What is your favorite tv series?

Discussion in 'Television' started by dgv, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. dgv

    dgv New Member

    What is your favorite tv series and why?
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  2. ak.villacorta98

    ak.villacorta98 New Member

    My favorite TV series is 13 reasons why. I like it because it discusses most students experience today which is bullying. They featured almost every kind of bullying. Cyber, physical and verbal bullying. They also discussed rape. I know some of the people who watched the series doesn't like the graphic scenes in the series but that's the truth that they are trying to convey. So if you're bullied, it's not too late to get some help.
  3. flapdoodle_02

    flapdoodle_02 New Member

    there are lots of good if not great tv series out there. Prison Break is A great tv series. The protagonist in this tv series is just the best. the thrill, the twist is just surprising! anybody who watched this tv series will be in for a good treat!
  4. iamalwaysthankful

    iamalwaysthankful New Member

    I enjoy watching Young Sheldon and Masterchef Junior. :) Sheldon Cooper is the main character on the series, The Big Bang Theory. I haven't watched all episodes of Big Bang but to be able to see they did a young version of Sheldon in a series is both fun and amusing.
    Masterchef Junior is a series of young home cooks who are all greater cooks than I am. It just amazes me to watch young people prepare dishes of very good quality. Plus, I am a big fan of one of the TV hosts, Gordon Ramsay.

    I haven't watched Prison Break, though I have heard great reviews about it.
    13 Reasons Why for me is a very critical series (which I haven't watched yet) to watch. I have heard it tackles a lot about bullying and consequences of it.
  5. arennaid

    arennaid Member

    My Favorite TV series is 13 Reasons Why. The 2nd season is already out too. It is a series about bullying which is a big problem in today's world for it has become a norm. Even though there's an anti bullying act, it is not enough to prevent it. That TV show is good to show not only the evil doers but also every people on earth the consequences of such act. That bullying can kill. therefore we must be careful of our actions and spread love rather than violence.
  6. lidlie

    lidlie New Member

    One of the best TV series ever for me is Prison Break. This show is amazing, very entertaining and has a great story line. Every character is interesting, diverse and intriguing! I recommend this show to everyone. Once you start watching you wont be able to stop.
  7. mrme

    mrme New Member

    My favorite series is Kimmy Schmidt. It has such a fun mix of wholesome and sharp humor. It's not soo schmaltzy but it always leaves me feeling like it's possible for us to all grow into better people. I love that!
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  8. nikolarajkovic

    nikolarajkovic New Member

    Mr. Robot. It's story about Elliot Anderson, an office worker at day, hacker at night. He is on a mission of bringing down the biggest corporation in the world - E Corp. Corporation in which his parents died. But he is not just fighting E Corp, he is also fighting demons in his head. He suffers from a number of psychological disorders. What's interesting is that every hacking in the show is possible in the real world. I think no other tv show (or movie) made effort to consult hackers and ask them what is real and what is not.
  9. Patodelagza

    Patodelagza New Member

    I think it really depends on the genre, for example my favorite comedy serie is The Office (US), since I had a lot of fun watching it and can even watch it several times without it getting old. My favorite drama one has to be Lost, it had a lot of mystery in it and had you thinking. If i had to choose between one of them I would have to say The Office because it has more seasons and can watch it more than once.
  10. Gelatooo

    Gelatooo New Member

    Hi there postloopers! My all time favorite tv series is Friends. There's just so much to that series that it makes me want to watch it whenever I am down, bored, happy, and needs motivation. I love how the characters are so independent in this movie and how much joy it gives to them. There may be some trials along the way but they faced it with so much positivity, good decision making and with the help of a best friend.

    Characters are just in all walks of life so it's easy to have a character to relate to. I super love Monica! I see myself in her. She's so independent, in love, loves to cook and cares for her friends.

    Who are you favorite characters friends' addicts? Let's talk. I am crazy talking to someone with this tv series. :)
  11. bigdman34

    bigdman34 New Member

    I would have to say that Game of Thrones or Billions would be my favorite. The action and story lines in GOT is truly remarkable. Every time you start to get into a certain character they end up getting killed off at the least expected time which is always shocking and keeps you coming back for more. Damien Lewis playing Ax in billions might be the coolest character ever in a series.
  12. roni40

    roni40 New Member

    ER. it is very dramatical in every episode and the sequence of operating room. I love it..
  13. Maria2589

    Maria2589 New Member

    My favorite TV series would be Gilmore Girls. It is a story of a single mother named Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory. Lorelai Gilmore is a very independent woman who raised Rory alone without the help of her parents or even the father of her child. The story is very good representation that your mother could be the very best friend you can have.
  14. windpurity

    windpurity New Member

    My favorite TV series is Lucifer. I got disappointed when I heard the show got cancelled, but after a month of signing petitions and a good campaign the show got picked up again, and I was filled with joy! I really enjoy the show.

    Before I started watching Lucifer, I would say my favorite show was Breaking Bad.
  15. Relaterion

    Relaterion New Member

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a very interesting show. It goes from having funny content that makes you cringe incredibly hard out of sympathy for the protagonist to an incredibly sad story.

    It has the whole package: Loads of humor, multiple romances, a surprising amount of drama, and it also has a huge moral story under the whole show that you don't even realize until the second or third season.

