What is your life goals?

Discussion in 'Television' started by roancruz, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. roancruz

    roancruz New Member

    When I was still a single woman, I always dream for a success of life. After finishing my school, I wanted to have a good career, to have my own house, car and own business. But when I starting to grow old and kinda mature, I started to see things that I didn't appreciate before. Like my family, my few friends and a relationship that always ready to marry me. But it doesn't end there, after marrying the Man for 6 years, I lost my goals, Yes I am employed, I have my own Happy family and get what I want, but still I can't find the life goals that I am searching for. For how many times I've try to change my career trying to figure out what exactly fulfills me. But nothing filled the things that I wanted. Then I end up staying at home. Took care of our daughter, prepare things for my husband, do household.
    Then one night, I prayed. And everything change my life. I started to see my vision and mission. I wanted to have peace and a real happiness with God. I wanted Him to control my life and have a LIFE GOAL that I've been dreaming and praying of before.
    Life Goals doesn't define material things here on earth, But the real goals of life is having a personal relationship with the Lord. To spread His love and to share His name to everyone.
    Today, I started to be more productive than I've ever been before. I dream for a house but God gave me a Home, having a very loving husband gives me joy in my heart and having a beautiful kid is a blessing. I prayed for a good career, but God gave me a satisfaction spreading His love with my family, friends and neighbors and in all nation. I dream for a richness, but instead God gave me a life that is full of Joy, love and satisfaction that money can't buy.
    I am living not just for my own, but I am living in God's work and what God wants me to be. And every night, I go to my bed and my soul is at peace knowing that God saves me from my sin.
    Praise His name!
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  2. chrissychris

    chrissychris New Member

    I'm really happy for you that you were able to find your happy spot on this little blue planet. I've never really thought of a big huge massive goal before. I kinda feel like I want to go and write one out after reading your post now. I think I'm gonna try just to see how it feels :)
  3. cryptoairdrop

    cryptoairdrop New Member

    I worked very hard when we were younger to buy a house then i think we hit our mid 30s
    and asked is it all worth it so we enjoyed life for about 10 years stopped caring and wasted money and never borrowed but just spent what we earned.

    I still have things i want to achieved and places i want to get to. We have noticed that we may be able to afford a property in Crete and that is something we are going to strive for so maybe going flat out on the coal face for the next 24 months.
  4. Kcdeang

    Kcdeang New Member

    I wont be a hypocrite, My life goal is to have a decent job in the future that has a salary that is quite big to be able to support a family. I want to be a chief pharmacist in a hospital because pharmacy is what im taking in college right now, A chief pharmacist has a salary of almost half a million in the United States, Having that much moneys means i would be able to buy a house of my own, a house for my parents and to have savings in the future.

    Another life goal is to be happy, to have a complete family with loving children and a respectable husband. Being happy is what makes my life going, Without happiness life would be not easy to live. To be happy is to have a good shelter to live in, always having food on the table and a loving environment
  5. warren7432

    warren7432 New Member

    As a student, I do have a life goal. When I was a kid, many asked me if what would I like to be in the future. I always answered that I want to be a doctor. Why? It is because my mindset that time was doctors earn a huge amount of money, and I learned from someone that doctors are looked upon in our society. As I grew up, my mindset was gradually altered because of the influence of my aunt who is a doctor. I found out from her that the true essence of of being a doctor is not about the money they earn or how people looked upon them in the society, but it is their concern regarding the health and welfare of their patients. Now, I still aspire to be a doctor but for a different reason. I want to help people with illnesses because I care for the health of the people around me specially my family. Aside from that, I want to live an altruistic way of life leading to life fulfillment. Honestly, I do not come from a wealthy family that is why I am striving to study hard, pursue my ambition, and repay the sacrifices my parents had made for me.
  6. Kim Jazryl Naranjo

