What is your favourite and least favourite exercise?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by cruzie, May 28, 2013.

  1. cruzie

    cruzie New Member

    What part of your exercise routine do you love to do and what part makes your cringe? For me, I love the elliptical trainer as I find it really gets my heart rate up and gets the adrenalin going. On the other hand I despise running as it is quite painful as I have extensive knee problems.
  2. cruzie

    cruzie New Member

    I love ab crunchers. For some silly reason I love it when I can still feel my abs the next day, particularly when it hurts to cough or laugh! I am hopeless on the bench press though, I have issues even lifting the bar!
  3. cruzie

    cruzie New Member

    BodyAttack almost sounds like an Insanity Workout type, I´ve been meaning to set up something of the sort at home as I am no longer able to get to the gym and crave my workouts. Sounds like it really gets the heart racing.
  4. sander

    sander New Member

    I love doing squats. I was always afraid of squats since I never could get a good posture and avoided them for a long time until one day I decided I wanted to start doing squats. At first it was difficult, but now I have the technique right and I love it. You get to work pretty much all the muscle groups with one exercise. Also after started doing squats I've noticed that my muscles are growing much faster than they used to.

    I hate doing lateral pull downs. I enjoy weight training, but for some reason, lateral pull downs are the dullest exercise out there.
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  5. cruzie

    cruzie New Member

    I envy your squat ability! I know they´re super beneficial, especially for the rear end, but I cannot seem to do them. Have tried everything, I don´t even think it´s a question of technique in my case, they´re just super hard to do!
  6. cruzie

    cruzie New Member

    I am starting to get into this, fortunately space is not a problem for me. I do lack the motivation that comes with working out at my own pace, at the gym I would secretly try to out do my neighbours especially when doing cardio. At home I have to compete with myself and it´s hard to get used to.
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  7. foggysheep

    foggysheep Member

    I already hated doing sit-ups, then a few years ago I had back surgery that made them near impossible. What I find much more enjoyable is using karate practice as a form of cardio. I love to just turn on some fast, high energy music, and kick until I cant any more.
  8. chasethesun

    chasethesun New Member

    My favorite form of exercise would be most all sports. I think swimming gives me the best feeling during and post-workout. It provides an all around great feeling. My least favorite would be running as exercise and I don't mean in soccer or basketball; Just plain running. It seems too stressful on the joints and body in general.
  9. amseifer

    amseifer New Member

    I love to go running with my dog and ipod early in the morning or late at night when it's dark, quiet and no one else is around. I have a glow in the dark hoodie that makes me feel safe. The part that makes me cringe is doing my abs with the handled-wheel thing on the ground where you roll back and forth from your knees to plank position. It's not so bad while I'm doing it, but the next morning it aches to sit, stand, laugh, breathe, anything.
  10. Jose Gonzales

    Jose Gonzales New Member

    I have been a long-distance runner for years, so my favorite form of exercise is any form of running (go figure). I've always enjoyed the physical exhaustion coupled with a sense of mental calm that accompanies me after an extensive run. I don't use my running as a means of relaxation, but rather as a time of self-centering. There is nothing more amazing than running along a long dirt road at night without a soul around. This allows time for me to reconnect with myself, and crazy enough, have conversations with myself about whatever may be on my mind. Because of these reasons, I have always shied away from the weight room. I have never viewed it as a place for reconnecting with myself, and therefore, is the complete opposite of relaxation. I try to visit the weight room just enough to keep in shape, but those sessions are far from my favorite.
  11. Carlton

    Carlton New Member

    Unfortunately, I am not able to take part in as many fitness activities as I used to. Prior to my injuries I would have to say I hate cycling the most. Just the thought of it makes me cringe. I also did not like the elliptical or the stair climber. I love playing sports in general as opposed to hitting the gym. My routine would normally be treadmill and then weight machines and free weights. I would even rather to run or jog over using the cycle to warm up.
  12. Jakob Moore

    Jakob Moore New Member

    I love pushups. I can do them all day, everyday. However I HATE running long distances. When it comes down to sprinting, I'd be the first one at the starting line, but running 10+ miles, it just gets boring. I usually need a audio book or music to not be too bored, but I don't like being distracted from things around me.
  13. happycamper

    happycamper New Member

    Pushups are my absolute favorite exercise and I try to incorporate them in almost all my routines. There are so many variations that help you work almost any muscle in the body and you can be a total beginner yet still do them. I recently finished the “100 pushups in 7 weeks” program and while I didn't manage to do 100 pushups, I improved my initial condition a lot.

    I know burpees are effective and help build up your core and so on but I hate them. Sometimes I even have the feeling that I will throw up and have to stop. I try to replace them with other cardio routines like squat jumps or mountain climbers.
  14. mibridina2001

    mibridina2001 Member

    My favorite exercise is squats because it helps me grow my butt and it tones my legs. While my least favorite exercise is burpees. Burpees are killer exercise, few repetitions of those and I am probably knocked out. But doing burpees is great too. It helps you burn fats.
  15. yayanaz13

    yayanaz13 New Member

    For me i consider dancing also as part of exercise because it gives me motivation to lose my weight by doing something that i like. I dont like lift dumbbell as an exercise because it hurt my hand.
  16. mahleen

    mahleen New Member

    My favorite exercise is burpee or squat thrust and leg raises. At first, I don't really know this step but when I learned to do it, I think I can do it continously for an hour. First, squat all the way down, put your palm to the floor, stretch your legs on the floor backwards like in a plank position then return to squat position and stand. There is a technique to do it properly and easily. Always spread your legs when doing the plank position because it helps you stand to a squat easily.

    Leg raises is also easy for me may be because I have lighter legs. This exercise targets your lower belly which helps you achieve that flat stomach. That is a motivation! To do this exercise, lay on your back and put your hands at the eand of your spinal in a triangle position then raise both legs and lower it all the way down without touching the floor. Repeat as many as you can.

    My least favorite exercise is russian twist. It just hurts my back. I actually have a wound at my back everytime I do this. Even if I put my mat underneath or a towel, it would still rub my skin. It leaves a mark and it makes my skin darker. I would still find the way to make this exercise work for me.
  17. Lasheen123

    Lasheen123 Member

    My favourite excercise is playing biceps and triceps, but my least favourite is the abs it hurts so much
  18. YayiLilet

    YayiLilet New Member

    I love exercises that I can do outdoors. I bike and I hike. Those are my favorite ways to exercise because I am surrounded by nature and I get to go to places I haven't been to. You are also with other people so there is that push to keep going even when you're exhausted and feel like taking a break. I have never exercised in a gym, but I do have a stationary bike at home. That would be my only exercise indoors aside from sit-ups once in a blue moon. So I suppose to answer the question, my least favorite exercises would be those that people do inside a gym. I just never felt inclined to do those, except for the stationary bike which I do at home.
  19. kendrickal

    kendrickal New Member

    My favorite is pull-ups because I really feel a sense of achievement every time I do sets of pull-ups, and I also feel my whole upper body getting some work. My least favorite is doing some ab exercises. I just don't like doing them.
  20. lal86

    lal86 New Member

    I hate doing ab work. Lord knows I need it but I can't lay down and make myself do crunches. I always just give up.
  21. Shuby415

    Shuby415 New Member

    Leg exercises are my least favorite workouts. Although they are very important and must be incorporated in any exercise routine, they are the types of workout that affect me the most. Mainly because the next day every time you walk, sit, laugh and cough there would be pain. Legs are something we use on a daily basis, which is why in my opinion is my least favorite.

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