What is your favorite vegetable?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by gcel, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. gcel

    gcel New Member

    My favorite vegetable used to be carrots but I have always loved green beans. Just plain old green beans. I could just dump them in a bowl and heat them up and eat a whole can. I add them and corn to a lot of things that normally wouldn't have them in it. I love my vegetables.
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  2. Emmy Smiley

    Emmy Smiley New Member

    Woohoo, VEGES! I love many of them. Right now I would have to say oven-roasted cauliflower. Slice it cross ways about 3/4 " thick. Put it on a cookie sheet and drizzle with a little olive oil, sprinkle with salt and come crushed garlic. Roast at 350 for 20 minutes! It caramelizes and is so good!
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  3. menrvaofmusic

    menrvaofmusic New Member

    My favorite veggie is romaine lettuce, with Peas coming in close second. I could have a salad every meal of the day and never get bored. I would recommend switching to romaine if you are an iceburg addict; there is more nutritional value and vitamins to be had in a head of romaine than that other water filled vegetable :).
  4. seaurchindestroy

    seaurchindestroy New Member

    It is so hard to pick a favorite vegetable! I love so many of them. If i did HAVE to pick I think I'd choose cauliflower. I use it in so many different ways. My favorite preparations of cauliflower are mashing it and roasting it. I also got a new recipe for a great breaded cauliflower and I felt silly that I hadn't thought of that all on my own!
  5. seaurchindestroy

    seaurchindestroy New Member

    I am a fellow romaine lover, but have you tried substituting it with kale? It's even better for you, somehow!
  6. mariaasterjoy

    mariaasterjoy New Member

    I am a vegetable lover. My favorite vegetable is carrot. It is rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C, anti-oxidants. It has also cardiovascular and vision health benefits. I recommend you to eat carrots regularly for a healthy diet and a good eyesight condition.
  7. Jess501535

    Jess501535 New Member

    I am a vegetable lover to the core of my soul! I love broccoli. I can eat it with any meal, regardless of the time of day. I use to like steam broccoli but I switched over to the raw form. It's much more healthier. The only downside to broccoli is the fact I get the stinky burps when I am done eating them. Ugh!
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  8. Jesterkins

    Jesterkins New Member

    Personally, I hate most vegetables. I can't seem to get around texture and smell. I do enjoy eating carrots, broccoli, and my absolute favorite, corn! My parents used to have a garden at home and home grown vegetables are amazing. You know what's going into them from the start, fertilizers, pesticides, and more.
  9. jaboe2004

    jaboe2004 New Member

    My favorite vegetable would have to be collard greens. I know that this may be weird, but I love them. Sometimes, how these are prepared may not be the healthiest choice, but I love them. I also like red-leafed lettuce for my salads. This lettuce is more softer than iceberg lettuce and has a more distinctive taste.
  10. Ellie Phillips

    Ellie Phillips New Member

    Corn, sweet potatoes (I think those are yams for you Americans!), and aubergine. I used to absolutely hate vegetables, and still gotta strong feelings against salad, but nowadays I'm finding so many recipes that make veg taste really awesome. Corn on the cob grilled with a bit of butter and sprinkled with salt - heaven.
  11. soIsaid

    soIsaid New Member

    My favourite vegetable would have to be the potato. Of all the vegetables, I think I would miss potatoes most if they were to disappear. I love them in all forms - baked, fried, scalloped, boiled, and mashed with gravy. Give me the humble potato, any day.
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  12. prettyinpink13

    prettyinpink13 New Member

    I really don't think I could pick just one favorite veggie. I have so many favorites! If I had to choose I would have to pick carrots, green beans, and potatoes. I could eat green beans and carrots cold, straight from the can!
  13. Roelle

    Roelle New Member

    Hi there, Gcel! I always eat vegetables. I love them all! They are very nutritious and healthy. Well, here in the Philippines we have vegetable dishes like "Pinakbet", where we put vegetables like squash, string beans, bitter gourd, lady finger (or what we call here "Okra") and eggplants. Another one is "Chopseuy". This dish has broccoli, cauliflowers, chayote, cabbage, carrots and green beans. It's hard to choose which from them is my favorite. :)
  14. CharlotteHornetsFan

