What is your favorite time wasting website?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by ticktalk, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. zayedshek

    zayedshek New Member

    Before I used to use Facebook to cross the Moon, I thought it was unnecessary to waste some time doing work online without knowing how to earn money. For two long years I have been successful in earning a lot of success online.
  2. shektaiem

    shektaiem New Member

    Thanks Facebook
    The favorite way to spend my time is Facebook. Facebook allows me to spend my spare time easily. For this, I like Facebook a lot. Facebook is arguably the most powerful social media and social networking site out there. You can use Facebook to connect with your family, friends, work colleagues, and you can even meet new people on Facebook. Most people who know how to use a computer and internet have a profile on Facebook.
    Moreover, it’s easy to find like-minded people by seeing their interests, and you can easily connect with them using wall updates, private messages, and video chats.
  3. Vincent Tales

    Vincent Tales New Member

    YouTube is all-time favorite. I can find almost anything there. New and old ideas, DIYs, how to's and tricks on how to fix new things. Now, I'm really in to looking at the cheapest items on Amazon and if they do really work or not. One benefit that I am getting from the site is that I can now cook! Beat that! From eggs to cake, to one complete meal, everything is just a click away. Cool!
  4. Sandra Harriette

    Sandra Harriette New Member

    If you ever watched the documentary about "Anonymous" and how the movement gained momentum with the likes of 4chan users organizing globally, you're in for some real though-provoking stuff. I only have more questions, doubts and assurances after watching stuff like that.
  5. Sandra Harriette

    Sandra Harriette New Member

    I think any website can be a time-waster, really. YouTube is probably my primary learning and entertainment space.

    Lately, I'm digging deep to see how people are testing the apparent limits on its platform, such as alternative news and general spirit science and a wide variety of arts.
  6. Facebook would be my favorite time wasting website because I get to connect with friends and read about their day .
  7. KierBrian

    KierBrian New Member

    Youtube.com has a wide variety of videos you can watch, from guides, cooking, technology, music, product reviews, vlogs and more.
  8. Jam&Jelly

    Jam&Jelly Member

    Youtube is the website that takes over almost my whole day. I can't believe that every 5 videos that I watch, 2 hours past so quickly. I tried to control myself because it is starting to become unhealthy, and I am making progress.
  9. Jam&Jelly

    Jam&Jelly Member

    I really wanted to erase my bad habit of watching youtube videos until I sleep. Sometimes, even if it's bedtime, I can't take my eyes away from youtube.
  10. Jam&Jelly

    Jam&Jelly Member

    That being said, I am now dedicated to change my ways and practice a much more healthy habit.
  11. Hurry14

    Hurry14 New Member

    Facebook is the one, but I think this applies not just to me , because Facebook is like a daily hobby of millions of people world wide where they spend hours and hours of the day to read posts, watch videos, chat with their friends, and many more.
  12. Christopher Tubera

    Christopher Tubera New Member

    I spend a tremendous time with Facebook and Youtube. It's my past time and also very informative. You can be updated with news through Facebook through your friends and family. You can learn new things while watching on Youtube. It's like you are in other places instantly whenever you watch someone's vlog. I think I consume for about 3-5 hours a day and I barely even watched TV anymore or listen to a radio. I don't think I can live a day without those two.
  13. Kristine M

    Kristine M New Member

    Facebook. You can browse news and even watched videos. Whats most interesting is the video tutorials about cooking and home diy's.
  14. sarsino

    sarsino New Member

    I spend most of my times on Facebook and YouTube. Sometimes i just keep on reading thread on Facebook group, chat with my friends, post and likes, check for good buys at buy and sell group. Facebook keep my eyes open and when I'm tired then i spent my time watching videos and movies on You Tube. I love watching pranks, video tutorial, recorded webinars, live videos, live shows, news, recipes and movies. This is how i kill my boredom.
  15. xerlan777

    xerlan777 New Member

    Youtube is my favorite but it consumes too much data. And I think it's worth it. It gives variety of entertainment not just on your country but the rest of the world. If you want to be updated on the news internationally, it's just one click away. If you want comedy, there are plenty of it that can put laugh on your mouth. And the most important thing for me is that , if you're having some technical problem it has some various tutorials, where you can troubleshoot different problems just by following step by step on it with corresponding video guaranteeing that you'll never get lost.
  16. Karen020588

