What is Your Favorite Workout?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Molly Brougham, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. Molly Brougham

    Molly Brougham New Member

    My favorite activities I use to get my heart pumping are running and lifting free weights. I have been an avid runner for years, and recently I started lifting. I am extremely happy with the results! What is your favorite fitness hobby?
  2. Alana White

    Alana White New Member

    I am currently in love with HIIT training! I find that even a short workout, anywhere from 10-30 minutes, is much more beneficial to me than separate cardio and weight training plans.

    I have always loved going to the gym, and it never felt like "work" to me - I never had to drag myself there. However, my life has been insanely hectic lately and it's hard for me to find time to get a full one to two hour workout in. Between working full-time and running my own business, there just isn't enough hours in the day.

    Luckily, my full-time job is managing an athlete-only training centre, so I have super easy access to a gym. On my lunch breaks, I hit the gym and get a quick 10 or 20 minute HIIT workout in with my colleagues. HIIT is great for the results I'm looking for, which is mostly just maintaining my current muscle mass and getting in some cardio to keep that body fat away!
  3. mellisasays

    mellisasays New Member

    I would have to say my favorite workout changes with my mood. I workout to a few different programs on DVD in my home. When I want something fun and upbeat I reach for Hip Hop Abs or Turbo Jam. When I want something more hard core I go for P90X or a Kettle Bell workout. Sometimes I just prefer something more static like Yoga or Tai Chi.
    I also have a Tread Mill and Mini Tramp when I just want to Move it, Move it with my head phones on.

    Having the diversity is what keeps me interested and willing to workout on a regular basis.
  4. lachie180

    lachie180 New Member

    I'm more of an at home guy. I feel that you can almost get as much done using just your body weight. I am 85kg, 6'2 and find that the variations in push-ups and core exercise can target all areas without even having to leave home. I do core once a day and then arms every second with legs on the alternate. I use weight-vests for squats and pull-ups and the results are showing.

    Also a growing fan of pilates, really keeps you flexible and targets the core and obliques
  5. Glower

    Glower New Member

    Reverse pyramid, 5 sets
    14 reps (90 secs rest), 12 reps (80 secs rest), 10 reps (70 secs rest), 8 reps (60 secs rest), 6 reps (The end).

    1. KB swings with squat
    2. Alternating single arm overhead press with squat (think push-press)
    3. Frog jumps (standing long jump from A to B, from B to A) [1.5m - 5m]
    4. Renegade Rows
    5. Mountain Climbers

    Single arm farmers walks (heavy) or walking lunges with arms at 30 deg abduction (3-5 kg, isometric supraspinatus) for a finisher.
  6. Jordan Stokes

    Jordan Stokes New Member

    I am a lazy exerciser. I bought the 21 Day Fix from BeachBody and I love it, but I am just too lazy. I cannot find the motivation between a full-time job, full-time school, two kids, a boyfriend, and a house to take care of. Life sweeps by me in such fast motions and I struggle with keeping up with everything as it is. Throwing in exercising and dieting will only make it worse. Although I always dream of the energy I would have, the self-confidence, and ability to actually move properly. I would love nothing more than to actually be fit again. I really need to find a new way to earn an income. If that were possible then I not only would not have to worry about my work schedule but I could also quit school. My job requires me to go to school until I receive my degree. Although I would love the degree, it is not something I want my degree in. I believe finding a new job would help me become a lot of things I dream about on a daily basis, including exercising.
  7. asbm

    asbm New Member

    My favourite workout is skipping . It is because our body can absorb more stronger force from the earth's gravity. Through the jumping our leg can gain more explosive jump that result to us to jump higher. This workout are a compulsory for an athletes like basketball,running and also other.
  8. brookscc

    brookscc New Member

    This might be a little strange to some, but I love slacklining. I have tried so many different types of workouts and nothing has proven to be as motivating as this. It really teaches so much more than a "normal" exercise. If you are into balance, there is no better workout. It teaches flexibility, focus and mental strength all while burning calories (about 200 an hour). This exercise builds muscle while burning fat. It can be very independent or social so it fits all types. Start up equipment can run anywhere from $25 (used) to however much you want to spend...haha

    Give it a try. There are meet ups and park events for those who want to try before you buy! I love to share my line with others at the beach. :)
    Happy Slacking!
  9. Clayton W.