    CharlotteHornetsFan New Member

    I love carrots I can eat a whole can if I tried!
  15. tialove

    tialove New Member

    I can't get enough of potatoes!
  16. Singer

    Singer New Member

    I love butter beans almost everyday. They are full of protein which gives me energy during the afternoon when my concentration level needs a boost. So, if butter beans needs a spokesperson, I am their representative!
  17. sab

    sab New Member

    My favorite is onion. It assists in regulating blood sugar.
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  18. Kingofrf

    Kingofrf New Member

    Oh man, vegetables are the best, I got 2 favorite vegetables and they are carrots and brocolli but if I have to choose one it would be brocolli!!! they are so good.
  19. kathrynwinn

    kathrynwinn New Member

    My favorite vegetable to eat is asparagus when it is in season. Cooking on the grill, brushed with butter and sprinkled with steak seasoning, is the best way to prepare it.
  20. Thenix

    Thenix New Member

  21. bouboumum

    bouboumum New Member

    Since I was a small child my favourite vegetable has been the cucumber. I like fresh cucumber salad dressed with salt, sunflower oil and vinegar!
  22. Roseann McCuen

    Roseann McCuen New Member

    My favorite vegetable is sweet peas. I can just open up a can and eat them. Another way that I love to eat peas is to saute onions in olive oil and mushrooms and then add the peas. It is so yummy and so good for you.
  23. Med Ver

    Med Ver Member

    I love potatoes. I eat these more than any other vegetable and in many different forms! I also enjoy carrots and peppers. With a little ranch, any vegetable tastes good to me :)
  24. Giannicus

    Giannicus New Member

    I love green leafy vegetables specially spinach because they are rich in fiber and iron. I normally steam them for 2 to 5 minutes and eat it fresh, sometimes I just throw them in a bowl and add some low calorie dressing with nuts and fruits.
  25. SamDavis88

    SamDavis88 New Member

    Have you tried roasting Broccoli? Roast it in a glass dish with a little bit of oil, salt and pepper, at about 450F until the flowers begin to char. Yes, raw broccoli is delicious... but this is heavenly.
  26. Kacie Francis

    Kacie Francis New Member

    I LOVE my veggies! My two favorites are Lima beans and sweet potatoes. I believe that I could actually cut meat out of my diet totally and be perfectly happy. I cook veggies with every meal.
  27. Peterschumaker

    Peterschumaker New Member

    Vegetables are wonderful to eat. They are a very healthy meal choice as they offer a great many nutritional benefits that keep you healthy and keep your waistline thin. As for my favorite tasting vegetable, I have to say that it is the carrot. The carrot is a simple tasting orange vegetable that never seems to get too tangy or boring, and it contains a fair amount of sweet carrot juices that give it some delicious flavors, especially when cooked or prepared in certain ways. Then again, munching on them raw has always been my favorite way of consuming carrots.
  28. genier

    genier Guest

    I love most of the dark green leafy vegetables, but my favorite right now has to be kale. Good and good for you. Kale is low in calories and loaded with nutrients including antioxidants. There are so many ways to use it. Of course it is good raw in a salad. I like to sautee it in a little olive oil. It is also very good in soup or cassero.e because it stands up nicely to the heat and doesn't wilt down to nothing like spinach tends to.
  29. rhaniece

    rhaniece New Member

    I love vegetables my vegetable collar greens, but I Love them carrots, broccoli, spinach etc. I mix them all together for a smoothie every morning, I must start my day with a blast of energy, it make me feel great!
  30. EspyJ.

    EspyJ. New Member

    My favorite vegetable is spinach, you can do a lot with it. Put it in salads, cook it in olive oil. Not to mention it's good for your eyes. I love mostly all vegetables, but spinach is the favorite. It's also easier to get the kids to eat it, because what kids likes veggies, not many. They definately don't like green veggies, so spinach is a winner in my household. Besides it goes great in mac n' cheese.

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