What is your favourite Disney movie?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by alextheguy, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. alextheguy

    alextheguy New Member

    What is your favourite Disney movie?
  2. nivramichee

    nivramichee New Member

    My latest favorite disney movie is Coco. The movie teaches us the importance of family.
  3. For me it is "FROZEN". I am really amazed in their magical scene, their sound track is so great. It teach us that "True Love"... is in our heart,, in our Family.
  4. aireendayson

    aireendayson New Member

    My favorite among any is Moana, I like to see more what nature can gives us. Also I love sea that is why I liked it.
  5. kassypaps09

    kassypaps09 Member

  6. Juan Mateo Rosario

    Juan Mateo Rosario New Member

    Me and my girlfriend agreed to watch Coco on our anniversary date. At first I doubt cause I'm not a fan of Disney Movies. After we watched it I learned a lot of life lessons. First is, the best way to prove a point is by doing it.The first thing I observed while watching the animation was that Miguel relates to many of today’s youth. His constant struggle to pursue his dreams, the conflict of having a non-supportive family, and endless hope for belongingness. Miguel faced many challenges in his journey for acceptance. Him moving forward despite being chased by his ignorant family is quite similar to how we move on despite being haunted by the memories of our past. Also, the way that Mama Imelda, and Pepita, her spirit guide tries to chase after Miguel symbolizes the people around us who want to stop us or misguide our path. While some may have good intentions, you’d never truly know if it’s worth it, if you don’t try.

    Adults don’t really seem to understand until they see it for themselves. Reality does make an individual skeptic about life, and no child is spared from such changes in time.
  7. I love Ariel (Little Mermaid), I am waiting for the re-make of that movie!
  8. Ella23

    Ella23 New Member

    I am a fan of Quasimodo from the HUNCHBACK of Notre-Dame. Despite of his peculiar appearance, his heart is warm and kind as he dream of being out in the streets, be with the people. It also tells me that the beauty on the outside is different from the inside of the person thus don't judge a book by its cover. Its an old one but for me its one of the unique one out there.
  9. abby002

    abby002 New Member

    I am a fan of Moana and Frozen. These movies teaches us a lot of good things. I usually watch it with my kids to teach them the good moral of the movie. I make them realize how family and happiness is important. I really enjoyed watching disney movies.
  10. waffles159

    waffles159 New Member

    I think Frozen is the best all time in my opinion. But you can also consider some disney princesses like moana and cinderella
  11. dashhh09

    dashhh09 New Member

    My all-time favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. I watched this movie together with my sister. We really enjoyed the movie especially the scene about the transformation of the Beast. We were very anticipating on the Prince's face and we were glad to see him on the big screen.

    What I really love about Beauty and the Beast is the lesson behind it. It tells us not to judge a person according to his or her appearance. Belle's act of innocence and simplicity is really admirable. The movie production is a big thumbs up. Moreover, Belle is my most favorite princess since childhood.
  12. pisceslei

    pisceslei New Member

    for me its "tangled" I just really love to watch that movie always!
  13. MBG12

    MBG12 New Member

    It will definitely “Coco”. The songs, the story, the animation, most especially, the feels.
    Coco taught us:
    1.- Family First
    There is nothing more important than the family. From the beginning of the film we see the essence of the union in la familia de zapateros, who have maintained the tradition for years. Together they not only support each other, but also remember those who are no longer at their side and put the altar of the dead, is the way they find to honor all the loved ones with whom sooner or later, they They will meet in the other world. Because when someone leaves, the memory remains.

    2.- Learn to forgive
    We should be humble enough to forgive, because anger, courage and hate will not only bring suffering to those who feel it, but to all those around them. Well, although Mama Imelda suffered betrayal and abandonment, which is why she left her family to hate music, after many years, it was Miguel with his love and vocation towards this beautiful art, who taught everyone to listen with our heart and face problems together like a real family. Because the only way to be at peace with ourselves is to let go everything that hurts us.

