What is your favourite food?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Roselyn, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Mix.xy

    Mix.xy New Member

    My favorite food would have to be anything Mexican. I love the culture .
  2. Lav Ly

    Lav Ly New Member

    My favorite food is eggplant. I love eggplant in any way how it was cooked. I love its adobo, grilled, eggplant omelet, pinakbet and more. I love all its health benefits and it really aids my hungriness.
  3. As a Filipino, my favorite food is adobo because it is taste good as a Filipino original receipt. I must prefer to eat Salty adobo because some people they add some sugar in their adobo but for me I don’t want it, a sweet adobo? I don’t think so!
  4. I love sweets specially ice cream, it's my comfort food. I love how it changes my mood whenever I'm feeling a bit grumpy and cranky. It cancels unnecessary moods right away. It's a happy food.
  5. amsdell

    amsdell New Member

    My favorite food is probably anything Mexican, but more American-Mexican. I like tacos, burritos and nachos. Most traditional Mexicans would tell me this isn't Mexican food but I don't know what to call it. I enjoy it.
  6. Mikia Solis

    Mikia Solis New Member

    Hands down! chinese food! Oh yeah. You can not go wrong there. Especially if there's a buffet involved. Then that's the point to unbutton your pants and let the stomach fly because you will not waste a plate and go back for more! That coconut shrimp is calling my name right now.. *mouth is watering* Why did i do this to myself.
  7. peppy8

    peppy8 New Member

    My favorite food is pizza! It takes away my stress and makes me happy so quickly.
  8. Nivraceel

    Nivraceel New Member

    My favorite food is fried spare ribs adobo. What I usually do is fry the spare ribs first with salt and pepper. Then after that, i mix the the usual ingredients for adobo which is vinegar, soy sauce, chilli paste and a bit of oyster sauce. I would let it fry a bit longer until the sauce is absorbed by heat and by the spare ribs.
  9. bel

    bel New Member

    I don't really have a specific favorite food cause I love foods as long as it taste good and it's tasty. But lately, I've been always craving for white spaghetti with a lot of cheese and milk shake. Yum! Mostly my favorite food is my mom cooked food. I love my mom cooked food and I love eating at home so I can eat my mom cooked food.
  10. Benedict Tabernilla

    Benedict Tabernilla New Member

    Im a kind of person who goes for an Asian as well as western dish, i love experimenting when it comes to cooking. Spices and Herbs add life to a certain dish. I'm not a professional cook but people around me regarded me that i have a talent for cooking that warms the heart. It all started when i was just 7 years old living with my grandmother has taught me a lot to explore the kitchen. I think I'm proud of myself whenever i successfully made a food for my family and whenever i satisfied their cravings, especially when i made an oxtail and vegetable stew. This dish is made of Peanut butter and rice flour combination that is thickened that serves as a base sauce, but the most critical part would be the tripe that is carefully cleansed and then put in a briskly boiling water, also it takes a half day to prepare. but i guess the hard part is relieved whenever i done this perfectly.
  11. komodomatsuyama

    komodomatsuyama New Member

    Not really sure if I have a favorite dish in particular but in terms of cuisine, I have to say that I enjoy Chinese cuisine very much. Some others that are on my top list of cuisine are; Japanese cuisine, Italian Cuisine, and various south-east asian cuisine. My favorite part about chinese food is the variety of flavors, textures, and cooking methods.
  12. Spark29

    Spark29 New Member

    My favorite food is a Portuguese dish, called Francesinha. If you don't know what it is, i will try to describe it for you:
    I consist of two slices of bread with sausage, beef, ham and cheese in between, and egg on top, more cheese, and the most flavored, spicy, hot and addictive sauce i have ever tasted!
    Well, speaking of that, i got somewhat hungry all of a sudden, brb!
  13. BobDamianJah19

    BobDamianJah19 New Member

    Adobo,this dish has a good savoury taste with a little sweetness. Its tenderized meat are either chicken or pork but i prefer chicken. The main ingredients of this dish are soy sauce balanced with native vinegar with a lot of garlics and onions. This Filipino dish is very popular in our country, the dish that you must try.
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  14. Karen020588