    The show isn't over yet, but I expect its next season will be the final season. I think it'll be a sort of recovery period, where the protagonist finds herself again. The show seems pretty shallow at first, but it has made me cry multiple times.
  16. Mad2die

    Mad2die New Member

    My favorite tv series is Dexter because it was such a fun way to merge the lines of good and evil. Dexter is a good person, but he's a serial killer. It gives the audience a new, fresh take on morals and life, while allowing them to fall in love with the entire cast.
  17. Jonieappleseed

    Jonieappleseed New Member

    My favorite TV series (at the moment) is Better Call Saul. It started as just a Breaking Bad spinoff but quickly matured into a completely separate entity. It has a slower pace than Breaking Bad but keeps all of the dark humor and complexity. I don't want to give too many spoilers but the show goes into how Saul got his start and how he became the person we watched in Breaking Bad. Give it a few episodes and you'll be hooked.
  18. jrmichelle

    jrmichelle Member

    the best is Prison Break
  19. Lahn

    Lahn New Member

    My favorite TV series is AMC's "The Walking Dead". Although the show's main genres include horror and apocalyptic, I still love it. It's not just about the violence and brutality, it's also about family, love, and a little bit of humor. I just love how the casts were able to get through each and every struggle they deal with, helping each other and trying their best to build a new world, a better future for all of them.
  20. dlowry0731

    dlowry0731 New Member

    Definitely Breaking Bad. Great story and amazing performances, I watched it when it first released and still find myself thinking about it now. Bryan Cranston did such an amazing job and I'm sure he'll definitely be remembered for Breaking Bad more than anything else, which is impressive considering he was the poster boy for Malcolm in the Middle.
  21. missjetaime94

    missjetaime94 New Member

    This is hard, I really do have a lot of TV series I'm currently watching and most of it are also my favorite. Some of the TV series on my list are Scorpion, this series superb 4 genius people with one agent handler and one normal person working together to solve very difficult cases and problems the world has encounter every episode is just WOW and amazing truly. Then there's Supernaturals, Pretty Little Liars, Arrow, the Originals and list goes on.
  22. Lissiel

    Lissiel New Member

    My most favorite TV show is Master Chef US, I watch it from Season 1 until the latest season. I enjoy it since I like to cook. I also learned many kinds of dishes from the contestants and as well as tips from the judges-- especially from Gordon Ramsay.
    It's already an educational TV show for someone like me who likes to cook.
    Even for those who don't cook they enjoy the show as well, like my friends. I don't blame them, because it was really amazing. Especially when Gordon shows the contestant how to cook the particular dish-- he made it look very easy.

    I would recommend all of you to watch Master Chef US. I promise you will enjoy it.
  23. sarinasasaki

    sarinasasaki New Member

    Big Little Lies is my all-time favorite series. It is an HBO series about parenthood, relationships, family, sex, violence, women empowerment. It is a big plus that they have a powerful ensemble of actors (Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, etc). And the cinematography was amazing too. It gives you subtle hints to the real issue as you go along. I heard they are cooking a new season of this! Go ahead and watch this award-winning, thrilling, breathtaking series.
  24. jalinde

    jalinde New Member

    Twin Peaks. An all-time favorite, each character has their own story along with their own theme music makes the show interesting. Along with the shows, occasional dark moments actually shows how much of a visionary David Lynch is in my eyes ( Personal Bias).

    Kyle McLachlan has aged well with the show along with Sheryl Lee who played Lara Palmer. I do love the quirks of the characters and I would personally highly recommend this show.
  25. archmaurice

    archmaurice New Member

    The Last Ship is really the tv series I've enjoyed and followed.Not that only because I'm a fan of US navy, but also it expresses genuine friendship, nationalism and patriotism among the characters involved and the nation it represents.
  26. Oluwatobi843

    Oluwatobi843 New Member

    It is Merlin
  27. TrisX19

    TrisX19 New Member

    I have a lot of favorite TV Series for I spend almost all of my free time watching tv series, movies, listening to music or just reading. So back to this question, these are my favorite tv series that I would highly recommend to anyone.
    1. Prison Break
    2. Grey's Anatomy
    3. White Collar
    4. Daredevil
    5. Game of Thrones
    6. Walking Dead
    7. How to Get Away with Murder
    8. 13 Reasons Why
    9. The Flush
    10. Narcos
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  28. Leksa90

    Leksa90 New Member

    Actually, I can't say which is my favourite TV Show because there is none. I watch series and enjoy them or I start some series and don't finish it at all because it's boring. Series which I was most hyped about and they lived to that hype were Dexter and True Detective. I'm personally big fan of detective stories not involving too many characters, so these are the ones that kept my focus and attention through out the whole season(s). I have watched 8 seasons of Dexter and only first season of True Detective (watched 2 episodes of 2. season and got very dissappointed of changing storyline and crew).
    These two TV Shows really make you think and reevaluate your life so I recommend them to everyone.
  29. Caleb902

    Caleb902 New Member

    Quite a few! Game of Thrones just based on the pure spectacle of it. Arrow S2, Flash S1 along side the majority of Agents of Shield may be the best comic adaptations on TV. Sherlock is a fantastic miniseries even though some fans may have turned against it. While some loved Star Trek, my sci-fi muse is 100% Dr. Who. I dove into that show and loved every minute, I just have to tackle the originals now.
  30. vii

    vii New Member

    My favorite TV Series right now is "How I Met You Mother". I finished it last month and I watch random episodes every time I miss each of them. I got really attached to the show since my dear friend recommended it to me. It really lightens my mood and I really love each characters. I love Ted even though he's idiot for going back to Robin. (Until now, I didn't dare to watch the REAL ENDING. I watched the alternate ending. But I know the real ending because of spoilers *cries*) I love Marshall for his quirkiness! I really love him. All his scenes made me laugh. I love Lily for being the controlling and manipulative friend! (Haha!) I love Robin for being there for Barney (but I hate her for leaving Barney UGHHHH) last, I love Barney for just being himself. I just want the series to have the Alternate Ending be the REAL ENDING. It will give justice to THE MOTHER.

    By the way, I have a second favorite. The Big Bang Theory!

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