    Clayton W. New Member

    When it comes to working out I really only run, I rarely lift weights. Although I used to do Shaun T's Insanity videos and Tony Horton's P90X workout videos.
  10. cvogels

    cvogels New Member

    I tend to find things on youtube. Emily Skye is my favorite because her workouts tend to be very short and very intense so I can get a good workout in about 15 minutes a day. This way I can take care of my four kids, house and job hunting without having to plan an hour or so in the gym.
    I am not a fan of the gyms because I find way to many women on their phone on the equipment I want to use. So I finally just stopped my gym subscription and opted for Youtube. Now I work out every day and I am not waiting to get stuff done.
  11. Andorphin

    Andorphin New Member

    I like lifting weights and running the most. It keeps my body healthy and it also improves my mood. For example, if I have some trouble breathing through my nose (difficulty breathing), then if I start lifting weights after a couple of times doing it my nose clears and I breathe really well. I think this may be an effect that has over my body.
  12. Tracey Hash

    Tracey Hash New Member

    My favorite workout has to be anything I can find to do at home. I am not a fan of going to the gym, nor do I have time with my busy lifestyle. I have found Pinterest has some excellent at home exercise routines, body weight exercises and endurance workouts that I can do right at home on my treadmill. Winter seems be to the hardest time to kick start a workout regiment. Staying focused and finding new exercises are the key for me to not get burns out with losing weight.
  13. Gsaade204

    Gsaade204 New Member

    I recently stopped going to the gym and i workout at home.

    When i first wake up i do 1 set of pull ups going to failure, and 1 set of pushups going to failure. I try to increase my failure number everyday.
    After that i do 20 minutes of jumping rope and that's it.
  14. Mario Guzman

    Mario Guzman New Member

    Pull-ups and squats all day. Showing off huge biceps for the summer.
  15. Majoree Soriano

    Majoree Soriano New Member

    It is my third month doing brisk walking 20 minutes a day, six times a week. I usually wakes up at 5:20 am, do my morning ritual and then start brisk walking. Brisk walking is a fun, and free way of making your body healthy and vibrant. Drink a glass of warm water before walking. It is also advisable to make some warm-ups before your daily walk so as not to strain your muscles.
  16. Heather6000

    Heather6000 Member

    I just started a new water aerobic class. Much different from the other water aerobic classes that I have taken. This one is more like cross-fit training in the pool. Instead of all over body movements, it is simple movements that really focus on one part of the body. I really enjoy it and feel sore the next day.
  17. Droz

    Droz New Member

    I would have to say that swimming is my favorite exercise. I find that it elevates my heart rate giving me a valuable aerobic workout, while also helping to strengthen many muscles in my body. Studies have shown that swimming provides a full body workout that has very low impact on our joints. There area variety of strokes that you can do to avoid monotony. Many swimmers also vary their pace in the pool to provide challenging regiments.
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  18. Ayisha

    Ayisha New Member

    I love to run. Running for me is a stress reliever. It helps me take my mind off of whatever I am going through if I am having a rough day. It also gives me a complete body workout, as I am working my legs, my abs, arms, almost every part of my body. I would rather run (or jog) for miles than go to the gym for a quick workout.
  19. Taylortrn

    Taylortrn New Member

    My favorite work outs are free lifting and ROWING! It's such a great form of exercising, and while you work out you get a nice view. Open water swimming does the same, but you can't just sit there when you get too tired or the workouts over.
  20. SapnaTheBaller3

    SapnaTheBaller3 New Member

    My favorite workout has to definitely be free weights. I avoid running on the treadmill and any sorts of cardio when entering the gym. This definitely has to do with my goal to gain weight, but also due to my poor heart. Before I work out, I either take a mass gainer with milk or a scoop of pre workout with water. This gets me going and pumped; I tend to focus mainly on my arms. From exercises such as, DIPS, Over the back, Curls, Bench press, etc..
  21. miss_a

    miss_a New Member

    I love to workout with Jillian Michaels, her Shred and Ripped programs. They showed to give amazing results, and with proper diet I think people can loose a lot of weight. The best thing is that it is mixed, it includes strength (3 minutes) + cardio (2 minutes) and abs workout (1 minute). Its great combo, and centimeters and calories are going like crazy. Really love the program.
  22. Ir_mitch

