What is your favorite vegetable?

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    ZACKMONDA New Member

    I am a lover of vegetables because of their health benefits, with my favorite being carrots and tomatoes.
  2. MeganW

    MeganW New Member

    My favorite veggie is, by far, zucchini and squash. I have been known to eat steamed or sauteed zucchini for lunch, snack, dinner, or even dessert. Zucchini has great flavor, is great for you and can be paired with so many different dishes. For a delicious and easy zucchini side dish, slice your zucchini, saute it in olive oil until slightly browned and then sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. It is simple, yet the perfect compliment to any meal.
  3. income14

    income14 New Member

    My favorite vegetables are baby carrots. I place them in a small zip lock bag and eat them throughout the day. I like them with ranch dressing so they will not be plain.
  4. rheamarie_cg2014

    rheamarie_cg2014 New Member

    Carrot! With this orange crunchy power food, you'll get almost everything your body needs. Everything that has carrots on them, I patronize, from soap to drinks. It aids cleansing, promotes skin health, prevents cancer and heart disease, improves vision and of course a flavorful vegetable. I definitely love carrots!
  5. Egis275

    Egis275 New Member

    Probably my favourite vegetables are fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots because thy are good with many kinds of food.
  6. Sarah Hoffman

    Sarah Hoffman New Member

    I think I would have to choose broccoli. There are so many different ways to prepare it. It's an easy side dish to make when you're short on time, but you can still feel good about serving it because it's so healthy. Believe it or not, I enjoy roasted broccoli on pizza (with extra mozzarella)!
  7. justg

    justg New Member

    I love some zucchini and yellow squash when they're cooked just right. Delicious!
  8. trjohnst

    trjohnst New Member

    Fresh garden peas are definitely the best vegetable. My whole family adores them, so they seem to vanish almost as soon as they enter our house. It is a good thing they are only in season for a couple weeks out of the year or we would become gluttonous. Frozen peas simply do not have the same appeal.
  9. Allen Brown

    Allen Brown New Member

    I am a big fan of the diversity and flavor of butternut squash. I cook five pounds of butternut squash each week just for my family of three because we can't seem to get enough. Lightly roasted or pureed as a substitute for sweet potato mash, its perfect and lower in sugar for my diabetic family members.
  10. My favorite vegetables are onion and garlic. My favorite veggie dish is sauteed mixed veggies with added onion, garlic, spinach, and beans.
  11. hany

    hany New Member

    Okra is the best, Okra is very low calorie vegetable. Okra provides only 30 calories per 100 g; contain no saturated fats or cholesterol, rich sources of dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins; Okra is a basic element in cholesterol controlling and weight reduction programs
  12. car4cher

    car4cher New Member

    I agree that broccoli is the healthiest food. I actually used to hate it until I started researching a lot of its benefits and then I started mixing it with cheese just so that I could eat it. Now it is my favorite vegetable and I can eat it daily with just a little salt and butter.
  13. bani

    bani New Member

    I love vegetables. But if I had to pick one, it would be tomatoes for sure. Add it to any dish to give it that tangy taste or just eat it raw in salads. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which has many health benefits including prevention of cancer.
  14. Justsayin1

    Justsayin1 New Member

    Wow, how to pick only one favorite :thumbsdown:...Well I'd have to say all greens are first on my list, broccoli, kale, rappini (reminds me of spinach and broccoli mixed as one), of course spinach, english cucumbers, avocados... There are just way too many delicious vegetables to pick one as a favorite. :love: I can't think of a vegetable I wouldn't eat.
  15. ajbolron

    ajbolron New Member

    Spinach! Hands down, spinach is my all time favorite vegetable. Even as a little girl I loved it. I would spread it all out on my plate pretending that the spinach was grass and that I was a cow. Thankfully I didn't eat it the same way as a cow would. Close seconds would have to be beans of any kind and carrots.
  16. Krisibelle