    Karen020588 Member

    For me, Facebook. Before i sleep and after i sleep, i always check facebook. For me it has a good and bad outcome.. Good if you spend much time earning money trought it, and bad if you will just wait for hersays and make a side comment on it. Its think before you click. Since social media can reach all over the world, we must be careful what to say, what to do and what to share by using it..
  17. shellyleaga

    shellyleaga New Member

    My time wasting website would be pinterest.com and Facebook, but I prefer Pinterest because I like to browse about new things especially the Do It Yourself projects. Its easy to make because there are easy to follow guides and pictures. I always got lost tract of time when I'm in this website.
  18. dj0hn10

    dj0hn10 New Member

    If boredom hits me, I open my Facebook and watch all the trending post and movies, i also check the YouTube for new songs and funny things but most of my time i waste it in watching Korean dramas and Anime.
  19. Leopoldo Delgado

    Leopoldo Delgado New Member

    Facebook for me. You can get nothing surfing all the time in facebook watching there news feed and you want to be updated of your friends because you dont want to be outdated until you stop surfing facebook because your phone is lowbat.
  20. Definitely YouTube. Before it's more on Facebook but I got bored with it and now I'm more of a youtube person and I am subscribed to many Filipino Youtubers and I got easily addicted to them. I was first subscribed to Wil Dasovich and after him, I discovered other YouTubers and I am now subscribed to almost all famous Filipino YouTubers and it consumed much of my time and sometimes not even noticing that I've already spent many hours just watching either on my phone or laptop.
  21. MathiasOB

    MathiasOB New Member

    Reddit is the easiest site to burn time on. It seems as though Reddit is so incredibly expansive and has so many users that it just cannot be explored in a lifetime. Going through comments on Reddit is genuinely enjoyable because fo the excellent community that is there. Every time I jump on the site I feel like I get taken to a new place and I learn something new about people and culture. It is a great place to stay current on news and changes in trends. Reddit also has an extensive network of outward links that can send you to pretty much anywhere in the Internet. This makes for an even more interesting and variable experience.
  22. rfismad

    rfismad New Member

    Youtube is a time hog. That is why I usually visit said site right around the time I hit the hay. As was mentioned previously, 10 min videos are unexpectedly short when you lose perception of time. It is a time hog, but that does not mean its not entertaining. There is such a wide variety of content you can watch, from seeing a dad save his son from a fall, to anime highlights and tutorials on how to parkour. I would not live without youtube.
  23. Kamille Ellasus

    Kamille Ellasus New Member

    Facebook. I always waste my time on Facebook, it's one of the reasons why I'm always late for school. And one of the reasons why I stay up past my bedtime.
    Facebook have many things on it. It's like google you can basically search anything on it and they're putting more stuff in it that its hard to get out of the app/site. Plus most people that I know use Facebook.
  24. froiramos22

    froiramos22 New Member

    Well lots of website waste my time like Facebook, Instagram twitter internet movies,YouTube and lots of online games and I think I don't need TV as long as i have internet connection
  25. feastapollo

    feastapollo New Member

    Websites like Youtube or Facebook are my top picks for time murdering.
  26. rapac

    rapac New Member

    Youtube is the best time, you look for videos in almost all topic that is in your mind, you can also watch documentaries, movies and compilations of videos. you watch sports, educational videos, etc.
  27. Arnavi Raj

    Arnavi Raj New Member

    Reddit for sure, and then youtube. There's so much interesting content on reddit I can easily just lose hours and hours spiraling down information trails.
  28. rbeat7

    rbeat7 New Member

    I watch a lot of Youtube for news and information but I do have to stop myself from running off on a tangent. Once I start watching funny videos, it's hard to stop. There's just so much time-wasting content on YouTube that you can spend so much idle time watching nonsense, but it's fun!
  29. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    The best time killer for me is Youtube. I like watching documentaries and I'm glad that I can watch it anytime and anywhere through youtube. It's my past time, I learn while watching at the same time it saves me from getting bored on the particular situation. Not just documentaries, a lot of things can be seen on youtube and they are fun.
  30. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    Youtube and Instagram. I would recommend youtube lol. Because its really entertaining and simetimes, you can discover amazing things through it

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