What is your favorite vegetable?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by gcel, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. katherinehawkins

    katherinehawkins New Member

    Іt's hаrd tо рісk, but іf І thіnk аbоut mу wееklу grосеrу lіst, іt hаs tо bе саrrоts. І еаt аbоut оnе оr twо роunds оf саrrоts реr wееk. І thіnk thеу аrе іnсrеdіblу vеrsаtіlе. Yоu саn hаvе thеm swееt, sаltу, оr sрісу. Тhеу саn bе rаw, grіllеd, bоіlеd, bаkеd аnd stіll tаstе аmаzіng. Yоu саn mаkе thеm а sіdе dіsh, аn арреtіzеr, а mаіn іngrеdіеnt, оr а dеsеrt. Саrrоts аrе јust аmаzіng іn thаt wау.

    Му fаvоrіtе thіng tо dо wіth саrrоts іs tо сut thеm јulіеnnе, sрrіnklе sоmе оlіvе оr сосоnut оіl іn а раn, mіх thе саrrоts wіth sаlt, рерреr, сumіn, соrіаndеr sееds аnd а ріnсh оf сhіllі, thеn bаkе thеm аt 200 С fоr 20 mіn. Іt's grеаt аs а sіdе оr а snасk!
  2. trueknoledge

    trueknoledge New Member

    My favorite vegetable definitely has to be celery. Even though I personally believe that celery tastes awful, I can't get enough of the satisfying crunch every time I bite down. Vegetables aren't things I eat too often but if i had to name one favorite vegetable, it would be celery. Even the way it's shaped is convenient to enjoy.
  3. daniconk

    daniconk New Member

    While picking just one seems impossible I have been riding the cauliflower craze. But even more so I have recently become super addicted to broccoli. It is the perfect side dish and can be prepared in so many ways. I'm really loving roasted broccoli coated in olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice. In addition to eating this at home I have been making an effort to order steamed broccoli when eating out. Most restaurants don't mind substituting steamed broccoli for french fries. Red Robin even offers a "bottomless" broccoli option instead of fries. Small, healthy changes along the way make all the difference.
    Also, give me avocados or give me death, but I don't think they count as vegetable so I'll save that argument for another thread. :)
  4. Cherie

    Cherie New Member

    I would have to say kale. Maybe not so much for the taste (although I do love kale chips!) but because it is so amazingly healthy! It has calcium, which is great because I do no-dairy and iron, which I am low in. So it is just about perfect!
  5. manyom7

    manyom7 New Member

    Corn or broccoli for sure! I love boiling broccoli and then stir-frying it with some oil and garlic. It's a pretty simple dish and I haven't gotten tired of it (yet). I love corn because it's just delicious haha. Corn on the cob, creamed corn in the slow cooker, cornbread, it makes me hungry just thinking about it lol.
  6. Smashgij

    Smashgij New Member

    Potatoes and a lot more potatoes! Since I lived from an area in the country where potatoes grow everywhere a person can put his eyes on, I grew up loving them. You can combine them with other vegetables or meats. They can even be a full meal by themselves, or even desserts!
  7. deonjo

    deonjo New Member

    My favorite would have to be broccoli it's super health beneficial taste great and got that pretty green colour
  8. Grilled sweet corn! I can't wait for summer so I can start hitting up my favorite farm stands again. Just pop them on the grill, soak them in butter, and add a bit of salt. I'm excited just thinking about it.

    I remember when I was pregnant with my second I went to a craft fair and ate three whole cobs of it. I think I had more fun at the food tent than I did looking at crafts!
  9. Almalala

    Almalala New Member

    I have always loved vegetables, even as a child! My favorite is probably broccoli because of its texture and rich flavor.
  10. crescentmoon

    crescentmoon New Member

    Bell peppers. I like them raw in a salad, or cooked in a stir-fry mixture, or oven-roasted and served over pasta. They're sweet, but not too sweet, and depending on how you cook them, their flavor and texture go with almost everything.
  11. Elodie

    Elodie New Member

    Favorite Vegetable that's tough I love them all. Well my top 3 vegetables would most likely be green beans, broccoli, and lastly bell peppers. These all are great in a fresh spinach salad with a balsamic vinaigrette. If you steam the broccoli and green beans and add lemon on them you're in for a treat and an extremely healthy/filling meal.
  12. DNaidoo

    DNaidoo New Member

    Carrots have got to be my favorite vegetable! They taste great in soups, salads, and especially carrot cake! Carrots are also packed with Vitamin A to help with healthy skin.
  13. CoolBreeze

    CoolBreeze New Member

    For me nothing beats broccoli lol. I'll list spinach as my close second because I always wanted to have Popeye forearms:laugh:
  14. marshay

    marshay New Member

    At the moment my favorite vegetable is zucchini squash because it is so versatile. I love that I can use it in multiple ways and in multiple dishes. It can easily be cut up into salad or put into a soup to cook down. Not to mention after that I can may zucchini bread for dessert. It's really just a perfect all around vegetable for any time of year.
  15. here2h3lp

    here2h3lp New Member

    I love almost all vegetables actually, but I believe my favorite is broccoli. Whether I'm eating it raw and dipping it in ranch dressing or if I've steamed it and melted cheese on top, it's just so satisfying. My husband and I eat with a variety of dinners that we fix at home and we get our young daughters to eat it by telling them it's baby trees :) Sometimes you have to get creative and clever in order to get the little ones to eat their veggies.

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