What is your Favourite MTV Series?

Discussion in 'Television' started by cassie84, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. cassie84

    cassie84 New Member

    Mine is (secretly shhhhh!) Teen Mom. I feel SO aweful for those "moms" and even more aweful for those children, yet I cant seem to turn the show off lol. What is your favourite? Guilty pleasure or not!
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  2. Lisa Magolski

    Lisa Magolski New Member

    My favorite show is Teen Mom. I think that if these sort of shows existed back when I was a teen, the pregnancy rate wouldn't have been so high.
  3. Ae Vee

    Ae Vee New Member

    True Life. I am such a True Life addict. I can literally sit for hours and watch a True Life marathon. I really wish that they would film more episodes more frequently.
  4. MrBojangles7331

    MrBojangles7331 New Member

    Teen Wolf is my favorite. While many people shun similar series because of the negative associations created by Twilight, I feel like Teen Wolf is a good show despite this. The main characters seem like real teenagers dealing with supernatural situations. The music selection is also excellent, which can likely be attributed to the fact that MTV has such a large selection.
  5. MikeyBeau

    MikeyBeau New Member

    My favorite show is the Real World/ Road Rules challenges. I've been watching them since 2002, and I haven't missed an episode since. They have a new season starting September 19th called Battle of the Seasons and I'm very excited for it.
  6. iampeebs

    iampeebs New Member

    I too am a fan of The Challenges. I can't wait for the new season and hope they have some new faces. I was sad to see that Diem has cancer for the second time and is fighting it like a rock star. She has a blog about her health issues and struggles on People.com.
  7. pleazngod

    pleazngod New Member

    My favorite would be "Teen Mom." I think that this show is a good way to show teens of how having a baby too early can effect you life. I was too a teen mother and I can relate to many of these girls.
  8. DanicaPerry

    DanicaPerry New Member

    Probably Teen Mom. That's the only one I watch pretty regularly. I do enjoy the Challenges, although the alcoholism that goes on during that show is pretty sickening, especially for a recovering alcoholic like myself. I often watch that show and wonder how some of these people are going to feel about their drunken antics ten years from now...
  9. teslarose

    teslarose New Member

    Jersey Shore, ugh! Total guilty pleasure, but I love it. Sometimes to make myself feel better, I think of it as an exotic anthropological study.
  10. missnita

    missnita New Member

    Most MTV reality shows are considered a guilty pleasure but I wear my Teen Mom fan badge with pride. It's actually a great show. I have yet to see a single situation on the show that glamorizes teen pregnancy or being a teen parent. It's raw, it's hard to watch, it's educational. I won't go as far as to say it should be required viewing for teens but I think many could benefit from watching an episode or two.
  11. mordsyth

    mordsyth New Member

    I can honestly say I do not have a favorite MTV series. I pretty much stopped watching MTV when they stopped playing MUSIC!!!

    I was there when they first went on air in the '80s and preferred it then.
  12. acal12

    acal12 New Member

    I'll have to say Teen Mom. It's been really cool to watch Bentley, Sophia and the other children grow up.
  13. Petrish

    Petrish New Member

    My favorite show is Catfish. It is so interesting to watch how people are connecting online and falling in love with out meeting each other. Then when the smoke screen is pulled down and these people are face to face, nothing is like what it seems. Until this series was aired I was open to online dating. Now I am so afraid to meet someone online. So many people are using the internet to live out a life that they have created in their head. Reality disappears and they become whomever they want to be. After every episode, I am so grateful to be a person who loves herself and is not afraid to let people get to know the real me.
  14. thewiseone

    thewiseone New Member

    Yeah, the jersey shore is my favorite mtv show as well. The partying, the fights, and all the drama kept me tuned in every week. Too bad last season was the final season, cause that show kept me entertained every time I watched.
  15. Melissa Publick

    Melissa Publick New Member

    I like Teen Mom 2. It's interesting to see young girls raise a baby. It brings reality to so many young parents. I get caught up in the story line and it drags me in.
  16. AnaKatOK

    AnaKatOK New Member

    I haven't followed MTV in ages, but I will admit that before I traded in my cable subscription for a Roku I always got sucked into a Ridiculous marathon. :)
  17. WHMansi

