFromRetail. These were, and still are somewhat, great site. But after using Reddit for a while, I realised all the best stuff from these sites were also being reposted from Reddit.

    Now I just stick to Reddit. It has everything you could need.
  6. HobbitRae

    HobbitRae New Member

    I'm reddit-ing right now on my phone while I'm writing this on my laptop.
  7. moneyaccount

    moneyaccount New Member

    Like many others on here, my favorite time wasting website is Reddit. There are so many subreddits on there that you could get sucked in and not come back out for days - weeks even. There's a reason why it's dubbed "the front page of the internet" - it literally has anything you could think of. Want to look at some cute pictures of cats? Reddit has that. Want to chat with famous people? You can do that on Reddit. Want to read the news? You can do that on Reddit too! There's an endless amount of content on Reddit and it's just a few keystrokes away.
  8. asl

    asl New Member

    Babycenter. If you are ever bored and want to read some hilarious threads, go to Bargain Hunters on Babycenter Community. The people there are wicked and funny and helpful, just don't make an intro thread, they hate those!
  9. Vladimir Logos

    Vladimir Logos New Member

    Definitely Reddit. I really like the scientific part of Reddit: one can learn many interesting things and, in particular, acquire the necessary thinking tools and concepts to understand the subject properly. There are also many cool gifs and images posted regularly. Sometimes I spend three or four hours without even noticing the passage of time!
  10. Kennedy Gachihi

    Kennedy Gachihi New Member

    Cracked.com . They have some very interesting articles and you get to learn about weird stuff.
  11. SinnerBoiGurr

    SinnerBoiGurr New Member

    The website that I waste a lot of my time on is YouTube. I love watching youtubers content like Pewdiepie and Rosterteeth. Sometimes when no one has posted a video then you can just go back to past videos you missed or didn't want to watch and then watch those to pass the time. It helps being suscribed to lots of people so you will always have something to watch, or listen to.
  12. gourav tripathi

    gourav tripathi New Member

    I spend time searching technical buzz from all around. i am kind of technology freak so i find my dip in that all the time. i used to keep chating with friends on social sites but these sites should be used with some protocol of yourself. like you should know what these sites will going to benefit you in future. i just love to learn new things which makes me some different from others. i tries to find out cool tricks which helps us in future also. Moreover, i like to listen news feed which help us to keep updated from all the world.
  13. ByLilOneG

    ByLilOneG Member

    I have way too many, but here some that I can easily end up spending hours on if I'm not careful.


    I've been better about cutting down on spending my time on these sites, but I occasionally spend a good amount of time on them anyway.
  14. wulteer

    wulteer New Member

    I would go with Reddit, quite a good site to burn some time and also get educated, there's a bunch of information there, about everything, literally, everything.
    I also spend time watching Youtube videos, a couple 15min videos everyday is no harm lol. Its getting way more and more popular, dunno how it'll end up.
  15. I am a mainstay member at bleacherreport, sportinglife and google+. Regardless of the spams, I often jumbled into discussions and got good friends there as well especially, my soccer friends. This past weeks, we talked about EURO 2016 in skype.
  16. brandif

    brandif New Member

    Reddit, especially the Unresolved Mysteries subreddit. I also like Websleuths. Obviously I am a bit of a true crime fanatic lol.
  17. Gerhard Homveld

    Gerhard Homveld New Member

    Definitely Facebook, as well as YouTube. I recently started enjoying Pinterest, but not as much as Facebook though. I like taking a look at some news-related sites now and then too, as well as Entrepreneur.com. Other than that, I might play a game or two online.
  18. pogofox

    pogofox New Member

    Stumbleupon.com is the best. It really covers everything. It randomly shows things from other "time-wasting" websites, but it also brings up interesting news, random YouTube videos, pictures, games...stumbleupon with take you to random websites all over the web, both viral and obscure. And you can refine your interests so pressing the "Stumble" button will take you only to things you find interesting.
  19. ig40kman

    ig40kman New Member

    I love myself some 4chan. It's such a morbid place, and you never know what your going to find. They have a board for almost everything too. I know the site has a bad reputation; but if you stay off random and politically incorrect, the rest of the site is comparatively tame.
  20. Valryn1992

    Valryn1992 New Member


    Oh boy, about 2 months ago I was badly addicted to Reddit. - This is not even a joke!