    Ir_mitch New Member

    I love TAE BO workout. I often find a Youtube video and exercise in front of my TV. I usually end up lying on the floor trying to catch my breath, but after a shower it is the best feeling ever!
  23. Roxy724

    Roxy724 New Member

    Daily yoga practice is my favorite workout. Not only does it stretch your muscles, it works wonders for stress relief and overall well-being.
  24. edz26

    edz26 Member

    I incorporate yoga and zumba after stretching my body and relax my mind with yoga, I enjoy dancing zumba to energize and get more sweat. After these two work out I felt more active.
  25. troyoyoy

    troyoyoy New Member

    My favorite workout would be push-ups and planking. I usually do this on afternoon because that is the best time for me to burn my fats. I also have a lot of energy to do some intense workouts. Before I start my push-ups, I will have to do a full body stretching so I'll get a good warm up.

    For push-ups, I do 50 repetition and for planking I do it for 1 minute. After that, I rest for 1 minute then proceed with another set. It is really tiring but it's really worth it because I can already see some chest muscle as well the lower body abs building up.

    I'll continue this workout until I get the right build of my body.
  26. murrayka92

    murrayka92 New Member

    I just started doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. There are three levels that get harder and harder. I am still on Level 1 and it is killing me! It is a full body workout in around 25 minutes. The circuits consist of 3-minute strength, 2-minute cardio, and 1-minute abs and repeat. I can witness my endurance level increase as well as my muscles growing stronger. It is a hard, intense workout but I feel great after, like I accomplished something. I will say though, the first day I did it, my legs hurt so bad I could barely move. After a few days of rest, I was back on it. I would strongly recommend this workout!
  27. wella_DA

    wella_DA New Member

    My favorites are planking and jogging, I love this two because my whole body is working while doing this two exercise. And the sweat after I do this, it's very therapeutic for me.
  28. NomeQueEuLembro

    NomeQueEuLembro New Member

    If we're talking resistance training then I'm a huge fan of bodyweight training with gymnastic rings! It makes me feels amazing and is definitely my favorite type of training, even while I'm somewhat new at it - I can't even muscle up yet! I wish I had the money to pay for proper gymnastic training. I'm also a huge fan of free weight training, specially weighted pull-ups, weighted dips and deadlifts. I would love to have the opportunity of having Olympic Lifts classes too!

    When it comes down to cardio, well, it varies wildly. I've never been a huge fan of slow, steady pace runs, but I've always enjoyed quick sprints. I used to train Muay Thai for a while and it was a great way to get my heart pumping! Dancing is also another great option - having dancing classes is super fun and you get to meet a lot of nice people! Last but not least, being a Brazilian, I've always enjoyed playing soccer - although I've always described as nothing short of "awful" at it, but it's always been lots of fun!
  29. L3vi4than

    L3vi4than New Member

    When it comes in workout, i normally go for jogging. It is the easiest workout i know when we talk of age. Its a form of aerobics exercise even a child can do. Normally it helps our entire body and joint moves because its a cardio vascular exercise that helps even the older one cannot do extreme exercise anymore. And it common to everyone.
  30. Kileystar

    Kileystar New Member

    I am horrible at sticking to any type of exercise regimen. The first few days go well and then I slowly skip days until whatev3er current apparatus I was using is in the corner with every other "Oh...I have to buy this and I am going to use it for sure" items. I do like to go for walks and on my days off I walk anywhere from 2.5 to 5 KM. When I am walking I always incorporate the Pilates' "belly button in towards the core" for some easy abdominal work.

    However, the majority of my exercise comes from my job. I am a restaurant manager/server in an extremely busy establishment. I clip a small pedometer to my waistband each day when I start my shift and it is common for me to end up with over 7 KM during a six-hour shift!

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