    Krisibelle New Member

    Carrots in a can? Now that just sounds bizarre. I've never heard of such blasphemy! :p
  17. DianeC

    DianeC New Member

    I like a few different vegetables but through out the years I developed, and it's going to have people saying "yuk" but I have to say....spinach! I like broccoli, carrots, especially if they are steamed just right and of course corn. I like lima beans which gets to alot of people too. But....spinach, me and Popeye "BFF!"
  18. mylindaelliott

    mylindaelliott New Member

    I didn't used to like vegetables. Now I love them. Almost any vegetable tastes good now. Like you I particularly like green beans and corn.
  19. Gege Ama

    Gege Ama New Member

    My favorite veggies are broccoli and corn. Especially with salt and butter on them. I could eat broccoli and corb with any meal anytime of the day!
  20. Chili

    Chili New Member

    My favourite is swiss chard (mangold). I first ate it a few years ago but now I love it. I prepare it with cheese or garlic. I also like nettle - I know it's not a vegetable but a weed but I make deliciuos and nourishing cream soup from stinging nettle.
  21. Ontheedge_

    Ontheedge_ New Member

    I love almost all vegetables. But my favorite would be potatoes because you can do so much with them to vary the taste. Stuffed zucchini or zucchini on the BBQ is awesome, I also love squash but find it can be too much work and prep time
  22. spb100

    spb100 New Member

    You sound like my daughter. I don't think that there is a vegetable that she doesn't like. She has even introduced Brussel Sprouts to our Christmas Dinner. Now there is one veggie that I could happily ignore. Carrots, I could happily eat all day long although they contain a lot of sugar... unfortunately.
  23. mal707

    mal707 New Member

    My favorite vegetable is broccoli. I like the fact that it is healthy, goes with many flavors and can be incorporated into a lot of different dishes. Broccoli goes well with cheese, oil and vinegar, mayo-based sauces, butter-based sauces and other different flavors. It adds a nice crunch to salads, goes well on pizza, in soups and on baked potatoes. Whenever I have broccoli, I always feel like I am doing my body a favor as well as enjoying a treat!
  24. The Ace of Spades

    The Ace of Spades New Member

    Asparagus! It's probably the preparation that makes me like a vegetable more than the vegetable itself, but every time I go grocery shopping, I get this huge bundle of asparagus and roast it in the oven. I'm pretty sure I could easy live on that alone for a few weeks just for the taste.
  25. BettyRedd

    BettyRedd New Member

    I love fresh spinach (not canned). I have to buy it at the local farmers market every weekend (actually about to pick some up). I eat it by itself, cut with it and even add it to smoothies. It is one of those things that I can not go with out.
  26. sklauda1

    sklauda1 New Member

    Beets that are not pickled. I love the earthy taste and color.
  27. darehare

    darehare New Member

    My favorites as a kid were sautéed green beans or crockpot carrots 'n' potatoes or broccoli/cauliflower or sometimes brussels sprouts in cream of mushroom soup or in cheese squeeze. I probably liked the sauces and dipping condiments as much as the vegetable smothered in the sauces. As a teenager, one of my favorites was bok choy. Now, as an adult, I love all vegetables and roots from around the world and really appreciate the organic, local, fresh, homemade taste that I can distinguish from non-organic veggies. Salads are fantastic now since there are many more options than when I was growing up with the standard iceberg lettuce fare.
  28. raptor16

    raptor16 New Member

    For some reason, I only like green vegetables. My favourite would probably be lettuce or Kang Kong
  29. Bhickmon

    Bhickmon New Member

    MY favorite vegetables are green peas. My mom used to make them for me all the time out of a can, but now I steam them. I still prefer the taste of the canned ones, but I know steaming them is better for me. My husband's favorite vegetable (fruit??) is steamed okra. I love me some fried okra, but when it's steamed is a different story. It's so slimy!
  30. josesg

    josesg New Member

    I love broccoli. It is a vegetal with many vitamins and very healthy for the body.
    Stinks but also very healthy.
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