What is your favourite food?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Roselyn, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Roselyn

    Roselyn Member

    For me my favorite food is plantain with beans. It is a good combination of food and makes me feel healthy. What about you?.
  2. ow17

    ow17 New Member

    I am with you 100% I love beans and plantains! I also love pastelitos, white rice, beans and pork! Have you ever tried this combination before?
  3. James Barnes

    James Barnes New Member

    Fried chicken.
  4. Rigel401

    Rigel401 New Member

    Ramen and other noodle bowls. Also prawn tempura. You can't beat ramen, warm, comforting ramen. Mmmmm...
  5. Abraham Baraya

    Abraham Baraya New Member

    For me my favorite food is beans and rice. I can eat it anytime of the day whether morning, afternoon or night, i don't even mind eating it everyday. Am even feeling hungry now, i think i need rice and beans right away. lol
  6. Yommy

    Yommy New Member

    My favourite food is rice & peas with jerk chicken and some stem vegetable. :cool::)....Yummy!!!
  7. Iusa183

    Iusa183 New Member

    My favourite food are fruits especially cherry and strawberry. They are healthy to eat with lots of vitamins C. They are also delicious but you will not get fat even if you eat plenty. I can eat a lot of cherries in one sitting.
  8. Salexco

    Salexco New Member

    My favourite food is rice and beans with chicken i enjoy eating it a lot
  9. sweetpeamcgee

    sweetpeamcgee New Member

    My favorite food is a cheeseburger and fries. You can't beat a burger on a nice warm bun from the grill on a hot summer day with a side of chips or fries to complete the meal. I can almost taste it right now!
  10. Rhodz

    Rhodz New Member

    My favorite foods are fruits and vegetable especially apple and broccoli. I am a vegetarian person i love eating any kind of fruits and veges.
  11. youdontknowmyname

    youdontknowmyname New Member

    My favorite food is both pizza and lobster. My Favorite pizza toppings include, sausage, bacon, and peppers. I like lobster when its either hot or cold.
  12. nickyj83

    nickyj83 New Member

    Cottage Pie, love it! loads of Worcester sauce mmm so good! I love making this meal for the family too!
  13. Nico2017

    Nico2017 New Member

    My favorite food is Gazpacho is a European dish. It is made by tomatoes, 2 garlic, cucumber, onions and peppers. It is considered like a cold soup. Is common to take it on the summer because is very refreshing.
  14. Henrywrites

    Henrywrites New Member

    In as much as I love to take beans and plantain, my favourite food is fried rice and chicken. This is the food mum used in training us while we were growing up, so I grew up to enjoy taking it and it gets sweeter if I am having it with a bottle of soft drink like cola.

    I enjoy preparing this meal myself because I try to take the time to ensure I add every needed ingredient to my taste. I am someone who enjoys having enough pepper in every meal I eat, so cooking this fried rice and adding the level of pepper I feel is right gives me joy for it makes me enjoy the meal to my taste.

    Beans make me feel heavy after taking it, so I prefer fried rice and chicken.
  15. Ailani

    Ailani New Member

    I really love fried chicken, and also pizza. Not very healthy like some of the other answers but I must admit I am addicted to junk food. I do love salad though, could eat it all day!
  16. antonmia

    antonmia New Member

    LOVE to eat powdered milk. Also is it weird asking people for their leftovers? Hate to see good food just go to trash.
  17. Newakgurl

    Newakgurl New Member

    My favorite style of food would be anthing with a Southern influence.
  18. @althea27

    @althea27 New Member

    for me my favorite food..
    hmm... I'm just thinking of it, it makes me hungry. I love sinigang, adobo, beans w/ veg. fried pork with chup onion, ginger and cucumber yumyumyum... I love Korean food also bibimbam , shusi, ramen and kimchi.
  19. Elissa Hatfield

    Elissa Hatfield New Member

    My favorite food is a... burrito. Not much I know but you can basically put anything into it and that is what makes it so good.
  20. Jc21

    Jc21 New Member

    I love eating, I think, I can eat any food except only the foods that has liver.
  21. joan83

    joan83 New Member

    Food is great to eat.My favorite food is fruit salad I like eating it because it's yummy and it has plenty of vitamins.
  22. marcp103109

    marcp103109 New Member

    I love Adobo, this is a one of a kind food with a friendly taste here in the philippines.
  23. nino gerson

    nino gerson New Member

    Well for me every time i ask my wife to cook for me my favorite food she knows it's AMPLAYA
    bitter gourd or bitter melon with egg.
    Why?? Because bitter gourd has tons of vitamins like Vitamin B, Iron, calcium and phosphorous.
    Research says that ampalaya increase the production of beta cells by the pancreas, thereby improving the body's ability to produce insulin that controls the blood sugar for diabetics.
    Eh since my family has a history of diabetics i must say we have to have this nutritious food in our menu as often as possible to lower the risk of us having diabetes..
    So if you have Diabetes or you reckon your family have dibetes. EAT Ampalya now to lower the risk of you having Diabetes!!
  24. Julie Ann Baldemor

    Julie Ann Baldemor New Member

    Adobo! It's one of the most famous delicacies here in the Philippines. It can be chicken or pork with soy sauce, vinegar, pepper and lots of garlic. Some Filipino wants their adobo with to much sauce but I like it more when its sauce is dried up. I can absolutely eat adobo with 2 cups of rice or even more especially if my mother is the one who cooks it.
  25. Pb Cates

    Pb Cates New Member

    I love to eat chocolates! Primarily because it tastes so good. Chocolate may also use as an antidepressant. It contain theobromine that can increase heart rate and bring about feelings of arousal, caffeine which can make us feel awake and increase our ability to work and focus.
  26. vincentraystateresa

    vincentraystateresa New Member

    I love Filipino foods. Well, I'm a Filipino though and I love promoting our special delicacies. One is the "Sinigang na Bangus", where it's a fish soup with a savor of the tamarind fruit. The other is the "Adobong Manok", it's like chicken with a sweet and sour kind of taste. I also love chocolate ice cream and salad.
  27. amichdom

    amichdom New Member

    I have a lot on my list but my favorite foods always have meat in it. I'm not really a vegetable eater. One of my favorites are Pancake House's Burger Steak and Pork Stew from Max's, my grandmother also likes them very much. Aside from that I love pizzas, burgers, and chicken nuggets (basically, anything fast food) that's why I blame all of them for my weight right now. Kidding aside, as a Filipino we have really diverse choices of foods and we use a lot of techniques in our cooking that makes the foods hard to resist and definitely not easy to pick just one dish as a favorite.
  28. JAS21

    JAS21 New Member

    Adobo is my favorite food. The best way to start the preparation of adobo is to marinate all ingredients for at least an hour or the longer, the better. Adobo from my province is my favorite and cooked best by my mother, is dry; the meat is tender, browned and almost crispy with just the right amount of sauce. I choose Chicken Adobo as my favorite than other.
  29. TeacherGina

    TeacherGina New Member

    My favorite food depends on how I feel. For example when I have a fever I like macaroni soup and ramen. I also like sour ones, like tamarind and indian mango. Ughh! This is making my mouth watery. So bottom line: I like sour, salty, and spicy. 'Cause why not? You guys should try it. The taste, exploding in your mouth would be a bliss. I'll probably get a kidney failure in the near future, with this kind of preference. But if I'll only have one dish for a week? Then I'd have soup, cause Im a sick person. Hahahaha.
  30. enchantedmusing

    enchantedmusing New Member

    My favorite food is, pizza. It's a very versatile dish that allows me to create whatever flavor combos I want. I'm a very picky eater so it's a great option for me.

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