    Kim Jazryl Naranjo New Member

    Life Goals. I do have life goals. A life that is easy, a life that is convenient. Especially for my loving parents, my family. And with that i knew from the very start it will be all worth it in the end. Most importantly just let God be God in your life and all you have dreamt and goals in life will definitely be added unto you.
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  7. skye22

    skye22 New Member

    "Living" is the goal, Surviving is hard. The goal is to live comfortably happy.
    When talking about life I always think of how to live easier. Because I know, what goes up must go down, So don't treat life so hard. Life is not easy I know, you have to work hard when you want something. Sometimes when feel you are stuck in a situation and everything that you are wanting is unachievable, think! maybe that was the life you wanted before a few years back. Maybe you were forgetting something, you know what is that something? is to be happy! For me, my goal in life is my biggest dream. Yes, I have one. You know when you were not born with that" luck", when you are not that pretty, not that talented and not that intelligent. Pray harder that works like wonder. everything will fall into place. Just enjoy the process life is getting better believe me. When I was younger I see this everywhere with no meaning at all "don't worry be happy" but this time it really makes sense.
  8. Dexterperry06

    Dexterperry06 New Member

    Before, I dreamed to become rich with outstanding job and college degree. Having a gorgeous wife and have my own family just like everyone wants and travel around the world. But now, my life goal is so simple just keep my family safe all the time. Living with a pleasant life with my family. No one got sick and we all live together until we get old. Have a safe place or home to live and sleep soundly at night. No more " I want to be a Billionaire" stuff.
  9. livity6900

    livity6900 Member

    Basically life goals are essentially everything you want to do in life before passing on. These are the things i want to be remembered for when i am no more. My real goal in life is to live for God and i believe that is what you also want to do. It's a difficult moment when people are all chasing money, fame and power.

    It took me a very long time to make this decision. At a point in time i felt my soul was willing and longing for God. What exactly is the main reason why God created us into this word. For me i think he created us to worship him in truth and in love and that is exactly what i have decided to do.

    Think about this comment and make a decision. Change your strategic goals in life and work towards your salvation

    Have fun and stay bless.
  10. rickxs18

    rickxs18 New Member

    “As I moving on with my goals in life, I left something behind. The truth is when someone in the middle of its road and enjoying it (maybe with different reasons), he forgot something. This is the worst thing that I’ve done in my life. As I’m trying to achieve my goal, many obligations that I need to accomplish such as obligations to my job, obligations to my family, obligations to God, obligations to other and obligation to myself. I’m asking myself why I’m stacked in a place where I can’t be moving on. I do realize, I’m sticking myself and giving all my time to my job which affects in enjoying my life. I’m focusing to one thing and forgot the other things. My time to my family is limited. I don’t have time to message or call them. I giving my full time to my job which can give me nothing. I forgot God and I only know him when I need Him. I can’t give time to myself and other things. Even rest days from work, I can’t use them to go out and freshen up but I manage it to take my body a rest. When in hard times and in sickness, I left my job and I only need is to call my family and Him. The hardest part which couldn’t be. I’m been crying all over with hard times and make me realize how important to manage and give equal time to those things I need in my life and not just to call them when I need them. It would be ashamed when I call those things that I didn’t spare time when I’m still kicking and strong. I forgot my obligations to give them importance, to give them love back and to offer them myself. I know that family would spare me but I will be ashamed of forgetting them. And now I know how can I achieve my goal in life, I need them to be part of my life and bring them to the top of my goal.”
  11. Matador67

    Matador67 New Member

    Ever since I was old enough to know what goals were, I knew mine was to do something great, that would leave a mark when I was long gone. Growing up, I always wanted to be a computer whiz, which I achieved so long ago. Now I design my own websites and I'm thinking of developing a game. I guess I was not raised to be the family, religious and stellar job type, because up till now, those seem so far out of my reach. Probably, my feelings will change with time, but whether or not they do, my goal remains that single one, to develop a game before I die.
  12. moniqueorlyn

    moniqueorlyn New Member

    Every person's goal is to be successful, it is really given so you must work hard for it. One of my goal is to giveback to my parents, give back for all their efforts and to be thankful for giving me a life that i have now. Then as a woman one of every woman's dream is to get married and have a happy family. Every woman's dream is to have her dream wedding, because wedding is just once in a lifetime experience. That's one of my goal also in life. To achieve my dream wedding and to build a happy family with the one i love.
  13. Meget22

