What is your favourite Disney character?

Discussion in 'Music' started by nanimanowar, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. nanimanowar

    nanimanowar New Member

    I am a huge fan of Disney movies, characters, songs, books, theme parks. My favourite character was Cinderella because of her kindness and very noble to her stepmother and sisters.
  2. gbricia123

    gbricia123 New Member

    i like donald duck and bugs bunny
  3. Ruelene18

    Ruelene18 Member

    Of all the Disney characters or Disney princesses, my favorite Disney character is Cinderella because it teaches the morals and kindness towards all, forgiving others for doing wrong, and never letting bad things ruin your heart. The themes of the story are good versus evil and luck changing your life.

    Of all the Disney princesses, I think that Cinderella might be the most underrated. People are quick to throw her under the bus for not having any modern values, but I beg to differ. She and Belle are a close tie for my favorite, but Cinderella has a lot to teach us about life. If you ever need a few pearls of wisdom, you don't have to look far.
  4. Chubalina

    Chubalina New Member

    I would say that my favorite disney character would have to be Mulan.

    The first reason is because she is the princess I can relate to the most since I grew up in a traditional Asian household where I was always expected to be "perfect" or to act in a way that a good daughter would. So seeing Mulan break free from that mold helped me gain the courage to try things which "good daughters" would not normally do, but still be feminine about it. It helped me have the courage to just be 'myself' and to excel at being me.

    Another reason why I liked Mulan is because she is not like the other Disney princesses where they needed to be rescued. She did the rescuing. And she was able to do it, not by magic or through her innate skill, but by working hard and training. She was always working towards making herself a better daughter, a better soldier, and a better Mulan, all so she could achieve her goals. Although she is naturally smart, she was not a warrior, but she trained to become one.
  5. CocoMonrow

    CocoMonrow New Member

    My Favorite Disney character would be Minnie Mouse.

    The reason she is my favorite is because she was always dressed so stylish and she would put Mickie in his place when he would mess up, she was also sweet ,kind and was always there for her friends .she was also funny and talented but was also a strong independent girl an showed me it was ok to be goofy strong stylish a good friend an strong .
  6. jpvelascooo

    jpvelascooo Member

    my favorite disney character is no other than...


    Nick Wilde. I almost wish I WAS him. I love the way he thinks, his witty/sarcastic humor, and I find that smug look on his face almost mesmerizing. I can also relate to his asshole tendencies on a spiritual level. Ever since I saw Zootopia I’ve been acting a lot more like him. I give my friends a hard time for fun. I learned to think a little more like my enemies from him (enemies being like another player in a video game or something). One time I talked one of my friends into giving me his extra copy of Overwatch (although I haven’t actually gotten it yet) and I even said “It’s called a hustle sweetheart.” Just by looking at him he wasn’t impressed with me. Plus his little “Whoopsy” monologue is one of my favorite scenes in the movie
  7. Ruelene18

    Ruelene18 Member

    I think this show isn't educational at all. It follows a Dora the Explorer pattern and a lot of the Mousekatools that are used to solved problems make zero sense in reality and follow typical cartoon logic such as a baby elephant playing the role of a hairdryer. And the characters are either boring or in Goofy's case, made to be ruined. Goofy is supposed to be Goofy but not stupid and jokes often revolve around Goofy saying that he isn't smart and also for some reason Goofy loves his "Stinky shoes".

    I had an issue with a younger cousin of mine trying to make others smell his shoes and feet because of this and also calling himself stupid. He has outgrown this since but this is just a bad show and promotes nothing but colors and making zero sense. Kids who are old enough to speak will likely be bored.
  8. CocoMonrow

    CocoMonrow New Member

    i wasnt really reffering to the new show of today, i was talking more about the older disney show of mickey mouse and his disney friends an the things they potrayed in the show like friendship, fun and togetherness and what it meant to me as a child how i saw minnie, she was friendly and sweet an loving i feel what they did to a classic show i agree isnt educational at all .
  9. sallyjean08

    sallyjean08 New Member

    I so very love the Songs on the movie of Mulan so I can say that I love Mulan.
  10. Ayhie

    Ayhie Member

    Since I was a kid I always watch Disney movies from VHS to VCD to DVD and now through internet. I like all Disney characters but I choose Disney Princesses I fell in love in their stories since I was a kid until now watching it with my kids. It's funny but I still watch cartoons it's our bonding and my stress free hobby.
  11. donjandex

    donjandex New Member

    The Harry Potter fandom has some very legitimate grievances against the character of Molly Weasley; she is one of the kindest, most loving characters in the series, but she is also highly controlling, quick to choose favorites among her children, and she has no qualms about embarrassing her children in public situations. But no matter how badly Molly Weasley behaved, she cannot even hold a candle to Elena Rivera’s insanity.
  12. SaimaElas

    SaimaElas Member

    Aladdin was the last disney movie i watched so i think. Princess Jasmine is my favorite
  13. Anj1018

    Anj1018 Member

    For me my favorite Disney character is Miguel of Coco. Mostly in the movie he seems like a hard headed boy who is only focused to pursue his dream of being a musician but later on the movie he slowly realizes that his decisions is affecting his family and that pursuing a dream will never secure him a happy future especially when his relationship with his family is slowly falling apart because of the actions he did. But towards the end of the movie, when he realized that despite him being a naughty boy, his family was there with him all along and never left. Though his ways was wrong, he made his family support him in what he wants to become.
  14. Russel1Westbrook

    Russel1Westbrook New Member

    I will always be a Tinkerbell Fan she is so cute very pretty also I like Ariel the mermaid I like just about every female Disney character I like women I can't help it Pocahontas to I like muhlen I like that princess from that Mars movie that they did they did a pretty good job on the 3-D cinematic I'm the same way when it comes to playing video games I often gravitate toward the female characters also
  15. jjmontero

    jjmontero Member

    Aside from Cinderella my favorite Disney character in Mulan, she has a very strong personality in her character. She risk her self for her father. I think that it also serves as a good example specially to her young viewers. There is a lot of moral lesson that could be learn from that movie.

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