    3.- The truth behind the success

    4.- El Olvido
    The only thing that can make us disappear from this world is forgetfulness, because even death is not capable of separating us from those who really loved us. All of our loved ones live in our hearts, in our minds and even those we did not know seem to be alive through the anecdotes and stories that our parents tell us when we are little. And although the grudge sometimes wants us to forget the sad memories or those people who hurt us, this film teaches us that in spite of everything, it is important to have in our memory those who were part of our life, because they are part of our history.

    5.- Love is hardly forgotten

    6.- Appearances can be deceiving
    Coco shows us that appearances deceive. For when we see Hector for the first time we perceive him as a homeless man, and even Miguel came to think that he was a bum. But when we met him we realized that he was a simple and humble man, whose only desire was to reunite with his daughter who also had a hidden talent for music.

    7.- Music warms our hearts
    Coco taught us that music manages to transmit everything that words can not say. The dilemma of the whole story is that Miguel’s family blames the music for all their misadventures, but later realize that it is capable of returning the joy and grant forgiveness to those who made mistakes. Because music can reach the depths of our being and finally, as in this beautiful film, it can come back to life those who have left.

    8.- True friendship is unconditional
    When we saw Coco, we realized that friends are the most important thing to overcome our fears and problems, and that on many occasions, our best friends are in our own family. Well, as Héctor encourages Miguel and supports him unconditionally, we can all do the same for all those we love. It is important to support your friends and your family in the way they need it most.

    9.- Your family always looks for the best for you
    Maybe your family does not always understand exactly what you want or need, but their love will always make them look for the best for you, because they want to protect you from all harm, although sometimes that leads them to act in the wrong way. Do not judge those who seek your welfare, remember that we are all imperfect humans, and take into account that your parents also struggle every day to overcome their own fears at the same time they protect you. Always remember one thing: your family will take care of you and want the best for you.
  14. tahnieee

    tahnieee Member

    My favorite Disney movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I actually met Jack and Sally at Magic Kingdom about 7 months ago. I love all movies produced by Tim Burton. I feel like The Nightmare Before Christmas is a movie that can be enjoyed by people of all different ages and will always be considered a "classic" movie. I love this movie for many reasons but over all the music is something that I enjoy the most. I love how catchy the music is by Danny Elfman weather it is a sad or happy scene in the movie. Overall this will always be my favorite movie from Disney.
  15. Melody1865

    Melody1865 Member

    my favorite disney movie is MOANA , I see myself in the charater of MOANA, she wants to save her tribe and her family from the disaster might happen.. she sacrifice her self just to make them safe and never give up even though she fails how many time but she keep moving forward to do her best , she believes in her self and the power of her heart! Until she made it and they have a peaceful life..
  16. Kcdeang

    Kcdeang New Member

    My Favorite disney movie is WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE THE MOVIE. I love the Russo Family, Their love for each other reminds me of my own family, They are wizards so that makes them different from others. I love movies that are enchanted and have super powers effect so this is my all time favorite movie. I really hope they would still continue the series.. but i doubt that.
  17. Guiaoming

    Guiaoming New Member

    My favorite Disney movie is Wreck it Ralph. I have watched the movie for 5 or 6 times now. The video game theme catches my attention and seeing all these game characters interacting with each other gives me a sense of euphoria and nostalgia. I pity Ralph when he tries to "belong" with the other characters in the video game he is on but is rejected since he is the "bad guy". His character development is really nice and the other characters see what his personality really is throughout the events of the movie. Right now, I am looking forward to watching Wreck It Ralph 2.
  18. rrsflores92

    rrsflores92 Member

    I love 2 Disney princesses, Belle and Merida. I love Belle ever since I was little. In fact, I'd even love her as a kid rather than Barbie. For no apparent reason I just like her, maybe because she's pretty. I love Merida for her courage and love for her Mom. I totally relate to her story. I grew up with my Mom and there are times that I tend to hate her or get mad at her for overseeing a lot of things which I should have been taking care of because I am already adult, but I have to admit that I can not live without her. Just like Merida, I'd be more than willing to protect her from anything or anyone just like in the movie.
  19. nyssa

    nyssa New Member

    My favorite Disney Movie is Bambi, hands down. I became familiar with the original book, by Felix Salten and fell in love with the story. The original book is much darker than the Disney film, but what do you expect, the film is meant for children.