    I had the Reddit app on my phone, charging next to me while I was sleeping, and as soon as I heard a notification..I would wake up and check my Reddit inbox. If I was talking to someone about a topic in person, I would always mention something we talked about being on Reddit too and what people's opinions on there were. I even installed a widget on my browser that told me every time someone replied to my comments, posts, or posted a new thread on a sub I subscribed to. Luckily I haven't been on sticking on Reddit for a good while now. I may go on there rarely because of some Google searches on games lead me to the answers which happen to be on a subReddit for the game, but once I get the answer, I close it out right away.


    I can never stop. If I go there once just to find a funny video to send someone to relate to something we were talking about...Off I go. I start watching related videos, and then that related video makes me watch another related video...There went 3 hours.


    Well everyone knows, all you have to do is scroll. How easy is that, right? Scroll through hours and hours of funny posts, pictures, videos, related videos, group pages, news stories, click bait. I click everything that knows how to grab your attention, I'm so darn gullible. They lead me to articles I read through completely to find out what happened to this this lady, man, child, baby, turtle. And then of course, you have to read through the comments...
  21. Valryn1992

    Valryn1992 New Member

    /r/AskReddit claimed my soul..
  22. jebbitam

    jebbitam New Member

    Facebook. I get to read alot of articles and keep up with bands I like.
  23. Brian Green

    Brian Green New Member

    I would have to say Facebook. It's such a diverse place to meet the weird, wild and wacky!
    I'm sure that I'm addicted to Facebook because it's the first thing I check every morning and last thing at night....and the hours inbetween.
    Maybe I should join Twitter and break the habit!!
  24. trojohn.war1991

    trojohn.war1991 New Member

    I would say Empowr. It just works like facebook, you post pictures, videos and you browse the stuffs that your friends posted on their profiles.

    I wouldn't mind spending hours on this website because I earn out of it. I earn out of the things I like doing: creating blogs, posting pictures, videos and status updates. So, it's all worth it.
  25. nishanth rao

    nishanth rao New Member

    My all time favorite time wasting website is "Youtube". The time just keeps rolling if I get started on playing music from the nineties. Incidentally I found "Postloop" through one of the videos and hopefully I will make good use of my time henceforth.
  26. Israel9612

    Israel9612 New Member

    My time consuming website would have to be YouTube. I practically go on there for everything, but mostly entertainment. It's obvious one of the most used websites like YouTube on the Internet would be anyone's time waster. I use YouTube for research, how to guides, entertainment, homework, workouts, music, relaxation, even sleep. I have a YouTube iPad app that I use to play music in the background when I am doing things like workouting out. So my pick of any website time waster would be YouTube.
  27. Robilas

    Robilas New Member

    My guilty pleasure is Reddit: even if I'm busy or I should really do something else I find a few minutes to browse my favourite subreddits. I don't post a lot, but I lurk on Reddit everyday, checking /r/all, AskReddit, the beermoney-related subs and many others.

    Sometimes I just want to laugh checking memes, sometimes I get into serious discussion about politics or science, since I'm a really curious person, but I always waste my time on Reddit. When I'm done with it, usually I check my Facebook wall or watch a few videos on Youtube, but I quickly lose interest after a while and go back to Reddit.
  28. Boy255

    Boy255 New Member

    Youtube or minecraft.
    Youtube = Binge watch a random Let's Play or a music video while lieing on my bed.
    Minecraft = Play with my friends.3 hours feels like 3 minutes...
  29. Houille

    Houille New Member

    YouTube for bingewatching Gaki no Tsukai and numbing myself with all the weird review videos.

    And NeoPets. I don't know why, but I just keep going back to NeoPets. Always. Every year. It doesn't matter how old I get, I just keep playing the game, and I don't even like the website that much. It's quite puzzling. :D
  30. shcoo

    shcoo New Member

    Definitely tumblr! I love how you can curate the content you see on your dashboard. There are so many different niches and blogs out there, you can fine-tune your tumblr experience to exactly what you want it to be.

    For example, I follow a lot of fashion and film blogs for visual inspiration for my own art. Their recent addition of an instant messaging system has been beneficial as well. I've made quite a few friends on it by bonding over shared interests or TV show fandoms! It's a really low-pressure environment where you can feel free to reblog a ton of jokes.

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