    Karen020588 Member

    I have lots of Favorite food, i love pasta, white, red? Any kind of pasta! I love pizza too.. i also love Chicken sisig (pinoy recipe) i love sweets like cake, donut and cookies, i love Chopseuy, i love everything that has good taste! Hahaha! I have 5 kids but i have a 26 waistline. 5" im like highschool. No one ever believe that i am a mom of five on our first meeting ;) so even if i love food very much, i always make sure i am still sexy and beautiful inside and out.
  15. ganidel

    ganidel New Member

    A Shrimp Sour Soup or Sinigang Na Hipon is My Favorite Food Dish. It Has The Perfect Seasoning of a dish that You ever wanted. An A plus is that if you eat this food, it can relieve stress in you. So try This Soup, I'm Sure You Gonna eat it again and again.
  16. grey.sam

    grey.sam New Member

    Something savory. I like sweets but to a certain amount, but when it comes to savory food, OH MY GOD!!
  17. Mainecortez

    Mainecortez New Member

    Japanese food! Yakiniku, Ramen... gosh just thinking about it now makes me hungry!:eek: :laugh:
  18. mamaniavel

    mamaniavel New Member

    My favorite food would be cheese. I eat anything, may it be pasta, bread, or meat as long as there is cheese on it, I'm happy.
  19. bzmom17

    bzmom17 New Member

    I love Pork adobo, a native Filipino dish. It really tempting when you smell the aroma. I can eat it everyday without any complain.
  20. jemuelterrado

    jemuelterrado New Member

    My favorite food is Adobo because it is one of the signature food of the Philippines and because i am a Filipino. Most foreigners says their favorite Filipino food is adobo and no wonder why. I love adobo because it is so delicious and so tasty. It is my families all time favorite dish. Aside from adobo, i love also eating Cakes with chocolate flavor. Cake is sweet and i love sweets thats why i love cake and everytime i eat a cake, i feel like im floating in the sky because of its very delicious flavor. There are still many favorite food but it is my top 2 all time favorite that i eat most in the occasions.
  21. Jivesafety

    Jivesafety New Member

    Sinigang!!! All Time favorite
  22. April797Star

    April797Star New Member

    Fried Chicken paired with Kimchi and downed with Beer :)
    these are my all time comfort foods and i can't imagine my life without them XD
    other girls would reach for chocolates when stressed or when they have period, but not me. I would cook my own version of Fried Chicken Sinigang and buy 2 bottles of beer.
    I feel so pampered and relaxed after consuming those.
  23. Retch15

    Retch15 New Member

    I have a lot of favorite foods but I can probably say that I like roasted pig or what we call here in the Philippines as lechon the most. It's hard for me to ignore the crispy, soft, juicy, and delicious meat everytime it is being served in the table. Even if it's being called a "sinful food" because of having a high cholesterol content, having a bite or two can still makes a difference into my mood.
  24. zuperz

    zuperz New Member

    My favorite food is "lechon baboy" or roasted pig. It's the national food in my country Philippines. You will always see this in many occasions like birthdays, fiestas and parties.
  25. UlyssesBeef

    UlyssesBeef New Member

    Here in Philippines we have quite a wide variety of cuisines and different dishes. Most of them however, are dishes that I haven't tried yet because of the inability to travel distances significantly far, but on the plus side I have tried all of the local foods where I currently live. Of all those dishes, on thing that I will always crave is the "Biko", it is a sweet rice recipe that my grandparents love to make and their different styles and signature tastes are to die for.

    I lived my 10 years of my life anticipating the harvest season of rice because the type of rice used to make "Biko" is not your ordinary rice. Its a kind that's so sticky once you cook it, this helps the sugar and coconut milk mixture to blend and stick nicely. Out of all the cooks that make "Biko", my mother has my favorite twist, she puts cheese on top. Sadly, we only get to cook this treat twice a month since its so expensive when its not the harvest season, its still worth it though. Philippines' sweet rice is the treat I will never replace as my favorite food.
  26. wow22

    wow22 New Member

    My Favorite food is beans and plantain. I so much love the taste in my mouth. It's so yummy and i could eat it for a whole day.

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