    You can really get a good idea of how successful the screenplay is, after you read the book. The book centered around Bambi's desire to find meaning in the world. He had a strong desire to find his father, they mysterious and elusive, Great Prince of the forest. To take a book which was geared for truth, and at times, very dark, and place this into a light-hearted children's animation? Well done. It is also said that it was one of Disney's favorite movies.
  20. enyahsxeyn

    enyahsxeyn New Member

    I'm a disney fan so I can't tell my favorite because all are my favorites :). The little mermaid, Cinderella, lion king, beauty and the beast, snow white and a lot more.
  21. classycgirl

    classycgirl New Member

    "The Little Mermaid" is my all time favorite Disney movie. The romance, the music, and the story itself has always captivated me. I've always loved things pertaining to the sea. I also enjoy the other Disney classics like "Cinderella", "Sleeping Beauty", "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "Pinocchio".
  22. Jy.M

    Jy.M New Member

    For me it's Moana. She teaches young girls about self-empowerment and loyalty. Truly, she is a role model for every girl, young and old.
  23. jrgeorge

    jrgeorge New Member

    It's so hard for me to choose one. I would say that I have a three-way tie for first place. It would be between Aladdin, Toy Story, and Tangled. Personally, I feel like Tangled is the most underrated Disney movie there is. It has a great cast, soundtrack, plot, and animation. Another really underrated Disney movie? Hercules. And the newest Disney movies I'm in love with are Coco and The Incredibles 2. Plus, I'm really excited to see Wreck-It-Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet after how blown away I was with the first one.
  24. I have a lot of favorite Disney movies such as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, Snow White, Lion King, Princess Diaries, 101 Dalmatians, Little Mermaid, Coco, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Narnia, Sleeping Beauty, etc. Disney makes really good films.
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  25. tifanyshinL

    tifanyshinL Member

    My all time favorite Disney Movie is Ferdinand. The movie is all about the story of a giant bull with a big heart. After being mistaken for a dangerous beast, he is captured and torn from his home. Determined to return to his family, he rallies a misfit team on the ultimate adventure. Set in Spain, Ferdinand proves you can’t judge a bull by its cover. It is refreshing to watch and you will learn a lot of things from it.
  26. shly

    shly New Member

    Beauty and the Beast. I don't know why but I really love that movie especially the newest version of it. It's because I think love will conquer it all. And Beast changed to be a better man because of Belle.
  27. charmar

    charmar New Member

    If I am going to select only one among to all my favorite Disney movies, I will choose the "beauty and the beast".

    I am loving the story so much! I like the lesson learned in the story, Love is blind and always love based on the inner beauty, not on the outside, I admire bell for how she genuinely love the prince. Also, one of my favorite scene in the movie, how she shows her love for his father and how her father really cares for her, That was a very touching story!
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  28. Tinapoooot28

    Tinapoooot28 New Member

    I really love Wreck it ralph,tangled and Zootopia. Im not in with generic stories or prince and princesses. I love Disney animated movies with a romantic or pure slice of life category.
  29. maachi

    maachi New Member

    The Incredibles is my favorite Disney movie because I was addicted to it when I was a child, I had watched it more than 10 times :laugh:(yes that sounds creepy).
  30. oddreann

    oddreann New Member

    For me, It's the movie " The Lion King". This movie is a classic and most loved especially for the 2000's babies. This movie made me realize that friendship comes with no race, gender and age. Friendship is like a thing that comes from deep with in you.

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