    Meget22 New Member

    We are born in this world and all of us has a goal in life.
    When I was in highschool, my teacher asked me "what is your in life"? I simply answered " to finished my studies and find a good job to help my parents Maam".
    One of my really goal in life is to help my parents, I promise to myself that I will bring back all the efforts that my parents do since I was born, I will give them the best that I can to make them happy.
  14. web

    web New Member

    I am writing an answer after many days. And this was the question which made me to think once again what I actually want in my life.
    It's one of the routine things everyone says that I want to make my parents proud. I want to make my parents proud and also happy. Tomorrow I want to see my parents happily showing their daughter successful.
    I want to face both successes and failures equally. I want to face failure, rise from it and face success.
    I want to read a lot and travel a lot. Period.
    I want to learn a lot of diverse things and want to be able to pursue all of interests.
    I want to live a good life. Not necessarily a luxurious one. But a life which cannot pressurize me to compromise on my needs and wants.
    I want to be as helpful as possible, to people around me. I want to at least educate one person who's not from my blood. I want to donate my body after death. I want to be as compassionate as I can. I want to teach at least one student.
    I want to support as many people as I can to pursue their passions without judging them.
    I want to die in peace. I want to die thinking, “It was one hell of a ride!!”, and thank God for every moment and every lesson this journey gave me.
    So yes, these are my list of achievements I am looking forward to. In simple words, I want to live my life to the fullest, grow personally and professionally and make this life useful to at least ten people around me. That is the only achievement I can ever want in my life.
  15. keikatsuragi

    keikatsuragi New Member

    my life goals is to graduate in college.
    to find a stable job after college.
    help my parents
    taking a masteral degree.
    find the woman of my life
    travel the world with her and marry her.
    to build my own family
    taking my doctor's degree.
    teaching as a professor for a while just to share my previous achievements
    be a good father that i never had.
  16. bienn05

    bienn05 Member

    I am the eldest among 3 siblings. I am a son wanting to help my parents to have a happy and wealthy life. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. I graduated last year and took an exam for being a Certified Industrial Engineer. I passed the exam and immediately look for a job. I was employed with a camera lens company as a Cadet Engineer but after 4 months I decided to resign because I cannot feel the satisfaction I want doing my job. Right now, I am unemployed and searching for a job in an established company.

    My life is just starting, although I graduated from college. I know that the real world is just starting. I do not have clear goals for me because I only want happiness in life and I don't have any idea with what position I would fit in. I just wanted to have a stable job. I don't know what job it would be but knowing myself, I can do any job that was given to me. I just wanted to help my family and also fulfill my dream to become wealthy even though I don't know what I wanted to be.
  17. LIBRA

    LIBRA New Member

    My life goals have always been about pleasing the Lord.

    Setting a good example, serving in His ministry, and strengthening my personal relationship with Him.

    A lot would choose to travel, to invest, or achieve any goal to benefit themselves and/or the people they love. However, MY life goals are dedicated to the Lord alone. As a Christian, I proudly say that this is how I live my life to the fullest. It is the best way to live my temporary life on earth and bask in joy of eternal life with God after.

    It is not bad to achieve goals for yourself. Finish college, get a degree, a good job, a family and all the ideal goals of an individual towards a successful future. But as Christians, we are very much aware that there is more to success here on earth. Our wealth and riches in Heaven are much more valuable than ours here. Everything on earth is temporary which is why I choose to make my goals dedicated to what's waiting for ever.
  18. emorezari

    emorezari New Member

    Every one in this world has his/her own goal. But basically each goal roots down to become happy.
    Happiness is contentment, which i believe is the goal shared by everyone. When i was young, i look up to the people who have everything in their hands, all material things they acquired, as the places they visit, all the money they have and could spend to something which costs maybe equivalent to what my parents can make in a year. Then i dreamed of being like those people one day, to have all the money and materials things this world offer. I never stop my dream of having what they have, that becomes my goal for several years. I never settle until i can achieved those. I always look up to what they have, i always have this on my mind that i will have what they have and i can be better than that.
    I become unhappy, i become a very angry person, i get irritated hen things never goes as i planned it to be. I never been happy, i never been contented.

    then one day i realized, i am not living on my own goal, i am after someone's dream, someone's life, i am after to be the person who is not me, i wanted to be someone who is not how i was destined to be. I realized i should be contented, and i learned that thru acceptance. Accepting that my life is different from others, and i have my own dream to live with.

