What is your favorite time wasting website?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by ticktalk, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. LMjay

    LMjay New Member

    For me I spend a lot of my online time either on Facebook or YouTube, but trust me I normally don't do much there, just scrolling and at the ended of it all I end up falling asleep!
  2. kianezoe

    kianezoe New Member

    For me the website that im usually use for wasting my time is YOUTUBE.
    I used to watch movies,cooking show and listen to music,I feel comfortable when i watch anime and other stuff.
    I also watch funny videos and movies to make stressfree.
  3. Aileen635

    Aileen635 New Member

    My number one time sink is TV Tropes. Right now they call themselves "The All Devouring Pop-Culture Wiki" and it is absolutely true. I always start with a single trope, then another one to see how it relates with that trope and another, and another, and another and the next thing you know, your tabs have multiplied like Tribbles and the clock is telling you that you've somehow missed several hours of your life without noticing. I'm aware of this, yet it still happens every single time.
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  4. annatagas

    annatagas New Member

    My favorite time wasting websites are Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest. Facebook is a given because that's where everyone of us socialize nowadays. It's the fastest way to connect with your friends and family. Youtube is where we watch the videos we want, tutorials we need and other things we love to watch during downtime. Pinterest is where we look for pictures, DIY projects, or any ideas we have and where we look for inspirations or pegs.
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  5. When i was a kid my favorite wasting time website is Y8 theres a lot of games there strategic and casual it really have fun
  6. Riyadmozu19

    Riyadmozu19 New Member

    I Can't think my regularlife without internet.i always like to stay in youtube for my wasting time.in youtube i want to know various sector in life.
  7. glenda18

    glenda18 New Member

    Life is a gift of god and its one time offer for all living beings. We are 6 sense human. No sense in wasting time. utilize your precious time in constructive ways. Kindly don’t waste your time. Reading good books or reading some good things while you find leisure time will increase your knowledge that will be helpful to lead successful life.

    Do clean your house, do plant a tree, do some physical exercise lead you healthy, help your mother father or your loved once any many things that can be done productive,

    Happiness and peace is based on productive action during the lifetime!
  8. Savalas

    Savalas New Member

    That's got to be FreeRice. You get to waste time, sharpen your vocabulary, level up and earn points, and feel like you're saving the world, all at the same time!
  9. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    Have you ever seen something on the internet that's just plain horrifying? Or a particularly rough news story that you really wish you didn't have to read? You probably need some eyebleach — something to cleanse your mind. Head over to eyebleach.me, which randomly displays wholesome photos of baby animals and not-so-wholesome photos of attractive people.
  10. Janner29

    Janner29 New Member

    Well for me the best website that waste so much of my time is Youtube, well I'm fun of watching the latest happenings of the world, latest kinds of music events, and some other stuff, I'm fun of watching NBA highlights and other tournament highlights of my favorite games and many other videos that would capture my attention.
  11. royalinvidia

    royalinvidia New Member

    I spend a lot of time reading articles on Longreads. Unlike Medium, Longreads doesn't restrict you to 3 free articles without paying. Longreads articles also come with a word count and reading time right by the title, which makes it a lot easier to squeeze in a morning read in between making breakfast and getting out the door. I find them very absorbing and high quality.

    Seconding what @Aileen635 said about TV Tropes, it's fascinating to examine the archetypes and cliches at play in your favourite works of media. Even easier to fall down a rabbit hole of reading about how they interplay in other works, and then two hours later you're reading about how much it cost for the King's court to stay three weeks in a fiefdom in medieval France with no idea how you got there.
  12. selectra

    selectra Member

    I waste my time on YouTube, most of the time i go there searching for something important and end up watching stupid videos ...I also like watching true crime documentary, it helps to learn not to trust anybody.
  13. analth

    analth New Member

    Reaction videos on Youtube is one thing that makes me wasting time to watch it, even I know it's meaningless after I watch several reaction about the same thing, but I still couldn't stop searching reaction videos to watch others reaction about the brilliant part of the thing they react to.
  14. Dorothy-5me5

    Dorothy-5me5 Member

    Many moons ago Facebook was my time wasting tool of choice but now it's Youtube! hahaha!:)
  15. joshlem

    joshlem New Member

    I like the idiots at cracked.com, those people have a way of telling stories touching on how filthy Rome was during its era to how to survive a zombie apocalypse. I especially like the hint of humor in their articles and just can’t get enough of them.
  16. MeepMop

    MeepMop New Member

    Mainly Reddit or Youtube. Most of the time I don't even realize how many hours I've already spent scrolling or watching videos.
  17. sar

    sar New Member

    Add viewing websites to earning money are too much wasting time websites.
  18. shigitau

    shigitau New Member

    That would be YouTube. Especially those gardening tutorials
  19. Aleona

    Aleona Member

    I wasted a lot of time browsing through facebook. I don't even find it beneficial but everytime I open up the app, it seems like I can't stop scrolling on and on. I don't even read much of the posts, neither giving reactions to it. I can probably go on all day scrolling through the app rather than reviewing my notes and books. At times I can actually think that it is not my time that I am wasting. Maybe it's my life.
  20. Ayhie

    Ayhie Member

    YouTube is my favorite time wasting website. But I don't think its a waste of time because I learned a lot in this website from cooking, crafting, gardening and giving informative topics is very helpful to me. Its worth it!
  21. GigiLDN

    GigiLDN New Member

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  22. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    I love listening to music so itune is the best website I do spend my time with, since I can easyly opend the website from my p.c and listen to music when I feel like.
    Since am into blogging now I do spend most of my time with my google adsense account and publishing some new article on my blog,thou this could not stop me from loging to my social media account to see what my friends and family are posting.
  23. bads05

    bads05 Member

    Facebook and Youtube are the site that I almost spend my time all day, I also visit Manga website sometimes, and update latest movies..
  24. JanetL

    JanetL Member

    I spend most of my time on forum and social network like instagram and facebook,but now am very busy with my marketing work and updating my blogs so am very busy now working on my blog and comfirming some new registration in my forum.I only spend about 4-5hours on facebook and checking my email.
  25. Russel1Westbrook

    Russel1Westbrook New Member

    My favorite website to waste time on that say if I am waiting in a long Walmart line and I know I will not get my items checked out for another 20 minutes at sometimes I will often go on a website that talks about news that does not get reported on some of the main stream news network's news basically about anything and everything going on in the world and I also get to watch the video accounts of what happened the aftermath of a situation I love sites like that for my sake I will not tell you what this site is but you get the gist of what I'm trying to tell you
  26. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    Can you share your experience with wallmart here, I have not use this website before,I only use Amazon to buy items when ever I need one.
    Most of my time this days is been spend on article writing website that am working with, Some other website that I spend most of my time on this days is a survey site trying to see if I can increase my opportunity of earning online.
  27. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    Can you share your experience with wallmart here, I have not use this website before,I only use Amazon to buy items when ever I need one.
    Most of my time this days is been spend on article writing website that am working with, Some other website that I spend most of my time on this days is a survey site trying to see if I can increase my opportunity of earning online.

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