What is your favorite tv series?

Discussion in 'Television' started by dgv, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Crisjean

    Crisjean New Member

    Uhhmmm!! There's only one TV series that I love the most and one of my favorite. I watched this all the time. It's called FRIENDS. It is very popular TV series. I know you heard it also. You know Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey?? Those guys are the best. Friends is one of the best tv series for me for its not about the love and comedy brought to us by the show and the characters. It shows the significance of friendship. How to value one another even in a different situation .If you haven't hear of it. Oh my God! You must search it on Google. It's hilarious and fun. With all the jokes and stupidity. Friendship, breakups, marriage. Everything you encountered in your life about friends are in there. I swear. You wont stop laughing. And even though after watching the movie. I still miss those episodes that makes me cry. Yeah! The movie is a complete package. From comedy, drama, suspense. You name it. Complete package. And I should say. Its one of the best TV series Ive seen so far. Check it out.
  2. YasD

    YasD New Member

    Supernatural will always be a favorite of mine.
    The show has been running for 13 seasons and it never got boring or out of touch, mostly because the creators realize how important diversifying content is, as they shifted the show's focus gradually from pure horror to human relationships even though it's a show about monsters.
  3. m8rning

    m8rning New Member

    My fave tv series, if it will fit to this category, is Game of Thrones. Seldom do i really watch tv series, to be honest, but when i started watching GOT, i got hooked in an instant! I love stories that is really fictional with fantasies with it, but the values and moralities can be related with any kind of person. Moreso, the casting of this masterpiece is so superbly thought of. The actors are all great and perfect for each role. I can never stop myself from watching every episodes the minute it starts, so all my chores and doings at the moment should be done. Now, i am so excited to watch the final episode which they say will air on 2019!
  4. rlpzbeermoney

    rlpzbeermoney New Member

    My favorite TV series is House. The quirky maniac doctor who diagnoses diseases Sherlock Holmes style. Unlike most American TV series where shows are dragged on for so long (about 8-10+ seasons), only for people to get tired of it. Dexter for example reached it's peak at season 3 but the quality dipped starting season 4 and it went downhill from there. House kept it's consistency throughout its run. Another thing I liked is the ending. It's not a cliche ending and it's also not an ending I regret watching. You could deal with the pain of the show ending and not wishing for it to continue more. Dexter and How I Met Your Mother for example had terrible endings to what could have been considered great shows. Their endings left a bitter aftertaste on my mouth.
  5. majaimeej

    majaimeej New Member

    Friends and The Big Bang Theory.

    For me, Friends is the best TV series ever. I love the humor, the story and the characters. Just now, I'm rewatching it for the nth time. It's funny but it also has a heart and the character's personalities are uniqur but relatable. I cried when I watched the ending.

    Although no other TV series can replace Friends in my heart, I like The Big Bang Theory a lot. The concept is original and it's so funny as well. Some of the scripts are so complicated but they managed to add in the humor everytime.
  6. Joram

    Joram New Member

    My favorite tv series is The Walking Dead. I love this tv series because of the originality of the story. It is a combination of drama action and horror, the story is about survival during a zombie apocalypse and also friendship. A father and son relationship is one of the highlights of the story. This tv series is different from other horror films.
  7. ejshep1993

    ejshep1993 New Member

    Currently I am watching 'Vampire Diaries'. It's like the series version of Twilight. I am on episode 18 and have only been watching it for 3 days!
    I also love all the E4 series like 'How i met your mother' and 'The big bang theory'. I don't really like soaps as a rule but I do watch Hollyoaks.
  8. Hands down Breaking Bad was the all time greatest show that was ever made. This comes at a very hard call because Queen Sugar is so close but Breaking Bad was so raw and real it was epic!!! The way a chemistry teacher living a white collar life who thinks he s going to die and ends up selling meth!?? What an emotional roller coaster and full of twist and turns that are mind blowing. I was so sad when it ended, This show helped me get through some of the hardest days of my life
  9. theeditor

    theeditor New Member

    Arrows! I love this series. I can watch it over and over
  10. jessabumagat20

    jessabumagat20 New Member

    I have many favorite TV series especially if it is Korean TV series. I am currently watching "Huwayugi" "Bagani" and "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano" . They are the TV seies in the " Primetime Bida" in ABS-CBN channel.
  11. rcariaga

    rcariaga New Member

    the good doctor the english version i like the series because the main character is purely genius. i like how he handle things in different way. and i like how he used his autism to be a very good doctor
  12. Zinga

    Zinga New Member

    My favorite television series is POWER created by Courtney A. Kemp. The 4 season tv show was originally aired on the Starz network on my birthday August 2, 2014. Since it first aired almost almost 5 seasons ago I've been hooked!! Living vicariously through the characters. Omari Latif Hardwick who plays the role of James "Ghost" St. Patrick his wife Tasha St. Patrick who is played by Naturi Naughton. With each season the plot thickens and the conflicts in each episode leaves its' fans impatiently wating for the next episode.

    The story tells of a high-level drug distributor and nightclub owner "Ghost" who has an affair with his childhood girlfriend and temporarily leaves his wife despite the warning of his best friend Tommy Egan who is played by Joseph Sikora. The show tells the struggles James endures as he tries to go LEGIT but is forced back into drug dealing by crime bosses. James is later locked and prosecuted by the woman he left his wife and family for. He almost loses the business he built from the ground up, a Fortune 500 Club called "Truth": the company's' sustainability is threatened as competitors seek to steal it from him because of his lack of funds. Drug movement and usage in the club also threatens to kill James' life work. While James St. Patrick struggles with walking the thin line of pretending to be an upstanding citizen in the eyes of his children he also struggles to keep his street credibility as young thugs and rival gangs attempt to kill him and destroy his facade of a legally successful life.
  13. ROBETA

    ROBETA New Member

    My favorite TV series is Supernatural. It is a fantasy horror shown on The CW channel in America. The main characters are Dean Winchester played by Jensen Ackles and Sam Winchester played by Jared Padelecki.
    This TV series has kept me thinking that we there might be some element who are co-existing living with us. If people might be thinking about aliens but it needs more proof of their existence but with supernatural elements, there might be existing and living with us.
    The writers have researched this since they also include some biblical characters and have also included the typical questions people do have. Like where is God? Does God really take care of His people?
    The TV series also showed other elements like witches do exist in the modern day, death as a person, angels, satan and the likes.
  14. yndye

    yndye New Member

    I love Game of Thrones. I just can't wait for the next season because I know it would be the most thrilling season since the whitewalkers with their dragon would now face Jon Snow and others. I was hooked up in it when I am finding a job before and while waiting for some calls, I would just watch an episode and I can't stop watching it. There are some scenes that are Rated-R though so it's not recommended for children.
  15. sniper608

    sniper608 New Member

    One of my favorite TV series are, Prison Break and The Walking Dead. It is mind blowing and you can't stop yourself watching this tv series. My next list is Game of Thrones, I heard this series is awsome and i hope you can share here in forum other good tv series.
    Every episode has a lot of twist story and i enjoy so much watching with macthing pop corn and soda on the table.
  16. Chris johnson-2WOg

    Chris johnson-2WOg New Member

    At the moment live p.d.. Is my favorite show because you never know what to expect.

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