    So to summarized, Our life goal should become happy, because when we are happy we are contented and when we are contented we learn to accept
  19. Mar 1978

    Mar 1978 New Member

    I think almost all good fortunes, good things, are my life goals. But my first few life goals are those that would give me unconditional happiness or the ones that woould give me genuine happiness. Those are better relationship with my children nd their extended families, better relationship with those who people around me, forgiving those who bullied me before and facing them with no bitterness in my heart. One of my goals also is to provide for my children's needs until they become successful and stand on their own. I want them to understafnd that humility,generosity and good attitude are the qualities they should maintain to attain fulfillment in life, and most of all Fear from God.
  20. Soffy

    Soffy New Member

    When I was young, the goals that I kept on telling to myself was first; to finish my study so I can have a good work in the future in able to help my family financially. I'm happy that goal I've always wanted came true but I'm married now but I still supporting my family to give back all their efforts, hardworks and sacrifices they have done to me even I have own family now.
  21. menggay

    menggay Member

    As a single parent, I want my kids to finish their studies. It is hard for me right now but with the help of my family I believe we can survive somehow. I want them to grow as a good citizen to impart good to others. We enjoy travelling and hiking so I hope we can do this much more since I want them to enjoy and appreciate nature and be responsible too. I want to support them in any way I can possibly can. Be there to assist them in reaching their dreams and push them to be the best that they can be and see them happy, always!
  22. richelle09

    richelle09 Member

    My life goals is to graduated my degree in college and become a certified public accountant someday.Make our own house with my family and save money for the future then we will travel a lot of places and we will go to church together.I want to help my family and give them a happy and a better life.
  23. jessamaeorozco

    jessamaeorozco New Member

    What is my goal in life. I can say that most of my goals is for my family
    1. To have our own house and lot - because since birth were living in a area that not to us. there's always a fear of how come they will get the land. were we can go . i really want to finish this long time question in our mind.

    2. To have Financial freedom - Why? reality we need money for living but my main reason to this is to secure the need of my family in any situation specially the in the emergency cases which money i really needed to survive the life of your loveone.

    3. To have a permanent job that i can be happy - Continuously do and improve my personal satisfaction

    I do believe that we have our diff goals because of our diff situation in life. God bless to us
  24. ElijahShaw

    ElijahShaw New Member

    I really want to build my own chocolate and ice cream factory. I know it's a gigantic dream, but it's better to dream big than nothing at all. Since I come from a middle-class family, the only way I see to achieve this dream is to work for two years and save for capital. I will put up a small chocolate and ice cream business through the capital I saved and who knows it might boom and get big in the coming years. I realized this dream of mine it when I was in college. Other may see my dream s childish, I will pursue it no matter what will happen. And to quote from Ash Ketchum of Pokémon Series, "I won't give up until it's over!"
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  25. nekochan30

    nekochan30 Member

    My life goals after I got My degree and finished my study , I still want to study and learn more by taking My Masters Degree although I also need it for promotion but I knew that it's my priority in my life to be a professional and i also want to build my own business to also gain more extra income not only depending on my work and to have a financial stability on the way i can buy all the things I need and the needs of my family so in the near future if I have my own family they will not suffer the poverty i experienced.
  26. sumanapphia

    sumanapphia Member

    simply to be happy
  27. shainaaasytu

    shainaaasytu New Member

    as a student my life goal is to be successful financially. im from Philippines. spme foreign country recognize us as a cheap,dirty and no manners. but for me we are very friendly and we love to welcome forein people here. we have a lot of beautiful islands and beaches because we maintain the clearness of the sea. and im proud of that. a lot of people says future depends on us that's why i wannna be successful so that with my power i can help others. such as giving them some job that they desrve.
  28. charlotte16

    charlotte16 New Member

    My life goals are to finish my studies,get a better job after college, own a decent family and more especially is to help my parents. These are my life goals and if I achieved in the future I will be happy already and feel my success.
  29. dmnitsokaye

    dmnitsokaye New Member

    My life goal is to have a stable job. Make my parents proud. Support my family in what they need. Help other people. Make the most of it.
  30. Irishh

    Irishh New Member

    My goal in life is to have a good job after I graduated in college so that I willl help my parents and payback them what they sacrifce for me. And to have a good future someday with my family.

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