    WHMansi New Member

    I don't watch any of the current crop of MTV reality TV shows, though I am sure they have their appeal. I am, however, a huge fan of MTV's older animated shows. Aeon Flux, The Head, The Maxx, and many others really pushed the boundaries of animation in their time. My favorite would be Daria. Actually a spin-off of the teenage sniggerers Beavis and Butthead, Daria was a portrait of an awesomely cynical 90s high school girl. I still catch myself singing the theme tune sometimes.
  18. Daniel Turner

    Daniel Turner New Member

    Jersey Shore, i love it.
    I love the whole Guido tough guy roles the cats plays, it's funny seeing those big buff guys get mad because the first thing that comes to mind is steroid rage. Plus, I'm from the North East and I'm very familiar with the Guido scene so it's pretty cool seeing that from my television screen.
  19. Diamond Robinson

    Diamond Robinson New Member

    My favorite MTV series is Awkward. Oh my word, it is exquisite. The storyline is hilarious, and the characters are very real. I can relate to the central character, Jenna, and I love how she navigates the show with such maturity.

    ORELHAxNEGRA New Member

    Well, I believe the show wasn't originally produced by MTV, but Skins is the best show that ever aired in MTV. The first season is the finest and it really shows a twisted and yet cute world around the characters.
  21. Carolyn Lightle

    Carolyn Lightle New Member

    I am far from being a teen mom, but I have to say I watch that show every time it comes on! I can literally sit and watch that show all day long.
  22. Rebecca Carner

    Rebecca Carner New Member

    I really liked the Real World/Road Rules challenge episodes. The drama got to be a bit much, but I enjoyed watching the athletic aspect of the show.
  23. meermay

    meermay New Member

    I love Teen Mom. I miss the original moms, especially Maci.
  24. Kimber Yates

    Kimber Yates New Member

    MTV's reality shows are my #1 guilty pleasure. I am a forever faithful Real World fan and Teen Mom fan. I still am willing to watch the Hills and Run's House, if MTV will start playing the reruns again.
  25. PurpleFire

    PurpleFire New Member

    Well I remember there was a time that MTV only played videos and now if you can find a music video you are lucky. Again there are a number of good show on MTV but I only really have to watch is American Best Dance Crew. Well yeah Teen Wolf and I know this show is or was really out there but I would watch it for kick Bam and his crazy family..:rolleyes:
  26. Jasmine MinYe

    Jasmine MinYe New Member

    My favorite MTV series of all time would have to be Daria. It was an animated series about a girl in high school that had a very feminist, but nonchalant 'this-generation-is-truly-idiotic' attitude. I loved it. The show usually surrounded the idea of being conformed to an identity society wants you to have and sticking to what you believe in. I wish there were more shows like Daria. I plan on buying the entire series.
  27. deerng27

    deerng27 New Member

    My favorite MTV series would have to be Awkward, I have not missed an episode since the series aired. I love the characters and the satire throughout the story line. I think Jenna is one of the most complex and sarcastic characters I've seen on TV, in a good way of course.
  28. wombatroberts

    wombatroberts New Member

    My favorite MTV show would have to be Teen Wolf. As far as quality goes, it's probably not the best out there, but it's definitly one of my guilty pleasures. Besides, who can say no to Tyler Hoechlin without a shirt on? Not me, that's for sure.
  29. liznewks

    liznewks New Member

    I'll be honest: I'm not a fan of MTV because I think the majority of the shows is puerile garbage. That being said, I do occasionally enjoy Made and True Life. I like Made because it revolves around teenagers pursuing what they perceive as a "crazy" dream- becoming a singer, being a elected prom king, joining the football team, etc. It's amazing to see the progress these kids make in six short weeks- not that it's easy! I also think True Life is an interesting show because it educates its viewers about hardships they may not have any previous exposure to.
  30. Babbitbabbler

    Babbitbabbler New Member

    MTV in my opinion has long since died out in an attempt to generalize on its viewers, leading to drawn out and over-dramatized "real life" situations. I'm not even going to be the normal ranter who proclaims that the station was once only about music- It wasn't. Though I do remember the early 2000's to hold a far more superior lineup of entertaining and comedic shows. Have to say hands down to Viva la Bam for holding my attention.

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